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Hi, I’ve had this aching, (sometimes)throbbing, stiffness all over my upper back for many years now. I also have tender points especially at the scapula joint. I feel like I’ve been run over by a truck every morning. I’ve told two endocrinologists about this and several GPs and I’ve been dismissed every time. I’m also very fatigued and I can’t wear even remotely binding socks as my feet will fall asleep. Reading through posts in this group it seems my gut feeling that this is related to my thyroid is correct. I’m currently being prescribed physical therapy for my back pain which definitely makes it worse and I’ve not seen improvement. So my question is, how do you get a doctor to listen to you when all they do is look at your labs and say you are fine on the levothyroxine and to take an Advil for the pain? I’m beyond frustrated.

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  2. Have you been tested for vitamin/mineral deficiencies?

  3. Look into AIP it changed my life and took away the pain and a lot of gut issues

  4. 1. Try to find a better doctor if you can. 2. Read and research and become your our doctor and learn to know yourself. 3. Try diet changes. Personally I have a spinal deformity that I thought caused me chronic pain and "I just have to live with it

  5. I have hashis and EDS I can say that when my antibodies are up I can't function until a warm shower and biofreeze professional spray. U aren't alone. Are u sure hashis is all u have???

  6. I'm wondering if I could have myopathy or some muscular disorder? Would it show up on MRI? I have a hump of swelling and tension in my back that can't be massaged out.

  7. I have very similar symptoms. Diagnosed with Hashis and fibromyalgia and being watched for RA. Have been gluten free and keto for a while. No relief. MRI next week.

  8. A chiro may help. I just started seeing one.

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