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I just wanted to post this. In case someone has the same issues as me with absorbing vitamins. I have learned a lot from this group and continue to do so. I want to thank you all for posting your journeys in health.
Now with my case. I was taking huge amounts of Mag. And I had no issues with runny pooh. I wasn’t improving much in some areas. But in telling my doctor (which is a “good” one) he said I should have the runs. So this is the back drop to the magnesium part.
To fix this I found out the having my gallbladder out & having leaky gut that I was not digesting my food properly and my leaky gut I couldn’t absorb my vitamins. (very low in D, which I know goes up with Mag)

The cure he did made a huge improvement in my health. (plus other things but that would be another group which is the iodine group)
Berberine is an herb that kills off the bad gut bacteria. I took it for a month with enzymes. Then with having my gallbladder out I found out that with every meal to take Oxbile.
As soon as I did that. The High does of Mag. I was taking started to work and I experienced runny pooh. tmi sorry. So, now I don’t have to take so much mag. pill form.
Anyway I wanted to through that out to you all that might have this issue. Heal your gut…heal your body!

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  1. Judy I had the same thing. I had a terrible GB attack a few years ago. Ultrasound revealed a gallstone. I had frozen shoulder as well.

    Mine was brought on by a diet high in oxalates and salicylates. Spinach salads, nuts, teas, kale shakes. Kale shakes with berries.

    Lots of vinegar, berries and raw honey as well. I was eating this all day every day.

    I found their FB group Trying Low Oxalates through their Yahoo group.

    I gave up this diet and my shoulder loosened up within three weeks.

    Their founder says that no matter how healthy your digestion is you can only handle up to 100 mg of oxalates per day in food.

    Only one cup of raw spinach has 750mg of oxalates! One cup of almonds has 500 mg.

  2. What is low oxalate foods?

  3. This is some great info!

  4. What kind of "good" doctor are you seeing?

  5. Following

  6. This is great! Berberine HCL — also a natural antidepressant & anti-cancer — you will notice, is an acid. Many people cannot get sufficient nutrition from their food and — even more importantly — CANNOT ABSORB MINERALS — because they have hypochlorhydria, and their stomachs are not acidic enough. Betaine HCL helped me tremendously.

  7. ^^ I've just started using the Betain HTL too…I love it.

  8. Ginnie please read, this is an excellent thread!

  9. I have chronic gut issue ( colitis ) and find it hard to absorb VitD other than through skin. The summer was awesome. I'm trying to find ways to compensate now that the skys are more grey. Good for you with keeping at it and finding out how your body works.

  10. Excellent info! Thanks for sharing!

  11. What brand do you use for ox bile and what is the dose ?

  12. I'll throw this in too…since there are a lot of women out there.
    I also have tested with elevated bilirubin. Which is an indicator that my estrogen is not being flushed out. So, to combat this I'm on Glycine Power 1/2 tsp. Twice a day in my water I drink.

  13. So you would only need the oxbile if you have had your gall bladder removed?

  14. Ox-bile, from what I have read, also can cause loose stools, as it is a bowel lubricant. Enzymes can also have that effect on people. So the ox bile may be contributing to the loose stools for you, even more than the MAG.

  15. Awesome !!!

  16. Yes. Always start with low dose with ox bile !!

    I'm trying a product called Cholacol II from Standard Process. It says 4 tabs about 15 min ahead of a meal.

    I like that. I can start with 1 tab and see how I feel.

    It contains stone root too which Dr Berg mentioned in the link article above.

    It also contains activated charcoal to absorb ammonia and other toxins

  17. Stone root is also called Collinsonia. Helps dissolve gall stones

  18. Thanks for the info!! I take barberine to help with my blood sugar. My Chiro had told me to take the oxbile. I think I'll start that back up.

  19. I really wish I could save this entire thread. Lol my phone is so full of screen shots.

  20. Steph. You can Save the thread on a phone by going to the top of the thread and click the little down arrow. Then select Save for Later. It saves a bookmark within FB so you can find it in your Saved items.

    But It would be great to have an export function or Select all and Copy. So you could paste it somewhere like in an email.

  21. Good info!

  22. lots of good info… Thanks for sharing.

  23. @Catherine Sprotberry thanks for sharing your experiences. Can you share how much mag you were taking and what form? how much are you currently taking? thanks

  24. Thank-you for the post.. lots of good information 😀

  25. Good info. Thanks.

  26. This is very interesting. Just to give folks a heads up, for those who still have a Gallbladder, stay away from hydrogenated vegetable oils, and you probably will never have problems.

  27. am very tempted to try the berberine but just not sure – thinking it might cure/heal my leaky gut and malabsorption issues – thoughts anyone

  28. I feel the same, Judy. I've just ordered Berberine by Thorne: http://www.iherb.com/p/46113 Eager to try it…

  29. thank you Catherine – think I will order some and try it
    food is just the problem – I try to eat breakfast but dont always get a good lunch – try to have almonds available as a snack for when I get hungry and do make some protein shakes because I know I do not get enough protein –

  30. Careful with the nuts. I was eating a lot of them every day thinking they are easy and healthy. I was also eating lots of spinach salads and kale shakes. All high in oxalates. Ended up with a gallstone. Frozen shoulder. Pseudo gout. And tinnitus.

    And TSH went up as well.

  31. Taube Becker how did you fix everything? Did you just stop eating the oxalate

  32. Not entirely. I gave up all nuts , spinach and kale. I also limit raw veg. I eat a small salad occasionally. Avoid spring mix too.

    And I avoid teas of all kinds. I also cut way back on foods high in salicylates. Vinegar , citric acid , berries , honey, tomatoes.

  33. I have a lot more energy and my shoulder is fine now.
    It is almost back to 100 percent. I can't put it all the way behind me but overhead is back to close to 100 percent.

    I still have tinnitus. And it seems much quieter now especially when I avoid all fruit and supplements especially certain B vitamins.

    The tinnitus was much worse a few years ago. I probably still have the gallstone but I have not gone back for another ultrasound.

  34. How did you figure out it was oxalates?

  35. Dr Berg the chiropractor in DC tipped me off. Here is his video.

  36. From there I found the Yahoo group run by Susan Owens. trying Low Oxalates.

  37. Thank you!

  38. Most people including doctors think oxalates on,y affect a very small portion of the population and only cause kidney stones. Not true !

  39. Susan explained the body can only handle approximately 100 mg oxalates a day. And The human body relies in certain strains of gut bacteria to eat oxalates.

    One cup if raw spinach has 750 mg of oxalates
    One cup if almonds has 500 mg ox.

    As an example a whole cup of kidney beans only has 18 mg.
    all plants have oxalates as a defense mechanism. But some are much much higher !!!

    Anything that is not eaten by bacteria or excreted is deposited in organs , tissues , joints !

  40. Susan has a great FB page too. Called Trying Low Oxalates.
    She is a well respected researcher and scientist in the field of autism. Oxalates present a huge problem in Autism.

    Also seems to affect people more who have low B6 status.

  41. I was eating salads every day loaded with berries and nuts with raspberry vinegar. The vinegar is loaded with salicylates. Raspberries are probably the highest sals of any fruit.
    And vinegar itself is very high

    I was also eating prob a cup a day of nuts. Plus green tea with raw honey.

    Salicylates really muck up your detox system. They inhibit the PST pathway inhibiting it as much as 70 percent.

    I found I was getting red in the face when I had a few drinks.
    I now know it's because my Detox system was affected.

  42. https://treatautismnow.wordpress.com/2010/06/05/phenols-pst-and-sulphur-metabolism/

    I was wrong. Sals only muck up PST enzyme pathway by 50 percent.

  43. That is an excellent article if you have concerns around your stomach. Or your detox system. So many good excerpts.

    Here's one

    Dr. Rosemary Waring's research shows that the lack of sulfate is the
    primary problem in 73% of these children (another study found low
    levels in 92%), but all of those Waring checked had a low PST level
    too. Similar sulfate deficiencies have been reported in people with
    migraine, rheumatoid arthritis, jaundice, and other allergic
    conditions all of which are anecdotally reported as common in the
    families of people with autism. Adequate sulfoxidation requires
    adequate supplies of B-vitamins, especially vitamin B6. The PST
    enzymes are inhibited or overloaded by chocolate, bananas, orange
    juice, vanillin, and food colorants such as tartrazine. Removal of
    these from the diet and supplementation of sulfates may well relieve
    all these symptoms. The lack of sulfation could well be due to the
    largely carbohydrate diet of most of these children. It is likely a
    combination of all these things. In any case, toxic compounds of
    these aforementioned chemicals can build to dangerous levels. A high
    value for the tIAG (?) as well as a high reading for DHPPA (rather
    HPHPA-a phenolic metabolite of tyrosine) both indicate a PST problem.

  44. Morley Robbins fans will LOVE these excerpts

    There are two pathways by which the Phase II enzymes process these
    toxins. One attaches the sulfates as mentioned, and the other
    attaches glucuronide. Dr. Waring has found that in autistic patients
    there is not nearly enough sulfate to glucuronate ratio. She and her
    associates feel that the “leaky gut”, that causes a need for a Gf/Cf
    diet, is caused by this lack of adequate sulfate to provide sulfation
    of the glucosaminoglycans (sulfated sugars). They found that the
    glucosaminoglycans (gags) in the gut were very under sulfated, and
    that this causes a thickening of the basement membrane of the gut.
    IGF (insulin-like growth factor) is important for cell growth. IGF-1
    (which is reduced in zinc deficiency) increases the incorporation of
    sulfate in glucosaminoglycans.

    Unfortunately, a lack of sulfated gags in the kidneys will allow loss
    of these sulfates. There is often found low plasma sulfate and high
    urine sulfate and high urinary thiosulfate as if the kidneys are not
    able to retain (recycle) sulfate. This needed retention requires the
    work of a transporter that has been found in “in vitro” studies to be
    blocked almost completely by mercury and by excess chromium (but not
    as thoroughly). One study found urinary sulfite to be elevated due to
    a lack of molybdenum in 36%. Supplementing moly showed improvements
    in clinical symptoms. Sugar increases the amounts of calcium,
    oxalate, uric acid, and glucosaminoglycans being wasted in the urine.

    The excess-cysteine/low-sulfate condition that Waring observed may be
    because of a deficiency of the amino acid histidine that can be run
    low by seasonal allergies and the medications taken to treat them.
    Metal toxicities, common in these kids, can run it low. Experimental
    deficiency of histidine causes an excess of free iron in the blood.
    This can adversely affect the enzyme cysteine dioxygenase (CDO), the
    essential nutritional components of the enzyme being histidine and
    iron. A deficiency of this amino acid, possibly caused by allergies,
    heavy metals poisoning, and medications, not only affects HCl
    production (histidine delivers zinc to the cells, and together they
    produce HCl), but it will likely cause a toxic build up of the amino
    acid cysteine, and a lack of sufficient taurine and sulfate
    contributing to the PST problem. High histidine lowers zinc and
    copper by chelating them from the body. Supplementing taurine, the
    sulfur containing amino-acid that is at the end of the metabolic
    chain, has been helpful in meeting this need for taurine; and, being
    the immediate precursor, may supply needed sulfates. Taurine is
    reported to have an anti-opioid effect (Braverman 1987).

    Those with inadequate protein in the diet, or with poor assimilation,
    resulting in a deficiency of histidine and other nutrients, form
    poorly sulfated GAGS robbing the cells of ability to resist infection
    (that describes 100% of these children). Additionally, it produces
    dysbiosis (flora imbalance) in the gut. Those with chronic infection
    shed and replace GAGs so quickly that inadequate sulfate is available
    even with adequate protein intake. Vitamin A deficiency has been
    shown to produce an accelerated turnover of GAGs as well as their
    undersulfation. When the live viral, measles vaccine is given, it
    depletes the children of their existing supply of Vitamin A. The
    measles virus hidden in the gut is able to create a chronic vitamin A
    deficiency. Natural Vitamin A (cis form) is important for activation
    of T and B cells for long-term immune memory to develop, and it is
    necessary for optimal Natural Killer Cell function, Cis Vitamin A can
    bypass blocked G-protein pathways and turn on central retinoid
    receptors. Available zinc controls the amount of vitamin A the liver
    will release.

    In one study, the urinary GAGs changed to normal when the vitamin A
    deficiency was corrected, but if protein starvation caused the
    undersulfation of GAGs, the urinary GAGs did not return to normal
    with adequate protein intake, but did improve quite a bit. Most
    autistic children are vitamin A deficient. Do you or your child have
    bumps on shoulders, thighs, elbows, and calves? Supplement with pure
    amino acids, Seacure, Brewer's yeast, or desiccated liver for their
    protein, and with Evening Primrose oil (for its GLA), and cod-liver
    oil for its EPA, DHA, and vitamins A and D. Seacure may help.

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  45. I've seen some practitioners recommend colostrum because it stimulates the growth factors for gut integrity.

    It also inhibits bad gut bacteria such as H Pylori !

  46. Once again Vitamin A is so critical !!

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