A at the same time?


What would you recommend for vit. D supplement if the HTMA restricted vit. A for me so I wouldn’t take vit. A at the same time? (And anyway, I get burned in the sun very fast as well)
Thank you very much!

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  1. Increase Magnesium and get about 10 minutes of sun between 10am and noon several times a week. Increase healthy fats in the diet helps prevent sunburn.

  2. Thanks, but the problem is, my potassium is low to my sodium, and sodium is low to my Mag, so before I knew it, I took threonate and got muscle cramps :S Now trying to take adrenal cocktail as well. Just don't know how to take vit D if not artificial.

  3. Why do you think you need supplemental D?

  4. My bloodwork showed very low level, and after 2 years 3000 IU/day dose it stood low as well.

  5. First (before any supplementation) : 07.27.2012: 27,9 nmol/l (normal from the lab: 75-250) Second: 03.04.2013: 26,7 ng/mL (normal from the lab: above 30) Third: 03.24.2015: 67,7 nmol/l (normal from the lab: 75-250) 3000 IU/day dose all along. Afterwards I gave up (the lab declined the bloodwork even twice in 2014)

  6. Foods rich in d are options. Beef liver, fatty fish and mushrooms are some of the healthiest options. http://nutritiondata.self.com/foods-000102000000000000000-1.html?

  7. Can't you just go buy your own vit d at the chemist ??

  8. Cod liver oil also has natural A & D that doesn't deplete mag like D3 supps can

  9. Hey, random question since CLO was mentioned…can I use krill oil instead?

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