Adrenal fatigue


I have Hashimoto’s Disease with hypothyroidism Adrenal fatigue. And nurse friend of mine suggested that I get a medical bracelet. Do I really need one? Any thoughts. Thanks

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  1. I don’t think it would be necessary as those disorders are not life threatening. Jmo.

  2. It can be important for ER staff to know if you are ever brought in unconscious. Certain meds can cause adverse reactions. I have a 3×5 notecard in my purse that has my medical info on it just in case. Maybe make a smaller credit card size and keep it with your insurance card.

  3. I would wear one if I had my thyroid removed and was dependent on meds

  4. I wouldn’t see a need for one. I agree with Sarah Torkelson Koch these are not life threatening diseases.

  5. I agree that you wouldn’t need a bracelet. However, I should have one because I’m celiac.

  6. celiac disease is life treatening?

  7. Thanks to everyone for their input. I realize that I have some pretty nasty allergies to gluten, wheat, and eggs. I was really debating whether or not to get a medical bracelet. But after listening to you I decided to get one. There was one situation when I was in the hospital that they did not go into my wallet to find my insurance card.on the backside of the card had my medical and allergy information. Because of that they gave me a medication that made me really sick. My wife was frantically trying to explain to the doctors w ghost at my allergies where. Nobody cared enough to listen. So that’s the reason for my question to you all. Again; many thanks

  8. I have one because I’m on Zarelto the blood thinner for blood clots….

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