Advice please re periods / symptoms of low iron ?


Advice please re periods / symptoms of low iron ? Have had restless legs last few weeks and extreme fatigue along with on and off anxiety. Was feeling marginally better until my period arrived , once it started I began to feel light headed and basically started with symptoms of anaemia including extreme fatigue, breathlessness and fatigue/ dizziness. this is now persisting even though my period has stopped. Last blood test in November my doctor said iron was normal although I have been anaemic before. I’m at a loss as to why my symptoms are like this and what to do if it appears my iron levels normal ? I haven’t felt right for months and have recently come off bcp hoping to feel better. Any advice please ? Thanks

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  1. There are different iron levels to test, did he test them all, or just the standard one?

  2. Kate, I know how horrible is it to be light headed, my heart goes out to you. With what you have posted, I wonder what the tissue status is of your magnesium, calcium, potassium, and sodium.

  3. Morley's research has shown that it takes bio available copper to make iron usable and circulating in the body, so, I think you need to get the copper zinc mag rbc ceruloplasmin blood panel done pronto, with an HTM A if you can swing it to get a picture of the magnesium/sodium status that indicates adrenal health.

  4. I'm in the uk can I still get it done ?

  5. oh, that's a great question. I know the HTM A can be shipped to you, for the blood tests you can look at , type in Magnesium Advocacy Group on the left side bar to see if you can order the tests in the UK.

  6. I have no idea why the anonymous std testing came up when I typed in the website, I was not referring to that test. Lol.

  7. Your wedding picture is gorgeous Kate. I highly recommend Musings on Mag Volume 3 to learn more about "iron anemia" is really anemic copper/ceruloplasmin. Morley talks about this in two YouTube videos about copper and one about iron as well.

  8. Thank you 🙂

  9. What is musings on mag

  10. There are three Musings on Mag Books.

  11. What are your levels? Cp levels, zinc, etc. That's the rules if you post on iron

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