Acupuncture and Celiac Disease


Anyone here have experience with Acupuncture? My G.I. doctor recommended it for some of my radiating back pain and my first appointment is next week. I’m extremely optimistic and wanted to know if anyone else had tried it.

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  1. 3 times. It did nothing

  2. I’ve done it all. However if you haven’t been to a chiropractor then I would strongly advise you do that first. Then get acupuncture after. If your alignment is off it won’t matter how many treatments you get you won’t feel better or you may but just for a short time.

  3. Yes, a chiropractor helped realign so many things lol, and afterwards acupuncture was much nicer. I used to get it for migraines.

  4. I also would get a food sensitivity test done. You may have other issues that would cause inflammation. I have 66 food intolerances.

  5. i love acupuncture so many benefits, she was the only clinician to suggest I give up gluten, I fought her for years, like pasta was my problem. i finally gave it up just to prove her wrong. Bitch.

  6. Yes I go once a week!

  7. My current GI specialist at the tertiary care center actually doesn’t believe I have gluten sensitivity as the cause of my issue. Still keeping me GF for now, but … apparently the villa damage I have he doesn’t believe fits the puzzle. Getting to a diagnosis has been ongoing since April.

  8. I was considering acupuncture for myself. I knew someone who had it done and was amazed by the results. I’ve heard a lot of good about it but am not sure if it would do anything for my situation…I’ll be reading through the comments for more opinions so keep rhea coming 😉 I haven’t met a doctor who could say with certainty that they know it is a good idea.

  9. Are there any risks?

  10. Every months since 2 years. It is like a miracle.

  11. Have an open mind to the many benefits of it! Enjoy the experience. You will be pleasantly suprised!


    I’ve used it for severe gi problems prior to my diagnosis and it was amazing.

  12. I go monthly for overall health. It helps a lot!

  13. Ok here’s the baby question — do the needles hurt?

  14. I not only get needles, but also do it. Was very beneficial for me after cancer treatment

  15. I love acupuncture. I also recommend someone who is highly qualified. I do it in combination with acupressure massage. I find that if I go more than once a week that gives me the most consistent pain relief. I can rarely do that though due to costs but I go a minimum of once a week. Love love love it for chronic pain relief

  16. I have received acupuncture for migraine and neck/back pain. It is marvellous!

  17. I’ve had a good acupuncturist diagnose problems that multiple x-rays, MRIs, and multiple doctors couldn’t not figure out. The key is to find a GOOD acupuncturist. Just like with any doctor, some are better than others.

  18. I would get a reco from someone so you can find a good one in your area.

  19. Yes I have been a nurse for a Doctor who did acupuncture and saw some amazing results. Good luck.

  20. Accupuncture works wonders thinking of going back to getting it done now with my GUT ISSUES\nhave done for my migraines and it truly worked

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