3000 mg a day of Vit c for Lyme disease


I need to be taking 3000 mg a day of Vit c for Lyme disease. What is the best type to use? I am using a liipsomal now but it is so expensive. Can we use less of liipsomal to 3000mg? Since it is better?

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  1. Ascorbic acid is of no benefit to you. Take wholefood vitamin C instead…. and you probably won't need that much.
    Ascorbic acid decreases bound Copper… and that ain't to your benefit.

  2. Is lipsomel ascorbic acid?

  3. I have to get 3000 mg a day as not to stress adrenals during treatment. How don't get that much from whole food VitC? Can you recommend a good one?

  4. I think I have high unbound copper lol

  5. u can make ur own too

  6. Is it hard to do?

  7. Get some acerola cherry powder or camu camu powder. Both are good sources of wholefood vitamin C.
    Otherwise, these brands have been vetted.
    Innate Response

  8. Thanks!! I will get one of those

  9. So the liipsomal Vitc is not good?

  10. Also how many mg is in camu camu? How do I know how much to take to equal 3k?

  11. You have to find out WHAT the liposomal Vit C is made with. Most are made from Ascorbic Acid, which is only PART of the Vitamin C Complex. If you are purchasing it as already made LIposomal C, it is probably made from Ascorbic Acid, which drives your free Copper and Ceruloplasmin levels even farther down, which is NOT what you want. Get a good Whole Food C and skip the liposomal.

  12. Carolyn Dean on her website has a recipe that uses whole fooc to make lip c

  13. from Dr. Carolyn Dean MD ND
    Vitamin C Complex in Liposomal form : There is a new "fad" in the supplement world to mix ascorbic acid with lecithin and call it liposomal Vitamin C. Mixing nutrients with fat-soluble lecithin helps absorption through fatty cell membranes. However ascorbic acid is not Vitamin C complex it's just one of the 12 compounds that make up Vitamin C complex. Instead of purchasing a liposomal ascorbic acid supplement, you can make a much more effective and less expensive compound using rose hip powder, which gives you the whole Vitamin C complex.
    I thank Sue, who is a T-Tapp trainer for her Liposomal Vitamin C Recipe.
    1. 3 TBSP of non GMO soy lecithin granules dissolved in 1 cup of very warm purified water.
    2. 2 TBSP of Rosehip powder dissolved in half a cup of warm purified water.
    3. When the two solutions are dissolved individually (a few hours at room temperature) put them in a blender and mix well.
    4. Then, put the blended solution in an ultrasound jewelry cleaner for 4-7 cycles. (8 mins to 30 mins)
    5. Use glass jars.
    Dosage is 3 TBSP (1 ounce) per day. The best time to take Liposomal Vitamin C is in the morning on an empty stomach or several times a day if you are treating an acute condition.
    I ordered my non-GMO soy lecithin and Rosehip powder from Vitacost.com and am eagerly awaiting delivery so I can start making my own Liposomal C.

  14. This would be a good question for the liposomal C Facebook group

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