A bunch of healthy people I know have got affected by cancer


A bunch of healthy people I know have got affected by cancer. They have eaten right and exercised to an extent. On the other hand, people who have eaten a lot of junk food seem to be ok. This is not a generalization but just my observation amongst my family and friends. Just what I have seen in my circle. Just don’t understand at all. What could it be ? Really really frustrated.

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  1. it could be a lot of things, mainly emotional, electromagnetic effects, radiation, bad sleeping habits , …so many

  2. I havnt even said I am not a chemtrail beleiver, I just wanted the cases. Best Wishes. and sincerely, congrats on being a survivor- Cancer is a part of my life as well. 🙁

  3. I did produce info to back up my claim, but again the point was not about lawsuits, but chemicals being dumped on us daily and around the world. If you want, I can bombard this thread with chemtrail info, wake up! Just because you are not aware does not make it anymore untrue! And as I can see I'm not the only person you are questioning! Try opening your mind an inch…I'm done with this thread! I am a twice over Cervical Cancer survivor, health & happiness to all on this page.

  4. Sorry Briana Milito… wrong person.

  5. No Lorraine, thats not correct. Why would you assume that when all I am doing is asking you to provide the cases? Is there anyone here that wants a post claiming something that the one proposing it cannot produce anything to back it up? It seems the reality is you can't, so you resort to a baseless claim that I'm a troll of some sort. If I posted a claim I would not only expect to be questioned on it but also be prepared to back it up. Are you?

  6. Andrea, how did you find out that the cancer was linked to your root canal? And did you get better after removing the root canal?

  7. Seems Terry is just here to debate and contradict everyone, not helpful in any way!

  8. Briana Milito, I was merely responding to your use of "Vaccines" as the answer to the original post. Your "beliefs" are rather superfluous to your claim.

  9. Lorraine Mollineaux, fair enough. You just alleged there were court cases…. that interested me, I asked to see them, you posted youtube clips. Pretty reasonable request isn't it… to respond to your claim with "I want to read them!"

  10. Why are you so concerned about the litigations. That is not the reason I brought up CHEMTRAILS! I was answering Lakshni's question. This is not a courtroom, I am stating facts that effect every human being on this planet. As, I stated before there are many chemtrail groups on FB, with little effort you can see all the info I have seen and know that our food, water & air have been compromised! I have NO NEED to convince YOU of anything!!

  11. Lorraine Mollineaux, so again I'll repost the original question I had and await a LEGAL CITATION, in other words like the ACTUAL one I posted above as an example.

    "many 'countries' suing there 'government'" … interesting set of litigants. Please cite a case. Thanks.

    …. I'll wait

  12. Lorraine Mollineaux, here is an example of what a real case decision looks like…. not a propaganda film from youtube.


  13. Oh Lorraine …. engage the German movie with somebody that speaks German…. the translations are not even close. chaff does not equal chemicals / eeesh.

  14. Claire Jones…. Yes because there is a huge data set showing the vaccinated to be dying of cancer at higher rates than non vaccinated…. cmon, get real.

  15. Lorraine Mollineaux… on chemtrail post :::
    "many 'countries' suing there 'government'" … interesting set of litigants. Please cite a case. Thanks.

  16. Awww good luck Briana. Prayers for a speedy recovery.

  17. Well said David Pirie!!!

  18. COME ON DUDE – Is food the only pollutant we intake? There are many toxins accumulating in our metabolism! Thinking is toxic for fools – it creates inner conflict(stress)! Commuting is toxic – it creates stress as well as respiratory intake of toxic pollutants! Having a job is toxic & stressful – far more toxic than all foods! Not having a job is stress! Having "bills" – toxic! Having a spouse is toxifying! "The Truth about Cannabis may open your eyes, if you first open your mind!" – adavida

  19. Cancer is in everyone's body. We don't catch cancer cells we all have them. What makes cancer deadly is when they over power our T cells. It's our T cells that take care of our cancer cells. So we need to make sure we have a healthy amount of them. But keeping a healthy body away from a cancer diagnosis means we need to be aware of our lifestyle. What's our living environment like? What's our work environment like? But our health today reflects what we did when we were younger or what our parents did when we were younger. If your mother smoked while pregnant with you, your chances of having health problems doubles. If you ate a diet of junk food growing up, you're again more susceptible to cancer. Now the more important aspect to look at is our attitude. When our mind isn't in the right place than neither our cells.

  20. Because, back in the day.we had gardens & most of our food came from it because, we couldn't afford to buy high priced.now all the extra stuff they put in our food to preserve it causes cancer. I really believe this.

  21. I drank wine 6 days a week for years. I still ended up with cancer

  22. I noticed the wine drinkers in my circle don't get cancer I was thinking on drinking a glass a day. They drink bottles. I am just amazed.

  23. I agree Elizabeth. Same here.

  24. I have genetic cancer. I have always taken care of my health. In fact, I was a Zumba and aerobics instructor when I found out I had cancer!! I had been hit by a work truck stopped at a red light almost eleven months before finding out. I kept having intense pain in my left hip that only went away when I worked out so I kept doing more and more. My oncologist still cannot believe it almost two years into this fight. I have not been able to work since June 2013 because I still have lots of yucky stuff to deal with. However, I have amazing doctors and amazing medical care so I consider myself lucky. Even though I have done everything right, bad luck comes into the game too!!

  25. Tracy Jean Leukam – if you Google "root canal and cancer" there is a ton of information showing why there is a correlation. Or go to http://www.mercola.com and type root canal in the search field

  26. Pay attention what you not only put into your body, but the the products you use, deodrants, face creams, shower gels. What you put on your skin is absorbed directly into your blood stream. We must protect our bodies from the inside and the outside x

  27. Ricky Leukam

  28. Larry Christianson Andrea Wiser Jones ^^^^

  29. I have never even heard of root canals leading to cancer….geeze, I had 1 root canal, so I guess I should expect cancer now??

  30. My cancer was caused by a root canal. They could have been exposed to toxins , etc. There are so many things that could cause cancer

  31. Root canal teeth

  32. I had breast cancer last year. I eat clean, eat all the stuff they say prevents it etc etc … the woman who gave birth to me and her sister smoke like chimineys, microwave their food, eat processed junk food and very little fruits and veggies and have no cancer. Go figure.

  33. Were only as strong as the environment we pit ourselves against. If you stress yourself, you become strong. If you always just avoid things. Then your body cannot learn to fight it. This is "encephalization" or something like that. Its our ability to adapt. Use it or loose it!.

  34. you can read anything, write anything, so much is just NOT true. Smoking anything kills your lungs …I don't even like or approve of scented candles…so many experts on this board, get excited and say.. that ""just read this"". sad ignorance…have you tried? do you have PROOF?! real proof. our world is full of sickness, air plane fuels, Teflon pans, processed food in boxes that only cost $1.00…what about the print..and the box..the ink..what are we buying…99 cent heart attacks?..eating right..the strawberry field is full of men in suits that I don't think enough water can be put on those berries to make them safe enough for consumption..off my soap box now..I see a lot of people that have smoked for 60 years ..now dying with lung cancers, factory workers…what is a hot dog? how many of those cancer sticks can we consume for a buck? ..

  35. Cancer can not survive in an alkaline environment. Just because someone is eating healthy, doesn't mean what theyre eating is alkaline. Quinoa and blueberries, for example, become acidic when digested. Lemons, as acidic as they taste, become alkaline when they enter into the body. It's crazy. And it sucks that cancer rates are on the rise. But it also seems like a predisposed thing…but that can be changed with enough research and action.

  36. I was reading about SV40 being present in vaccines and being linked to many cancers. Its a virus carried by monkeys that is transfered to vaccines when monkey kidneys are used to grow vaccine strains of viruses. Supposedly the practice itself was banned, but the vaccines on the market containing SV40 are still in circulation and will be for years to come while the back stock is used up.

  37. Also, those who get cancer do not methylate properly. That's phase 2 your liver does. This is a genetic thing. Can't get out metals, etc. We are exposed to so much more than in past generations.. also Dr. Hamer, claimed it was due to an emotional trauma, usually 3-4 years before. He could see in the brain, the trauma, and how the cancer correspondded to that part of the brain. Thats what happen with me.

  38. There is no OK going-on within these individuals as symptomatic issues are occurring. We either ignore or refuse to acknowledge truth of self occurrences but once thing for sure is …
    Cellular strangulation is occurring (cell death) or also referred as (cellular suicide). Etc.. 🙂

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