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In the process of getting a 504 plan at school for my nine year old daughter who has Hashimoto’s. Would like to hear from anyone else who has accomplished this, what helped your child, and how things went . It has to go through the school psychologist,( because that’s how things like this are done here) and the teachers, principal and school psychologist are meeting with us on the 19th of next month. Any suggestions would be appreciated!!

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  1. My son has a 504 for different reasons. But my biggest piece of advice is don’t back down. Make a lost of accommodations that will help her and make sure the school follows them. You have to be her advocate. Also be aware that the 504 process and up keep is a team decision. You are on that team! Most decisions need to be unanimous so you can be the hold out if you need to. Further, some teachers will see your child differently (example, last year his 3 male teachers filled out the questionnaire similarly and his 3 female teachers saw things differently.) You know your child best and you know what she needs to succeed!

  2. My story is a little different, but my oldest daughter got her 504 for Hashimoto’s in college. She had been able to maintain well until college and then she had a very difficult time with getting her thyroid function under control. We were able to get wonderful support from her doctor (on campus) that had been treating my daughter. Colleges/universities are so much easier to work with for IEPs and 504s. As an elementary school teacher I wish you luck. Don’t back down and consult an advocate if you need. Wrights Law is a great resource.

  3. First of all I commend you for being your daughter’s advocate in wanting to do a 504 for her, in caring so much for her health to find out that she has hashimotos and to do all you can to help her.
    As a school nurse who has hashimotos I know first and foremost the struggles that come with hashimotos and getting a 504. I have and still struggle with issues I have been dealing with since my youth. Had I known and had the support of my parents and school staff when I was in school I am 100% sure it would have contributed to a more successful outcome in my adulthood than it did.
    That being said, in our district we require a Dr diagnosis first and then we get a team with our 504 coordinator (who happens to have her law degree) the principal, counselor, nurse and students teacher and parents. So that we can accommodate all of the students needs for school to the maximum ability.
    Much luck to you and your daughter.

  4. My daughter who has hashimoto hypothyroidism and is currently in 7th grade on a 504. I did not have to go thru the psychologist but I went to talk with the school counselor I work with. She gave me all the specific accommodation applicable to anxiety which is what her 504 pertains to, prior to meeting and setting up the 504. You should be able to Google your areas 504 and see what applies to you child. I think the biggest thing is to know exactly ur child needs. Like for example allowing my child to ride a small bus is an option, but my daughter needs small groups with frequent breaks during testing. Please feel free to message me as I have my daughter 504 paperwork and could at least give u some more details prior to ur meeting.

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