Aip paleo diet?


Has anybody heard of aip paleo diet? And has anybody actually been cured by this?

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  1. Hashimoto’s is a chronic disease. No diet is going to “cure” it.

  2. I am on the paleo diet and the one difference for me is increased energy. However, I'm taking a lot of vitamins daily. The first three days on the diet were hard but after that it was pretty easy and better each day.

  3. I just bought “The Plant Paradox” .. been aip paleo but it’s not good enough. My retinal doctor, who is extensively into the microbiome and healing leaky gut/autoimmune issues, has told me the only way to heal is thru this protocol .. I have started reading it tonight and wow I’m blown away. He’s onto something here.

  4. There is no cure, it's just managing symptoms. Hashi's is a chronic disease.

  5. Yep full remission. 100% asymtomatic, 50 lbs down, feel like a teenager again. AIP saved my life

  6. Kathy….it can certainly be put into remission. I just started AIP. There is so much information now that is scientifically backed that I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. I’m in nutrition school and am trying to identify what is it exactly that is causing inflammation for me. I have several autoimmune illnesses on top of Hashi and suspect I may now have Raynauds ☹️The hard part with AIP is accepting that what may be a non trigger today is a trigger tmw. As we get older and our hormones shift so to does our chemistry. So while you may have a special list of foods you can eat today,accept that it may not be an option tmw. That is what sucks.

  7. AIP made me feel like I could hope for things to turn around, but I did it 12 months and cheated along the way and didn't really see results, I did it 100% strict for 4 months and am legit a different person.

  8. AIP is an excellent way to find out what foods are causing you harm..aka inflammation. The more you lower your inflammation, the better you will feel. AIP is not designed to be a permanent thing. It is an elimination diet that initially removes many foods and from there, you can try to put many of the foods back into your diet. If you bring a food in and notice that you are not feeling well, are having joint pain, or other symptoms of inflammation then you know that you react to that food and should keep clear of it. I tried it when I was first diagnosed. It helps…as I hope this did. Best wishes.

  9. You can lose 20 pounds in 6 weeks on it! Which in itself can make you feel better.

  10. AIP & Paleo help, but there is no cure per say .. AIP has helped me, but is restrictive ..

  11. As long as we can live symptom free it's as close to a cure for me.

  12. I did AIP. Super easy and not that expensive. I haven't felt that amazing in YEARS. Not necessarily a cure, but I had no symptoms and my hypothyroidism was finally staying under control. Got off it bc of a homeless spell, so I ate whatever I could get, but truly contemplating starting it back up

  13. I believe you can reverse the disease but a lot of people are in the mindset you cant. There are a lot of cook books on aip and the paleo diet. Even kroger has receipts you can add to your shopping list your ingredients really easy

  14. Cure? No. Put in remission. Absolutely.

  15. You CAN NOT cure Hashi's. That is simply not how it works. It is also not effected by crazy diets like AIP. People can think what they want, but there is no science there.

  16. It's AutoImmune Protocol fyi…aka modified paleo.

  17. I feel so much better following this diet!

  18. Diet will not cure what diet did not cause.

    People feel better because they're finally doing what doctors have told them for years. Eat fresh food. Just somehow if snake oil salesmen tell you to cut out entire food groups and demonize them people think they've found the holy grail.

    The placebo and nocebo effects are rife on the internet. Desperate people want to believe and it's sad.

  19. Love it! Haven't felt this good in years

  20. Certain anti inflammatory diets can lessen symptoms of autoimmune diseases. Personally I don’t eat meat so paleo is out for me but cutting out gluten about 5 years ago has reduced my joint pain. But nothing is going to “cure” it. I’ve heard paleo is good for weight loss but there’s no way I’m putting all those animal products in my body, long term effects of carcinogens and hormones from meat are not worth it!

  21. Julie Moffet Fannin Christina Ernst Messmann little help please 🙂

  22. I just wanted some insight to the diet

  23. No, there's no cure for Hashimoto's. The treatment for the resulting hypothyroidism is hormone replacement therapy.

  24. Some say you can reverse autoimmune disease, but what they really mean is go into remission – you will always have the disease. You can make yourself feel better and reduce antibodies, possibly reduce dosage of thyroid hormones under supervision and so on.

  25. Not everyone is the same either. What works for one may or may not work for another. I definitely felt better doing the AIP for six weeks then paleo. I did it for over a year and am now more in tune with what happens to me when I mess up and eat sweets or processed things so in that aspect it was good. All you can do is try and see what works for you. Try not to get too overwhelmed. It is what it is. You have hashimoto's….don't let it become who you are.

  26. Kathy Phan check your inbox. I sent you some info.

  27. I don't believe diet can heal it. I know for me I have a huge family history of auto immune diseases. I know mine is hereditary even if it seemed to be triggered by my pregnancies but then again I guess I can see some things from when I was a kid that were some signs. Anywho I do believe that diet is extremely important. You should take the best care of your body as possibly. I believe it lessens symptoms because you're giving your body less of a reason to work harder.

  28. Hashimotos means "our bodies Can Not process chemicals" so it makes sense the cleaner you eat and use natural products the better we will feel Have a Great weekend everyone

  29. I am on it. Have lost 8 lbs in three weeks.

  30. Cracks me up regarding diets etc are a joke and nothing can be done to heal from Hashimoto. Cure? No. Remission? Yes! I worked my ass off trying to beat these diseases. I have lost 60 lbs, my depression is gone. My anti bodies are undetectable. The inflammation in my body is nonexistent. My cholesterol is in normal range. I am no longer pre diabetic. So, for the naysayers. Preach on your negativity and stay in the hole you dug by what YOU did to your broken body that because of your attitude will put your Hashimoto into overdrive and will indeed go after more organs once you hit the last stage of Hashimoto. Congrats to you!! .

  31. I did it for well over one year and it made a huge difference in my health., so much indeed that I went past the 3 months I had planned and continued on partially for a couple more years. It was a difficult diet to learn and follow but worth the effort. If I had a setback healthwise this would be the first step I would take to get well. 🙂

  32. For me, AIP has greatly reduced my symptoms (almost to the point I was symptom-free). I am in the midst of a flare of my Hashis now (postpartum, not unusual), and working my way back to AIP with some reintroductions. It was life-changing for me. While I didn't eliminate my medication, I did not need any increases and as I mentioned, cut out almost all symptoms I was still having while on meds.

  33. I didnt read all the comment because there are soo many. I have had great sucsess with AIP diet. The good news is you will know right away you feel better. Like noticible in a week. Good luck!

  34. I have not done full on AIP but I have found I do well gluten free and limited soy. I haven't had to eliminate dairy yet. It seems everyone is so different. What works for me won't for someone else. And it's an ever-changing target. Experiment and see how you feel. When I was first diagnosed I was so disheartened by the potential diet restrictions..but you will find your way. I agree will an earlier post to not focus on what you can't have but what you can.

  35. I did aip. Really helped my stomach issues and I lost 20 pounds.

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