After diligently taking magnesium


After diligently taking magnesium (mag water, mag oil, mag baths, borax, adrenal cocktail) For the last 8 months, I haven’t been able to get my blood pressure down. I’m sooo disappointed. Went to Gp today and after seeing my alarmingly high bp (again) he gave me a serious talking to re bp meds. So I start on them tomorrow and feel really deflated about it. I have been feeling so good on the mag. I’ll keep taking it. I’m just at a loss that it didn’t affect my bp.

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  1. How is your thyroid and adrenals?

  2. Mary Lou…I have been on keto/LCHF for 4 months now, with a lot of fasting and intermittent fasting, and was expecting to wean off bp meds, like so many others are able to do, but instead need to increase….so very disappointed….back to the drawing board….fasting insulin high….takes a while…..

  3. Tonie Caridi Borchardt are there other things that keep people from absorbing Mag, I have a few kids I am working with that have this issue, I was owndering about their HCL lveles but you are giving more things to explore- is there a place I can read about this?

  4. For some reason the chloride in mag oil shoots my BP way up. I am still not sure why. I avoid it now.

  5. Why don't you check out a ketogenic diet. Several group pages on fb.

  6. Echoing Jenna Zucowska Lanam. I hope you have taken you BP at home too. Mine used to be high at docs, then got a machine to measure it at home, which showed normal.

  7. I could not do the AC when my BP was high. The sodium shot my BP up every time.

  8. I'm sorry for this setback, Mary-Lou. Your post is hopeful..even though your BP is still high, you aren't giving up trying to fix the underpinnings of the issue. Great and balanced attitude and much appreciated post

  9. Watch John Bergman youtube videos. You might find help and a different explanation of blood pressure –

  10. Gallbladder?

  11. What is your diet like?

  12. Potassium is an antidote. Lots of Potassium rich foods, not just Mg. The DASH diet found better results when dairy was added and it was assumed to be need for calcium, but more recently more protein has been thought to be the reason. Also low sodium and lose any excess weight.

  13. I was on the medical card and went to see a doctor years ago. I sat in the room and he was standing up leaning on the counter.I explained what was going on with me(I didn't know what was happening to me ,but know now that it was my adrenals crashing.)He took out a pad of paper and wrote out a prescription for Tylenol.Tylenol!!!!!He didn't ask me any questions. I wasn't in there for very long. I waited forever too see him, because I felt something serious was happening and needed help. I got out of there and tore up that prescription and dug up information for myself. I haven't seen a doctor since then.

  14. Morley Robbins with all these comments and all the guessing, not one suggestion of HTMA for this person. Is the HTMA no longer a focus or recommendation on this group?

  15. My questions above were not answered, so here is the long and short of it:
    Get to the root cause so that it can be corrected by you. These are the two tests that will provide the guidance.

  16. Have you tried drinking hibiscus tea? It has such a powerful effect on me that my blood pressure actually gets too low if I drink it too strong!

  17. OMEGA 3s. Our diets are high in 6s and we have to balance them out. If nothing else , this works.

  18. My husband has had high blood pressure for years, takes meds. Always afraid to be tested because high bp can keep you off the truck. We are truck drivers, on the road 5 days a week. We carry food with us and the one thing he consistently does is eat one cucumber every day. His last two check ups his bp has been normal.!!!! NEVER has it been normal.

  19. Mine goes up if I let myself get stressed. ….family stuff mostly

  20. Bad carbs elevates pressure.

  21. Are you using pink sea salt,Lipo C, iodine protocol?

  22. Are you getting enough good quality water? High BP can be related to dehydration.

  23. Also still have to take BP medications but have gone from the highest to now down to 1/4 of the lowest. but can't take potassium with them as I get angina pains. Not over weight either.

  24. Is be drinking 2/3 litres of demineralised or distilled water a day to dilute your blood so it's easier to pump …. Don't understand the diuretics at all …. Then try some Neprinol to reduce fibrin and do a liver cleanse …

  25. My doctors visits often showed high blood pressure and my doctors were starting to give me 'the talk' regarding meds, but occasionally my blood pressure was good. I resisted taking meds and finally found the correlation – my blood pressure was always good when I did not have my morning coffee; my morning coffee affected my blood pressure all day long. I'm just sharing so that you will look more closely at your entire lifestyle as the solution may be entirely where you don't expect it.

  26. my high BP resolved when I became optimal on Natural Desiccated Thyroid meds and improved with the implementation of oral / trans-dermal magnesium & the cofactors to raise ceruloplasmin

  27. My husband brought his down by drinking Bragg's Apple Cider Vinegar, taking a good garlic supplement…then he took therapeutic doses of Neprinol (systemic enzymes)…a low sugar diet helps, too.

  28. Mary-Lou Halvorson – some factors to consider:
    Depending on weight – if you lose weight, your blood pressure, correspondingly will also go down.

    Exercise like walking (not too strenuous) can help reduce it.

    Also you will want to avoid processed and/or salty foods – and cook at home when possible. Restaurant foods, packaged foods, and boxed meals tend to be much higher in sodium, and salt causes water retention, which cases an increase in blood pressure.

    Eliminating alcohol from your diet is also a good bet – while it does lower blood pressure initially with a single drink, over time it causes blood pressure to go up.

    If your high blood pressure is genetic, you really shouldn't be hard on yourself. My dad was a non-invasive cardiologist and blood pressure meds kept people out of the operating room, and they only died from old age and cancer.

    It is POSSIBLE your blood pressure is actually fine and you may suffer from what's called "White Coat Hypertension" which is when your blood pressure goes up due to being nervous when you're at the doctor. Your best bet to figure out what it's really doing, is to buy your own blood pressure cuff, learn how to take it at home, and see what your blood pressure is doing when you're angry, exercising, doing housework, or feel very tired.

    my dad is no longer in practice but he wrote a book if you want to look it up, called "How to Protect Your Heart From Your Doctor." – if you DO in fact need BP meds, it's crucial to be on the right doses, as most doctors do not prescribe enough, nor do they prescribe a sufficient dose of diuretics to combat the water retention that BP meds tend to cause.

    Hope this helps!

  29. You will have too many minerals in the blood and need to get these down as soon as possible. Read Jen Abburow's message about drinking the distilled water and then you need to dig deeper to find out why this is happening in the first place. If you go to this site they may be able to help.

  30. I would also suggest buying your own cuff and taking your bp all of the time. I had white cuff for years and i started taking my bp during pregnancy and now its always normal at doc offices because i got so used to it and i know what it will be. I also encourage them to always take it twice. the second reading will ALWAYS be better! 🙂

  31. Start taking FISH OIL and BP will go down. My father-in-law (who was a scientist) had reeeeaaaalllly high BP, didn't even register on monitor. We convinced him to try fish oil. He wanted to graph it as experiment. After 30 days his BP had dropped significantly. He declared his little experiment a success. And then stopped taking it! 🙂 Scientists can be stubborn 🙂 My mother-in-law wasn't too happy with him 🙂 LOL

  32. R u taking your blood pressure at home??? The dr thought my husband had high blood pressure. He started taking his blood pressure at home. Took the results to the dr. My husband has white coat high blood pressure. It's only high when he sees the dr.

  33. I've been researching why all of a sudden my blood pressure is up by 30 points. I do have mild adrenal fatigue and episodic hypoglecemia. I am sensitive to stress and Pyroluria is suspected. But I'm not so much into labels as I am root causes. I am of the strong mineral imbalance is behind so many symptoms. This spike in blood began after two weeks of treating suspected pyroluria with 80mg of zinc per day and 40mg of B6 in the form of P5P. The protocol was working very well until I discovered my blood pressure was in the high 160's. It was around 130 with once a day Atenenol. Lower with adrenal problems that allowed me to cut back from two Atenenol per day. I have since stopped all supplements. I suspect copper, zinc, iron dysregulation. Testing is next. I am able with meditation to drop my BP to around 124/65. This to me points as stress being another possible factor. What I don't know is what is the source? I also have the MTHFR 667T heterozygous defect playing a part in all this. Any thoughts ideas are welcome.

  34. My first question is what is alarmingly high blood pressure? What were the numbers?

  35. we all have to choose whether to fall for conventional medicine's 'solutions" or go the demanding route of following all the alternative med ideas. Look at and SaraH Ballantyne's work. Keep digging. Take up,yoga. Stay off drugs.

  36. what is your Potassium RBC level? have you tried Potassium Bicarbonate ? also food allergy can cause high blood pressure.

  37. I eat three green salad a day …no sugar and no wheat …and no rice. This helps keep my blood pressure down ….soon as I go off green live fresh food up it goes. Lots of nuts too

  38. Have you been to the dentist? How is your oral health?

  39. I eat beets & celery really takes mine done instantly I juice 2 beets 1 stalk celery everyday or as needed

  40. Do you have lack of B1? It's a cofactor and affects the heart.

  41. Celery juice lowers bp

  42. Fish oil doesn't work for congenital hypertension.

  43. Episodic or persistent high BP should prompt testing for pheochromocytoma. It's an adrenaline-secreting mass usually located on the adrenals or extra-adrenal (anywhere in the body) that can affect blood pressure and cause a host of other symptoms. If high BP is accompanied by high heart rate, sweating, headache, anxiety ask for 24-hour urine test for catecholamines and metanephrines just to start. ASAP.

  44. Can you please please take Magnisium Taurate it will help you within a month . It helped me .

  45. Just adding my 2 cents. This is a family friends story. She had high bp but luckily she had a progressive MD who told her he'd like to try dietary changes first before prescribing her meds. She said he gave her the rundown of all of the awful side effects. She completely changed her diet to a whole food plant based diet – she said lots of legumes & veggies. The next time she went in for testing her bp had dropped only slightly & she was disappointed. However her doc. said to stick with it & that sometime it took awhile. 6 mths later she said her bp dropped dramatically & she's also lost weight & says she feels great.

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