21 year old son has terrible heat rash


21 year old son has terrible heat rash. Remedies? What’s going on?

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  1. My husband had it bad last summer so I put MOM on it in his armpits… seemed to ease his discomfort and was gone in a few days.

  2. Very cool. Just spread on straight, right?

    (He works at UPS unloading trailers and is very hot and sweaty in the unloading bay for hours.)

  3. Patricia, try Penny's idea, unless it is all over his body, then it's systemic and probably needs more than MOM—if it's all over, then it's an histamine reaction that is significant and may need to see a Nurse Practitioner or Doc.

  4. Yes, I just wiped it on with my fingers. In the armpits it acts as a deodorant also. Takes the stink away.

  5. Ok. I'm going to text him right now. I'll warn him to not get the kind w any bleach in it. (Do you happen to know that name)

  6. Can't remember right now, but I just get the store brand at Walmart.

  7. It has no 'junk' in it

  8. Okay. I'm online seeing if Walgreens has it…..he has one near his new apartment (no walmart by him)

  9. Active Ingredients

    Magnesium Hydroxide1200 mg

    Inactive Ingredients

    Purified Water , Sodium Hypochlorite

  10. Isn't that last ingredients bleach?

  11. Ask the pharmacist at Walgreen's that you want PLAIN Milk of Magnesia—-I don't think I'd get Walgreen's brand name, sometimes they have additives in the stuff they sell under their name—just plain Milk of Magnesia–like Phillips.

  12. The post two above list the "phillips" brand 🙁

  13. Mine just has Magnesium Hydroxide 1200mg, none of the other stuff

  14. MJ Hamp says she finds it at the dollar store and .99 stores

  15. Okay will do, AND will it sting???? I want to set his expectations if it will. I know when I apply my magahol and mag butter it stings my open cuts like the dickens.

  16. My husband said it did not sting… I wouldn't put magahol or mag oil on his heat rash… unless you want some drama! LOL

  17. Oh by the way… my husband was born and raised in MN! LOL

  18. Cool! I was made in Germany, born in New York, lived on both coasts and lots of points inbetween…and didn't come to MN until I was an adult (moved 36 times).

  19. I buy Walgreens brand. Only magnesium hydroxide and purified water. Phillips brand has the nasty extras

  20. Very nice, I just texted him and he has a Walgreens nearby.

  21. I was googling heat rash, another suggestion was baking soda in lukewarm bath…..comments?

  22. Good grief! When I asked the pharmacist he said Phillips MOM—I see it is bleach—just didn't see it—-you may need to drive to Wally World! I bet the cheap stores, like Dollar store would have it. I've been using it awhile and haven't noticed anything, will look tomorrow for a plain one—-maybe I'll have whiter teeth??? ha!:-)

  23. I warned him to avoid that ingredient, but we'll see what he does.

  24. Phillips has hypochlorite, which is bleach. Been using it as a toothpaste also and making mag water, oh dear, oh dear. I do need new glasses too—-guess I'll have to ask someone 🙁

  25. We're all learning here ….

  26. Penny, with all due respect to Patricia, that was very funny!!!! 🙂 drama—and then some!

  27. Oatmeal baths also are soothing—–but I'd need a crane to get me out of my tub now.

  28. Actually I can't picture my 6' "boy" in the tub either.

  29. Patricia, that's easy—just bribe him with a new car–tomorrow you can tell him you were sleep walking. 🙂

  30. Please search the site for off topic post. Or go to sites like heal thyself for these questions. We like to keep this board related to minerals only please

  31. Cheri Harkness, I'm just a little confused here. I'm asking just for clarification, I see all sorts of health related questions asked here, unless there was a specific reason my question was singled out?

  32. The milk of magnesia with bleach is acceptable if you can't find the kind without. It is a potential irritant, so it may not be the best choice for putting on a rash. Whenever he tries anything new for the rash, he should do so at home, and be prepared to wash it off if it stings instead of soothes.

    I've always used baby powder on heat rashes.

  33. I bought him some "Prickly Heat Powder" but it won't arrive until tomorrow. oooo that's a good reminder to try it at home first. He also bought a more breathable athletic type shirt to wear and he said that helps. No feedback on the MoM yet.


  34. We like to keep it specific to minerals only. Please.

  35. Isn't MoM a mineral?

  36. Yes, MoM is a mineral…. more valuable than gold and silver, too.

  37. Listen, I guess I'm asking a general boundary question then. I see posts asking for all sorts of health related questions, so I'm not seeing what I did that was wrong.

  38. Patricia Wyman Prosser—sent you a PM—but it will go to the other folder.

  39. Candace Sneed-Studebaker, and I replied. thank you.

  40. See if he applied any new products or sunscreen lately. A few years back I applied a sunscreen with "carrot beta carotene" in it, and had so many bumps! It could be a product, combined with the heat.

  41. Good idea, Carla Dixon I will ask him. He moved out June 1st, so he has been exposed to lots of new things "Look what we found on the curb, Mom!" (futon – which he claims to have washed the cover….cringing here)

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