11 years ago had first breast cancer, chemo, tumerectomy…


I’m normally most positive person on planet.. but…. 11 years ago had first breast cancer, chemo, tumerectomy, radiotherapy, tamoxifen 6 years and it came back with a liver met. Had chemo, mastectomy and part liver resection and 5 years Femara. Had reconstruction, and then in May this year had tumor next to reconstruction and they say its a bit of microscopic gland left over from mastectomy thats evolved after 5 years. Had it removed. They wanted me to have chemo as ‘preventive’ as i’d had the liver met before, and i’ve been using this group for ages and it was a big challenge for me; I succumbed and gave in and just had 2 doses of chemo which has pretty much destroyed my body and my spirit. I was so ill, lost so much weight and spent whole time in the loo leaving me dehydrated and spent 6 hours on a drip last Wednesday. They’ve stopped the chemo as my body can’t support it and they now say they are running out of options to my oestrogen receptive advanced metastatic cancer. I dont have any tumours at the moment… but…. I just feel like medically my safety nets have been removed and i’m tearful and scared. I’ve just lost my job as employer gone into liquidation. I was about to move back to UK from France days before getting re-diagnosed and i’m living temporarily on a sofa-bed in my young adult daughters lounge and feeling hopeless. My employer was also my companion and he’s not in a good condition and living with his mum and cant support me physically or mentally. Sorry to be a winger… it’s really unlike me… i’m usually the one encouraging everyone else…. but where do i go from here?? I feel so poorly… so upset with myself for doing the chemo and already after 2 weeks hair falling, along with my positivity and spirit… I just need help and really this is first time i’ve ever properly asked…. where do i go from here and how??? Sorry i’m sobbing into the keyboard and almost feeling like chucking myself out of window, but my son living in UK gets married next April and i’d like to be in reasonable shape to see it. 2 options proposed for september is to do another chemo i once had before but my heart is too weak, and another monthly anti-oestrogen injections, but again i’m prisoner to the health care permanently and the side effects make me wonder what’s the point…. any input valuable… please dont tell me to get cannabis as i’m in France, not an option, an it only makes me cry more and feel hopeless when i cant have it which is i’m sure what a lot of people feel whe”n they say dont mention it… just makes you feel more hopeless xxx

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  1. just read all your messages, massive massive thankyou everyone. I gave into self pity yesterday and totally lost the plot. A friend has come to stay for a few days and I felt better within half an hour of seeing her. I really am one ofthe most positive people i know, and i spend me time encouraging and giving emotional support to others, but think due to getting dehydrated, i just somehow lost it. 2 weeks of being stuck in the loo kind of had that adverse effect…. anyhow.. evening of meditation, Reiki, eating well and keeping the food down and i've woke up today more like myself and reading my post of yesterday realise just how low i'd sunk. Sorry I was bleating, but then again your responses and suggestions have filled me with a sense of community and i'm not feeling quite so isolated. I'm going to get back on my natural path with renewed force and i'll r-read your comments and try get back to all of you after my friend has returned home. Thank you everyone for waking me up again… what a fantastic group, big kisses Sue xxxxxx

  2. I would suggest listening to videos by Dr. Robert Morse. He discusses breast cancer in this video. Hope this helps. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aUuHsVsbtLk

  3. so sorry you can't get cbd oil i just sent you a PM

  4. Prayers, try turmeric, vit C, apricot seeds, Budwig protocol, blessings and encouragement to you.

  5. Joyce: Japanese (and Israeli) created GcMAF is almost out of reach for most cancer patients as it's too expensive!

  6. Blessings cto you

  7. You can call them. They are very nice and helpful. 14 U.S. doctors have been murdered to keep this protein discovery quiet. FDA does not want this being shared. They are putting an enzyme called "Nagalase" in vaccines that's causing all the cancer. GcMAF will kill it all. PM me if you have questions. Hang in there.

  8. Please get GcMAF. There's a youtube video that you can watch this protein eating cancer cells. Get it here: http://www.saisei-mirai.or.jp/order_gcmaf/

  9. Start organic, clean food, juicing. Work with a naturopath to help you with a cancer protocol. Check out Getson and Budwig therapies. Find s cancer support group.

  10. Father I pray that you visit Susan in a powerful way that you restore her vision and joy, in Jesus name I ask it, thank you Lord, amen.

  11. Have you tried Tumeric, it is an awesome cancer deterent , and how come you can't get CO in France? Go to , or have someone else go to Scandinavia – you can get it there.

  12. http://www.gerson.org is where you go now. 70 plus years of curing incurable cancers & other diseases, and still the longest and most consistently proven protocol in the world. You owe it to yourself to pursue this.

  13. Epson salt soaks as well.

  14. Navy Nancy Renna I believe you could be hypereactive to the latex thus causing your rash.Is hyperbaric oxygen chambers available as a possible option?

  15. I am so sorry Susan Sirrs. I have no solution for you just want to say I am sorry. Cancer Sucks! :'(

  16. There is so much information out there on how to cure yourself, there is really no excuse for self-pity. I know cancer is crap. I know chemo is crap. But you are still alive and you have options. This will no doubt sound horrible and harsh, but you need to pull yourself together and get the strength to look after yourself instead of relying on the medical establishment to do it for you. There is a whole community of people here to support you but nobody can do anything for you – you have to do it yourself.

  17. Hope this is the right stuff. According to the website it is legal to purchase it in France. http://cbdmarijuanaoil.com/buy-cbd-oil-for-sale/

  18. Bless you Susan.

  19. apricot power . com
    juice carrots and drink 5 cups a day
    Also, agree with Budwig Protocol — flaxseed oil mixed with cottage cheese (get organic or homemade) and eat throughout the day. No processed foods should pass your lips. I hope your daughter is willing to help you with food since you're not feeling well. You can mix up the Budwig in am and just take out what you want throughout the day. Do you have a juicer?

  20. I wouldn't do anymore chemo if I were you. Try to detox as much as you can to get rid of the toxins in your body and most of all stay positive stay strong. Eat healthy, if you can get B17 please get on it. I have a contact person where I get mine from if you're interested I can give you his information, there is hope

  21. redox signaling molecules ARE PART OF NATURE, read about what they do it is a New Category in Health. We have lots of info at redoxway.teamasea.com

  22. Go to cancertutor.com Look at the Budwig Protocol Read Bill Henderson's book SO MANY nutritional ways to get well again !

  23. Hang in there you've been thru hell and back. B17 tablets and vit d are the single most easy and vital thing u could take right now along with drinking green clay to detox. I know the feeling which u are feeling. Prayers to live….love and hugs to you. x3C3 x3C3 x3C3

  24. Have you applied for disability? Not sure of the system there but I am sure you would qualify. Applying is a bit overwhelming so have your daughter help you. Sending you hugs and prayers.

  25. Look into black salve and bloodroot capsules. Also juicing 5 lbs of carrots per day. ️️️

  26. Sour sop tea, apricot kernels,budwig protocol..

  27. This is a radical step, but it works like a blood transfusion. Get a minium of 2 oz fresh wheat grass juice and cover all skin surface with it and top it with a layer of olive oil leave on for at least 20 min but longer is better. You should feel the difference. Message me for more info.

  28. I am so sorry your feeling down, I also was diagnosed in April invasive ducal carcinoma, we have something in common, I am thankful I have my boyfriend for moral support. I just had my portacath in this Tuesday, a rash on the site from the tape they used. I was crying yesterday, so tired of pain all my life, that is another story. I started cannibus oil last night, it just relaxed me. I am looking for a calming effect and that is what I got. Are you on a strict diet, I am only doing organic everything tooth paste, deodorant, fruit vegetables, fish. Eggs butter if it doesn't say organic I don't buy it. No sugar at all. I hope you start to feel better, please do not give into this monster that has attacked us.

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