A question about Diatomaceous Earth


A question about Diatomaceous Earth. Can I add some to a jug of juice so that my kids will get the benefits without knowing it’s in there? Or even add it to our green tea? I wonder if it would have a shelf life after being added to a beverage.

Is the silica content in DE the only beneficial ingredient? I was thinking of buying a Silica supplement by Hylands, but if it is more beneficial to take DE then I’ll go that route.

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  1. I mix de in a cup of coffee for myself. If you mix it I would mix it into each cup when ready to drink it otherwise it will settle at the bottom of the container. I see benefits with it even though I mix it. Haven't started using it with my son yet. The de attracts all kinds of toxins in the body. I read it helps with candidia, viruses, bacteria, parasites etc.

  2. Thanks, Laurie!

  3. I've heard of people doing that.

  4. Don't mix it with supplements or anything you need minerals and nutrients from, as it can't bind to them and stop absorption.

    I find the taste and texture in water to be not that bad actually.. But juice or tea should be fine to use.

    DE is going to be a lot cheaper, and the form /structure of the silica in it is where you get the benefits from. I doubt a silica supplement would help with parasites or even most toxins that DE works for.

  5. ^I need to research more to be sure, that a supplement won't work the same as DE, but it's my assumption from what I know about DE.
    Even if that wasn't a factor, cost still would be. You can get high quality DE, with for-sure benefits, for cheaper than a supplement.

  6. I have a large 40lb bag of DE that is for livestock. It says food grade, and it includes Calcium Montmorillonite. It's called Red Lake Earth. I wonder if I should use this or buy something else. http://www.absorbentproductsltd.com/animal-feed-diatomaceous-earth-canada.html

  7. Hiding, so child does not perceive, is not going to happen. It does seem to work well in a milk-based smoothie.
    However, you might give it a straightforward try with the younguns. It has little taste-a bit earthy & goes down pretty easily, unless you have one who is really texture sensitive.

  8. Thanks for the reminder. I need to add DE to my water. Fighting a UTI with d-mannose and figure the DE will help, too.

  9. Hmmm-no edit choice. Was supposed to say 'not going to happen in juice'.

  10. Please be specific. Where can I buy food grade DE? How much would I use daily in how much liquid? What does it taste like? Are there side effects I should be aware of? I know I need this but am feeling so ambivalent. Help me see the light!

  11. From what I know you should take 1-2 Tbsp daily in a beverage. Judy said it tastes "earthy". I haven't tried it, so I can't comment further. As for side effects, maybe it would help to read the post in the files section. I would think that you might feel the effects of fast toxin removal for a few days, but if you follow the dosage instructions, from what I've read, you shouldn't experience side effects, but I encourage you to do your own research.

  12. Cindy Klar Zelazny, this might help you… http://www.earthworkshealth.com/human-use.php

  13. I got mine off Amazon. I put a little bit in my protein shakes every day and do not taste it.

  14. Teri McMullen I just bought some and it says it does not dissolve. So you would have to shake if you wanted to put it in s a liquid. This is the sight to the brand I bought if you want to see more. http://www.diatomaceousearth.com I am just getting started so can't add much more to your questions.

  15. A quick Google search will provide the how to…. here is one:


  16. Thanks all! I'm going to order a 5lb box of it for my personal use. The 40lb bag I have I bought to use in the yard, so I'll just keep them separate.

  17. Teri, Tammy, Joni, Peggy, Brenda, I just bought a 5lb bag off Amazon and I'm ready to try de. I can't thank you enough with advice, guidance, experience and links you've shared with me. #feelingappreciative.

  18. Glad we could help! Everyone here has also been a huge help to me, so Thank you all! 🙂

  19. i mix in my animals food, put in their water dish to stop bugs, put in our smoothies, if not in something more covering, like smoothie, you might get discovered, de changes colors and tastes, put in clear water and you'll see what i mean,

  20. why would you separate the 40 lb bag and buy more? is it not all food grade? i hope it is all food grade,

  21. You can bake with DE!

  22. What proposed benefits are you all using it for? Just curious…I add this to my chicken's coop and also it is in their food.

  23. Always be 100% sure you are ingesting FOOD GRADE DE. If you have doubt- don't eat it.

  24. It is gritty. I put it in my morning smoothie and would know right away if it was or wasn't there. I can't imagine it in something that required chewing. I started it for detoxing purposes and to help with my hair fall. My hair hasn't stopped falling out, but it was worse before, and my skin is clear for the first time in my life. I believe food grade is food grade whether purchased at feed store or health food store.

  25. Tastes like chalk to me. My kids will drink in water or juice but they know it's there. Otherwise stirred in applesauce works too.

  26. I have also used it for brushing teeth, as a mask, and on bug bites. Great stuff

  27. I have just ordered some, how else are you all using it and what benefits have you noticed?

  28. You can add it to beverages but it is gritty, they will know it is in there. You might be able to add it to a fruit/veg smoothie without them knowing? I actually mix mine with liquid chlorophyll and warm water to dissolve the DE. But as other's have said, please make sure it is 'food grade'. My husband I use it to lower choloesterol, cleans out system digestive system of some toxins, bacteria & parasites, gives you silica which is good for hair & nails and many other body functions. It has helped me with inflammation and migraines.

  29. Cindy Klar Zelazny- can you please share what product you purchased from amazon? I think I am ready to try it- very nervous!

  30. Debra DeWitt- what other benefits have you noticed?

  31. Both the bag I have and the bag I ordered are good grade but the 40lb bag includes another ingredient and it's been in my garage so I feel better getting a new box for internal consumption.

  32. We use veterinary, food grade DE.

  33. Julie, I go to the bathroom much more than before and when I miss a day of DE my body feels sluggish and out of whack. I have heard people say that it gets rid of intestinal parasites, though if I had any I never saw them. When I first began DE i started slow and worked up to about 2 tablespoons a day as a detox and I stayed with it for about 3 months, then I backed it down to one tablespoon as a supplement. I have liver enzyme issues for some unknown reason and I had hoped that the detox would fix that. My AST is now normal but the ALT is still slightly elevated.

  34. I buy Nature's Wisdom on Amazon.

  35. Julie, here's what I bought. I like the reviews, the price and like starting with a small bag.

    Diatomaceous Earth 2 Lbs Food Grade DE – Includes Free Scoop https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00KPXGNTO/ref=cm_sw_r_awd_nPzIvbE2MPXPZ

  36. It's good in smoothies! Can't detect the grit at all. 🙂

  37. That's the same one I bought Cindy.

  38. I just started taking a tsp a day in a shot glass of water. It tastes chalky but soft – not so gritty. I think I've had more bms but hard to tell as I've also been chewing papaya seeds (against parasites, v bitter). I started because Dd has / had pinworms. I want to start her on DE as a maintenance therapy against recurrence but was nervous so am using myself first to check for ill effects. None observed so far!
    My son just sprained his ankle: I'm curious as to whether DE (and mag spray) might help rapid healing? Would welcome any thoughts.

  39. Silvia Istan, it's also good for skin and nails. It can clear up acne. 🙂

  40. Yes, little kitties are the cure-all for many things 🙂

  41. It is good for many things. Take it in yogurt. Barely noticeable. It is consistency of fine flour. Does not dissolve in water. If used for insect repellant, will not work when wet, but when it dries out again, good to go! Use for any insect with exoskeleton. Ants, roaches, fleas, spiders. Will slice them up and they dehydrate. No bad or side effects. Taken orally, for people or pets, helps with any parasites and helps to regulate. Always use FOOD GRADE. A lot of specialty pet stores carry it. Got 20 lbs for about $12. Doesn't go bad either! If you are building a house, put it behind walls, by 2x4s and it will keep bugs away. Even works on bed bugs! I did my homework. 🙂

  42. It desolves very well in water.

  43. i put it in my coffee and use a straw to stir it .

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