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Help! At the pharmacy…is this gluten free? I have a horrible headache!

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  1. I did a real quick google question: According to the company, “Advil Liqui-Gels and Advil Migraine contain a wheat derivative, and are not gluten-free.” It’s not clear whether regular Advil and/or Advil Film-Coated products are produced in the same facility, which would subject them to gluten cross-contamination.Aug 31, 2017

  2. No idea sweetie, good luck

  3. Peppermint oil will take it away much faster ❤️ It’s sold at any health food store.

  4. Google says they’re not gluten free.

  5. As far as I’ve heard, they’re not gf. Look for a store brand equivalent – they’re usually better about clearly labeling gf.

  6. Thank you for your help everyone!

  7. Only the plain Advil not liquid gel

  8. NOOOOO!!! I was told liquid capsules are a huge no no!

  9. I always ask the Pharmacist

  10. Tablet yes, liquid no!!!

  11. Oddly enough Kroger, Meijer’s, and Walmart’s generic brands are. Says so on the bottle.

  12. Grace Hoskins, the liquid gels are not GLUTEN free

  13. The liquid gels are NOT gluten free! ALWAYS look up drugs at before buying.

  14. If you have Celiac my Dr said only Tylenol. NSAIDS are not good for our gut.

  15. They have gluten! Do not take. I was sick for a week. Stay away.

  16. Look at Walgreens brand they will be labeled GF if they are

  17. Omg these made me sooooo sick. NOT gluten free!!

  18. Ask them they should know whats what x

  19. Which tablets are gf? For migraines

  20. Target up & up are gluten free. Advil liquid are NOT gf – made me sick for years. Drink lots of water, headaches are usually caused by dehydration

  21. I hate having to worry about every single thing I ingest, anyone else? Why oh why is gluten even close to any mfg of any medications?! So wrong

  22. This is an eye opener, not that I use much parma, but never thought to check if they are GF!!!! Wow!

  23. I have head certain Advil products are not GF.

    I take Turmeric with Black Pepper for inflammation. It’s natural and works as well as Advil ever did for me.

  24. Yup i agree with the others. Try

    Peppermint essential oil Inhaled



    Anti inflammatory herbals/supplement

  25. Ever tried imitrex, sumatriptan? Prescription for migraines

  26. NOPE!!! DONT TAKE THEM! The gel caps contain gluten. I was taking these for tri monthly migraines and horrible endo pain, bought the gels caps for faster relief. I began experiencing terrible upper abdominal pain and trapped gas a couple of days after I was done with my usual 3 days straight of taking them. Bad enough that I went back to the GI Dr, who wanted to rescope me. I found out from here that Aleve gel caps are not gf, confirmed by a quick look at their website. My husband ran out and got the plain old Aleve, but I’ve now changed to Target’s Up and Up brand of Naproxen because theirs are guaranteed gf.
    Go to target and replace all your OTC meds with their Up and Up ones. It’s what I’ve done and I’ve had no problems since then.

  27. No!! Stay away!

  28. A cool damp cloth over forehead helps. ( I have a headache oil roller but I’m not ? what all the oils are in it.

  29. Things I never thought about before….l

  30. No, I had to call them- none of there’s are.

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