Adrenal support that doesn’t have nightshades?


Anyone using adrenal support that doesn’t have nightshades? I’m on Ashwagandha and just realized it’s a nightshade…

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  1. Are you treating high or low?

  2. Not sure what you mean Tina Kimber Lowndes. As in oxidizer? I'm slow.

  3. I think she means treating high adrenal function or low adrenal function. If you're taking ashagandha, I'm assuming you're treating low adrenal function – adrenal fatigue. I'm in the same boat and am interested in others' answers to your question. My teen girls are taking ashwagandha, and we were recently discussing the nightshade symptoms.

  4. Yeah I have low adrenal function. my psoriasis flared this week and Im guessing Ashwagandha is the reason.

  5. This is what I like so much about this group. When I mentioned nightshades to my doctor (due to my psoriasis) she said "What is a night shade, and how would affect that?" (she's quick to write out a prescription for anything but doesn't seem to know a lot about any sort of nutrition, or magnesium relates to my diabetes. Time to find a new doctor I guess!)

  6. Very frustrating! I'm still on the hunt for a good doctor

  7. I thought Ashwagandha was for stress etc?

  8. What does that mean? Nightshade? Sorry if its a stupid question but this is the first ive heard of that

  9. Ashwagandha is an adaptogen. However, it is also a Nightshade and may not be appropriate for all.

  10. took an herbal preparation containing Ashwagandha and ended in the ER 🙁

  11. MJ, do you recommend any other type of supplement?

  12. O darn. What about Rhodiolia Rosea?

  13. nightshade are things like tomatoes, goji berries, tobacco, potatoes, peppers, eggplant, and tomatillos,

  14. Johanna Dethomasis – Nightshades are a plant family that many are sensitive to. It can express as joint pain and inflammation.

  15. Tina Matt – it can be tricky with the adapotgens. It depends, in part, if your cortisol is high or low.

  16. (referring way back to Dana Lynn's question) Ashwagandha is for stress in the sense that it helps fatigued adrenals (which is caused by low mag and stress). However, for some folks who are sensitive to nightshades, ashwagandha might not be the best choice. We're just wondering what other choices there might be. Black cohosh? Red raspberry leaf? I'm just learning all the herbal options myself…

  17. Interesting… I recently started my adrenal herbals again and I'm eating a lot of nightshades and have some weird symptoms. I never even thought of it!

  18. Jen Vee Gee Yeah, it's a game changer once you start paying attention. Before I realized it was an issue, I made a big batch of chili with all different kinds of peppers and also tomatoes. I ate it for lunch and dinner for about 4 days. Joint pain, skin problems, etc….Much Worse! Now I'm very careful! Potatoes are really bad for me too.

  19. tomatoes were one of four foods which gave me hives as an infant, so I tried excluding them when night time pain became a problem. the other 3 foods are not nightshades. I do not seem to be reactive to potatoes.

  20. With my SIBO diet many of my 'safe' foods are nightshades which is unfortunate… I've recently noticed a bit of eczema

  21. I have never made the connection either but will start paying more attention. I have been taking Ashwagandha for about a month and haven't noticed anything. Started Rhodiolia a couple days ago. I heard the 2 work well together .

  22. Dana Lynn Maybe nightshades arent an issue for you? I'm going to try Ash for another few days and see what happens. I wish I knew for sure if it's the problem– bc it really seems to help me in other ways.

  23. Tina , I was looking at the list for some nightshades and maybe there is no connection as to why it isn't bothering me but I have been a vegetarian for 50 yrs .. Fruits and veggies are the bulk of my diet with no issues .

  24. A sole drink made with pink hymalian salt!

  25. there was a series of video clips for MSers by Loren Cordain – apparently the proteins in nightshades are extremely close to those in Myelin

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