Aldi’s has gluten free meat. look for GF on package.


I found out that meat has gluten in it! There is gluten free meat. Aldi’s has gluten free meat. look for GF on package.

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  1. Meat has in hamburger meat?

  2. You can find it without. look up GF hamburger brands

  3. Most meats do not have gluten. Deli and processed are what you’ll need to worry about.

  4. Most meat is gluten free unless there are additives, which you would see on the label. Sometimes companies mark something naturally gluten free as gluten free for marketing as well.

  5. The meat I buy doesn’t have gluten in it ??‍♀️. I eat stuff like real chicken, ground meat, deli meat, etc. It is very easy to find gf meat ?.

  6. Aldi is starting to carry alot of gluten free foods

  7. What meats are you referring to?

  8. pork, chicken, etc…

  9. If you buy the hamburger in the tubes the filler they put in has gluten in it. I react every time I eat it.

  10. I only eat grass fed non-gmo raised beef, free range non-gmo, soy-free chicken (and eggs), wild fish from clean waters, wild boar, venison, bison. Very little meat….3oz per day.

  11. Janice you’re doing it right. Good for you.

  12. Many Boars Head products are gluten free.

  13. Watch out for deli meat- the slicers could be CC.

  14. MEAT doesn’t, meat with fillers is just that and something people shouldn’t be eating anyways honestly.

  15. Thanks for sharing.

  16. Processed meat not unprocessed that post could give people a scare!

  17. Most Boars Head meat is gluten free and it’s free of nitrates. You can buy it in the deli at Kroger, Market Street, Sprouts, etc.

  18. Applegate is another gluten free meat. They are almost everywhere now. That’s what I usually get.

  19. Read every label…burgers and things like that have rusk in it..also watch out for gavy and soups..

  20. Some has it like in resaurants cause it has seasonings in it.. i get my meat from a meat market…..i wont eat meat from aldis

  21. Look this is dangerous, ya’all are going to have people afraid to eat a damn thing. Go to a nutritionist and get the facts, this is a support group not a substitue for a professional. And NO the meat in the tubes, ground beef is not filled with gluten and you don’t have to but grass fed beef and chicken. Good Lord, I have stayed off this for a week and jump on here for a sec and some one post that MEAT is not gf. Smh.

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