After 10 days on the Adrenal Cocktail protocol


After 10 days on the Adrenal Cocktail protocol, this is what I have experienced so far. Pains from «old injuries» that I had almost forgotten about, have come alive:

1) I have had three tail bone injuries during my life; the last one was in 2009. Now, after 10 days on the Adrenal Cocktail Protocol I experience excrutiating pains in my tail bone and pelvic area. Pains that only lasted for 10-14 days after the actual injuries occurred and which have given me no problems afterwards.

2) I had a surgery in 2015 to fix a spinal stenosis and three inflammed sciatic nerves. Now, suddenly my lower back hurts and aches, and especially around the area where the surgery took place. These pains are far more insistent than they were at the time after the surgery; the pains only lasted 1 week after the surgery (good surgeon!)

3) I fell in a staircase in 2010 and hurt my foot, and did nothing to heal it (a stupid decision…), and now suddenly my foot hurts every morning when I get out of bed, precisely where it did hurt after the fall, pains that lasted only a few days after the fall.

Could it be that these injuries did not heal properly back then, because of lack of nutrients and proper minerals, and if I had had a better diet by then, i.e. for instance the AC protocol, my body would have healed all of them at the time they occurred? I cannot find any other answer. And, if this is the case, what a wealth of possibilities and healing that lie ahead of us ?

PS: I have eaten an ancenstral diet for 3 years, and I thought most of my problems had resolved.

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  1. If you tell a Dr that it hurts when I do AC's, the Dr will say then don't do AC's.

  2. How much of what type of Magnesium are you taking?

  3. I take Doctor's Best Magnesium Glycinate 100% Chelated, 2 tablets à 200 mg during the day, plus twice a day 1 ts of ReMag in a glass of water.

  4. Have started with Boron & MSM yet?

  5. I had heard way back that it will get worse before better. Part of the healing I would think.

  6. It is amusing to read this. I was wondering about this myself! I noticed this as well. I had use an angle grinder in 2009 that nearly took a part of my fingertip off. Well starting this protocol up I noticed that this finger hurt terribly as if I had recently had that injury. I also noticed other old injuries that I had forgotten about kind of come out of the woodwork in terms of pain. I figured that these areas needed special attention that they hadn't gotten in the past and now we're getting. It took about three months and then I forgot about it and never had any more pain in those areas. But occasionally I noticed that they start talking again. My senses this route cause protocol really feels in the potholes at the very core and outward. There are so many layers to illness, and there are so many layers to health as well. I suspected as each layer of health is laid down, these old injuries my flare up here in there.

  7. Calcifications may be breaking up….. and that is a good thing.

  8. Old injuries can build layers of fibrin and calcium plus white blood cells around then to protect the brain from pain. When we start to add in the protocol there is healing taking place there that hasn't happened in years. Peeling back those layers should induce some pain. That is my theory.

  9. Answer in short: this is a very good thing. Called a healing crisis. Will take some time but heal for good.

  10. Yes, I have had exaggerated pain where I had injuries doing the AC, not severe but intense. A fracture in the clavicle felt really warm for several days then it ached, deeply.
    I felt like it was healing.
    The colder weather made it ache but last week or so I've had no ache there.

  11. Me too! So achy! I thought maybe I wasn't taking enough magnesium to balance the AC. I do a sip of MOM, brush teeth with MOM and spray feet with mag oil daily. I'm hoping it's a healing crisis.

  12. Oh wow. I was on my honeymoon for 2 weeks and had fresh squeezed organic non gmo orange juice twice a day for the AC. I ached the whole time in my knee and my foot (both injured, knee rebuilt) and attributed it to a recent fall or two ( I fall a lot). Perhaps it was actually healing!

  13. no wonder I am pain, I sprained my ankle 2 years ago and I can't walk in the mornings when I walk up, with pain on my ankle,I am 5 days in the protocol. Having AC, Vitamin C, Magnessium, boron, bee pollen, beef liver, Nordic cod oil liver. Thanks for your question.

  14. Where in the protocol does it say that MSM is a part of the protocol?

  15. For me, the sugar in the OJ is too much and causes an inflammatory reaction. You might try an alternative version of the cocktail.

  16. You are probably suffering from something that is called a calcium shell which will show as a high calcium and low magnesium on a HTMA. Make sure you take enough magnesium, and that the magnesium you take is getting into the cells. Also make sure you take the recommended blood tests to see how your Ceruloplasmin, copper and iron is doing. Root Cause Protocol Consultant

  17. My doctor told me to only take 500 to 1000 mg of magnesium

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