A good probiotic that I can order from Amazon?


Hello guys, I need help. A good probiotic that I can order from Amazon? Thank you.

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  1. also vsl#3, although you can get it for the same price without shipping at several places including Sam's. Google and you can find out what's closest to you.

  2. Probio 5 from Plexus is awesome!

  3. Is kefir milk though! ? I can't have cow milk

  4. I personally wouldn't be looking at Amazon for nutritional supplements. Fermenting your own as mentioned above is optimal but tme and travel is a factor for me. I use Lacto Flora a Neways product only available in Australia which is the next step up from a probiotic called a super symbiotic which refers to how it multiplies exponentially in the Gut Intestinal Tract.

  5. Womens Ultimate Flora

  6. florastor get it a walgreens costco target

  7. Important things to consider when looking at probiotics – Diversity of strains, total bacteria count, protection of the probiotics so they are delivered alive & not dead. NutriClean Probiotics addresses all of these http://bit.ly/1zsmE8N

  8. Garden of Life RAW probiotics Women 50 & Wiser is the best probiotic on the market. (even if you're a male under 40).
    It has more strains, guaranteed potency, colony forming units, and, if you do 1 pill a day (vs the bottle's recommended 3) it works out to be cheaper than most others out there.

    Note: there's a $4 off coupon inside the box for the next bottle.
    Usually have to be bought in store though as they're meant to be refrigerated. Vitamin Shoppe's the cheapest place I've found 'em

  9. Google "Rejuvelac Recipe" & "Cabbage Rejevelac Recipe". Make your own cheaply, without dairy. Much better for you and can have a constant supply of as much as you want.

  10. Just something worth noting: probiotics can only be made up of the strains that scientists have been able to isolate, and manufacturers have been able to make shelf-stable. That's very few. period. Let alone in comparison to the countless number of different strains (let alone organisms) in raw & fermented foods.
    Even GoL's RAW line with it's 33 different strains being 3+ times more strains than most other competing products on the market pales in comparison.
    But, I see probiotics as an excellent way to provide 'basic structure' for healthy flora. But I also see that you can get too much of a good thing. … meaning… the pro-b's can 'crowd out' other beneficial organisms. I like to think of it as 'less is more but some are great!'
    but, combined *with* a raw/fermented food diet may be even better than just a raw and/or fermented food diet alone. ..again, helping to provide that basic backend 'structure' for the countless symbiotic strains in the foods.

  11. Katie Curry do you have a name for one of the keifr groups… ty

  12. Prescript Assist and AOR Probiotic 3 – these are both soil based probiotics and don't need to be kept cool.

  13. You can make water kefir and I think you can make coconut water or coconut milk kefir.

  14. How long do they need to be rested for Katie Curry

  15. Thank you Katie Curry

  16. I will check them out. Thanks

  17. Thanks everyone!!!!

  18. Dumb question – I have two ( 1 Russian) store bought kefir… Can I filter Kefir grains from it to start a new batch? I always use a spoon of "current" yogurt as a starter for next batch of Yogurt.

  19. The best probiotic on the market is "Florastor". It is made from sachromyces boulardii.

  20. So far I really haven't found a perfect probiotic as per recent researching finds. 5x bifida colonies to Lacto cultures .

  21. Is any of the above anything else but dairy probiotics? I am looking for soil bacteria. Two nice links explaining http://coolinginflammation.blogspot.de/2014/02/paleo-gut-flora-repair.html

  22. That article had some great info Bajje Lilja

  23. Prescript Assist

  24. There is no '' best probiotic ''. It depends on the person and their needs. What works for you may fail miserably for someone else.

  25. I'm just realizing that too Robert. Some probiotics give my son horrible gas. Difficult to decipher which are best for the kiddies. I give them fermented foods often instead

  26. That being said I have gotten very good results with Prescript Assist, L reuteri and a few others. Cindy Schiff, you may want to try Nature's Way Primadophilus Reuteri Pearls.

  27. I think Natures Way kid primodophilus is the one I gave them in pill form which they can finally swallow except now the gas 🙁 Don't think I've seen the pearls but TY, I will look

  28. Try fermented veggies!!! I love thinly sliced cucumbers in a celery brine with a bit of culture starter (or any veggie) from Body Ecology or Mercola. You can find recipes for fermented veggies at either website if you do a search. Remember, eating your supplements is always better than taking them, when possible! Another good one is Kevita probiotic drinks, they have some fabulous flavors, Their strawberry-kiwi and their mojito flavors are really yummy and you can find them in the refrigerator case at Whole Foods, Fresh Market and local health food stores.

  29. Cindy Schiff it may have been the prebiotics/potato starch that caused the gas.

  30. Sheena Ell I would say a month is good.

  31. Bio-K has been my probiotic choice for about 12 years now. I would not use anything else but that one. Clinically tested in hospital setting. written up and tested by the gastroenterology association both in Canada and USA, used in hospitals here in Ontario, Canada. Very powerful stuff when you have issues, for maintenance , kefir, a good healthy greek yoghurt without additives, fermented veggies, etc. But for IBS or UTI, or Acid Reflux., Bio-K is it for me.

  32. You seem knowledgeable about Kefir, Katie Curry, could you please explain why water kefir does not contain as many beneficial probiotic strains as milk kefir or fermented veggies? Thanks.

  33. If he's been on antibiotics, keep him on it for a year for best health.

  34. I make kefir for myself, and my kids take NOW brand probiotics from Amazon.

  35. prescript assist!

  36. Garden of Life Primal Defense, AOR Probiotic-3, Swanson Soil-Based Organisms, Jarrows Saccharomyces Boulardii, Jarrows, Jarrow Jarro-dophilus, Heather's Tummy Fiber, Prescript Assist -> pricey but good

  37. Shawn Bean, of Bio-individualized Medicine, said that if the gut is damaged, supplemental probiotics can't adhere and recommended water kefir for probiotics. This guy is practically a genius, so I would certainly follow his advice.

  38. I don't know why he didn't just recommend all kefir.

  39. I work p/t in a health food store and have tried many a make and my gut health was still horrible. Organic plain yogurt helped but what really worked was when I started making/drinking bone broth and now I also take a heaping tsp of plain organic kefir. Gut is much happier 🙂

  40. Prescript Assist

  41. I'm with you there Jason – some of them anyway I've found to be great! AOR Probiotic 3 and P Assist and Acacia Fiber….all have helped me.

  42. Diana Andresen

  43. Milk Kefir is better.

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