AIP or anything else won’t help? Any advice?


One more question: My doctor said that the biopsy showed that I have a 60 to 75% chance of it being cancerous. He said the only way to know for sure is once the take this part out and make another biopsy. Is this true? Someone told me that happened to them and after surgery she was told it waa not cancerous. This is why I’m hesitating. I don’t want my thyroid taken out if it doesn’t have to be. Any other way then a needle biopsy to know for sure? Thanks again!

So per needle biopsy my nodule is 75% cancerous (follicular). The only option I have is now surgery and getting half my thyroid removed? AIP or anything else won’t help? Any advice? Thanks!

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  1. AIP is not going to reverse the cancer.

  2. Makes sense of course…just read that with AIP some people’s nodules shrank….just hoping and trying to avoid surgery

  3. If you don’t mind me asking, how big was your nodule?

  4. Fake cancer cures/treatment is a big ugly disgusting business. \n\nFood will not reverse cancer. Listen to your doctors.

  5. Get it removed. You don’t want cancer. My boss had it last year had it removed and feels so much better

  6. Thanks everybody!

  7. Yes, surgery is the only option. Please disregard any other suggestions. Hoping for a positive outcome for you!

  8. I had mine removed in March.

  9. My only suggestion is see if they will remove the whole thyroid …I had a partial thyroid lobectomy and I personally think I would have been better off with it all gone …I’ve seen many people say it’s easier to regulate your hormone meds when it’s completely removed

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