Adrenal glands not functioning properly?


I have low blood pressure, i have no clue why and have been trying to find out for 4yrs because it never used to be so low. Could it be from adrenal glands not functioning properly? Also, I’m hearing that magnesium supplement is dangerous for low blood pressure, is that true? My blood pressure is something like 90/70.

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  1. Yes Ashley V. Crouch the Cream and Tartar used for baking. You can also use the salt substitute called NuSalt for the Cream of Tartar as it is potassium.

  2. Ashley V. Crouch are you very stressed or have been through a very stressful time?

  3. RealSalt is another good brand. Made in the USA.

  4. Robert Cole Yes, basically the past 6yrs have been hell, it's been 6yrs of nonstop anxiety and being on edge… before I got pregnant i was homeless and was raped, then having a baby was a HUGE stress and trying to take care of my daughter who is disabled, all by myself, no family, then my fiance of 9yrs passed away in 2011, and having to see him die a slow painful death and being without him has been the absolute worst thing in my life! Then last year me and my daughter ended up homeless again because of my poor health I'm unable to work, i was jumped and beat by three women who robbed me in August and was in the hospital with a concussion, then soon after someone poisoned my rottweiler who was my emotional support animal…. I'm not trying to get pity, its just honestly been ALOT for 6yrs straight, i don't even know how all these things haven't killed me yet…. I can't remember the last time I was happy. My whole life has always been horrible.

  5. My heart goes out to you, Ashley V. Crouch…. what courage you have.

  6. Thank you MJ Hamp that means a lot

  7. Plexus slim all natural may help

  8. Wow. What a story you have Ashley. Hopefully it will all be part of a powerful testimony of a transformed life someday. Just don't give up! I am very impressed that you are pursuing answers to your health after all that you have been through-I can't imagine. While I think it is very important to pursue the thyroid, the extreme emotional stress you have been through totally suggests adrenal fatigue. B vitamin, such as in a b complete, and vit c at least 1000 mg per day are so critical. The adrenal cocktail is also very very helpful. But I was just reading a study last night, about how vitamin C was proven to lower the level of stress hormones in the body. Your body is probably stuck in fight or flight mode after all you have been through and you need to let it rest, hormonally and chemically speaking.

  9. Mine is 90/65 and I don't have any overt symptoms. I have only minor indicators of thyroid/adrenal stress.

  10. Thank you Kevin, that's exactly what it feels like all the time, just a constant fight or flight mode, even the tiniest noses set me off, and will make me startle and it feels like my hearts gonna explode. I'm so sick and tired of feeling like this and being stuck in bed 24/7…i want to go back to living life, being energetic, happy and take on the world like i use to. Most importantly i want to just be a mom for once and do normal activities with her like other moms… I feel like I've been through so much in my life, if i regain my health again both physically and mentally.. I'll be unstoppable! And if that miracle does happen, i definitely will use it as my testimony towards helping others as well.

  11. Ashley, I have your symptoms and I have Hashimotos and graves. Have you been tested for those? Dont go off of tsh, you have to have your antibodies tested.

  12. Lisa mentioned MINERALcorticoids. All these processes require minerals to form all the enzymes, hormones, etc. to function. That's why Morley suggests optimizing mineral levels so that our bodies can heal and function their best. Diagnostic labels often seem like a "dead end" because we get the label and then are not offered any solution by the person who diagnosed. "Just take this prescription."

  13. Whoa, I just read more posts. I am sorry you went through all that! Being under constant stress as you have can do a number on your body. It is possible that what you have is an after effect from being stressed for so long. Are you in the Vitamin D wellness group?

  14. Or maybe we think to ourselves "well, nutritional solutions don't apply to me, because I HAVE ________________".

  15. Erica Morgan the position of this group on supplementation with D has some specific cautions. Please don't recommend it here outside of the recommendations. Maybe MJ Hamp can provide you with a link to that information.

  16. Erica Morgan – please read this link carefully. It summarizes the position on "D" by the owner of this group.

  17. She mentions ringing in the ears. Haven't I read somewhere that ringing of the ears is associated with excess copper?

  18. Sorry about that, I just wondered if maybe she was low vit D. I am and I have her symptoms. I was low vit D and magnesium for years and I didn't know. My docs were so obsessed with my thyroid they just told me to take a multi vitamin, crazy.

  19. I hope you're feeling better, Erica. I'm glad there are resources for people who want to keep trying to get better.

  20. Thanks Lita, I am not totally better, that is why I joined some fb groups, to educate myself and be more proactive in my own healing. I trusted docs for years, no more. I use them to get my tests done that is about it. I am low in vit d, magnesium, calcium, iron, and have thyroid disease and absorption problems. This group is great and I am learning a lot!

  21. Erica Morgan that was my mistake too… Six years of being told "you have lupus and fybromyalgia and there's nothing we or you can do about it"…if i would've known six years ago that all this could possibly be from vitamin deficiency and adrenal gland fatigue… I maybe could've been living life at its fullest by now! I still haven't had the blood tests to prove deficiency yet, but iam hoping that's all it is.. And hopefully I'LL find out finally what's wrong with my thyroid too… Have my ultrasound tomorrow. Can i ask how long have you been treating yourself with vitamins and what remidies are you using… And if there's been any change in your health improvement?

  22. You could benefit from using Timed Released Magnesium (TRS Magnesium) so you don't get the full dose all at once, should not affect your BP.

  23. I would highly suspect adrenal dysfunction with such low blood pressure. Check into whether the adrenal cocktail might help make you feel better. Has helped lots of people with low cortisol levels (adrenals) feel much better; supplies potassium and himalayan salt. The adrenals run on salt. I hate when I hear someone's "doctor" has taken them off of salt, completely, and the worst part: THEY DO IT! Your thyroid, have you checked into the possibility of having h. pylori (helicobacter pylori, a terrible stomach bacteria, causes ulcers, acid reflux pain, it's said half the population has it, consider joining the H. Pylori group too) It's a know disruptor of the thyroid and I believe adrenals…Could your doctor check for h. pylori also? Breath or stool test. Sometimes we need to educate the doctors.

  24. Ashley, sorry I have not had a chance to respond, I will when my daughter goes to bed tonight!

  25. LynlieI have not been tested for H. Pylori..but i will ask for it to be done when i have my doctor appointment next week.

  26. Ashley, my response was long so I sent a pm, I hope that was ok, if not I am sorry.

  27. Of course it's ok the only problem is that i haven't revived it Erica Morgan

  28. Check your "other" box.

  29. In West. Med that is low blood pressure, however, reading research from multiple respected scientific studies from all over the world 90/60 really isn't low, unless you are having dizziness/fainting. or other cardiac symtopathologies. Even Dr. Oz mentioned 90/60 as a good blood pressure.

  30. Ashley, I wrote you on the 27th, it is probably in your "other" box. If you are using the app on your cell maybe you don't see it. Google from your cell and use the desktop version and go to your messages

  31. Ashley me too I have low blood pressure, hahsi 🙂 and elevated resting heartbeat. They never told me why but bow I can tell that autoimmunity is the cause. Ab atacking blood vessels and who knows what other organs….Not TPO as it went down from 1,200 to 80 but there are many others.

  32. Dr Oz ? Are you insulting us ? It is low 90/60 and you get dizzy with low energy. I know the feeling.

  33. Ashley, what other autoimune diseases you have ? Hashi is very probable but any others ? You probably don't know yet. Mineral deficiencies are just the egg…the chicken is the immune atack..probaly inherited.

  34. Emilia, I wrote the cardiac rehab for the hospital I where I working in 1970, and done cardiac rehab for years. No, I'm not insulting anyone, just giving a different viewpoint from reliable studies. As for Dr. Oz, he's certainly been in the "hot seat" with the medical professionals because he is talking about nutrition and alternative ways of taking care of illness—he is avant guard publically in a money-driven and indoctrinated broken system—he's trying, that's more than can be said for most West. Med Drs. If anyone is having those symptoms you stated, they need to be evaluated individually and not by a specific standard that isn't accurate for everyone—that's one of the problems with West. Med—-it has standards that don't allow for individual differences. The education of physicians needs to be open to differences and other proven points of view. Everyone can be quite healthy and be very different.

  35. My Dad has extremely low blood pressure 60/30 he had a pacemaker to keep is heart beat at 100, he has Midorine 3 tablets before he gets up this pushes blood up to his stomach, then an octreotide injection to push the blood up from his stomach to his brain, the pills completely stave his appetite, so I'm the last 3 years his weight has gone from 11 stone to 8 stone. He has 2 injections a day and 5 + doses of midodrine and he still passes out several times a day. We have taken him to every specialist consultant in the country right up to professors, they call it Postural hypotension pure autonomic failure which is idiopathic, no one knows why it's happened or where it will lead. We've tried every home remedy there is, at its worst his BP is so low he can't get up for days regardless of taking loads of pills.This week he is in bed and very unwell, he is a very rare case!

  36. Im so sorry Suzi ! It's horrible that so many have to suffer these unknown illnesses

  37. Suzi, I will write a post for you later today.

  38. Common general neuropathies affecting the peripheral autonomic nervous system, including diabetes mellitus, alcohol abuse, and amyloidosis
    Prolonged bed rest
    Salt-free diet

    Rare causes
    Disorders involving blood vessels, including severe varicose veins, vasospastic disorders, and atherosclerosis
    Primary adrenal insufficiency (Addison's disease)
    Generalized neurologic disorders that affect the autonomic nervous system, including Parkinson's disease, multiple strokes, brain stem lesions, multiple system atrophy (MSA), e.g. Shy-Drager syndrome, and multiple sclerosis
    Specific autonomic nervous system disorders, including Riley-Day syndrome (familial dysautonomia), and pure autonomic failure (PAF) – previously called Bradbury-Eggleston syndrome, and postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome (POTS)
    Uncommon disorders affecting primarily autonomic nervous system, including Guillain-Barre syndrome, dopamine-beta hydroxylase deficiency, AIDS, porphyria, and paraneoplastic syndromes
    Damage to the spinal cord, including that associated with syringomyelia and tabes dorsalis

  39. What I would do Suzi is the work the list above by elimination and try to diagnose him by eliminating diseases. Once you have a short list the clues will start to show up. Anemia, autoimmune atack to his blood vessels and familial disautonomia are some of the strong possibilities but not the only one. Doctors are not looking of the entire body and some insignifiant symptoms can be so important. Vasculitis ? Take them one by one and play the scenario for the whole body. Red spots on his skin, low red cells count, spider veins, arteriosclerosis…..Did he had this for all his life ? If not when appeared, what changed at that point ? Was it an infection, virus, lime ? Hypotension is just a symptom of a disease.

  40. We have been through all this already,he has never taken any of the meds you talk about, nor has he any of the illness you mention,but thank you anyway x

  41. Low blood pressure with high pulse, check your thyroid!

  42. No he's had his thyroid checked he has a pacemaker to keep his heart beat up its set at the highest level. But thanks anyway Kath x

  43. Done the Vegas nerve massage Arol makes no difference but thanks anyway x

  44. Emotional Freedom Technique

  45. He was checked for ALL those illnesses ? How about autoimmunity ? You agree with me: there's no smoke without a fre and no symptom without an illness. If you didn't find out yet that means somethig was missed down the road. This is the approach I took while on Syntroid rollercoster and it worke: now my thyroid is healthy. Thyroid tests can be all very good and his antibodies in the sky. This is what my father has and he's bloo pressure is low as well.

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