All foods don’t agree with me


Do any of you have stomach problems? What I mean is almost all foods don’t agree with me. I either vomit after eating, have diarrhea or usually though both. Yes I’ve tried eliminating a lot of different foods to help with this problem. But pretty much at any time any food will cause this for me. Yes my family doctor knows this.

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  1. Have you every checked your DAO enzym or SIBO?

  2. ADMIN – No worries, questions like this are just fine. Has your doctor not offered to refer you to a specialist for testing? Upper and lower GI scopes? Gastroparesis (slow gastric emptying) test? Gall bladder/pancreas function testing?

  3. Hypo due to Hashi’s and also diagnosed with esophagitis, GERD, gastritis, gastroparesis, and IBS.

  4. I would ask your primary for a referral to a GI doc

  5. I had this. Test gallbladder function with Hidascan. Your primary doc can do it.

  6. I would go see a gastrointerologist – there are so many things that could be causing this (it could be something like IBSD)

  7. Maybe Gastophresis?

  8. I used to have this very serious problem over 3 years ago. Changed my nutrition and it’s history.

  9. Time to get to the bottom of why this is happening. My sister has been taking acid reduction drugs for years, had a spot where it hurt every time she swallowed, so she had an endoscopy. Turns out she does not have an over production of acid and needed to stop all those meds.

  10. I messaged my PCP and I believe she is going to refer me to a GI doctor. I’m going to write down all these things you have suggested I get tested for. I appreciate your help.

  11. Yes,GI doc. I would take probiotics too but thats just me

  12. Sounds like IBS… probiotics work wonders for digestion too. Good Luck!

  13. Get tested for Celiac disease I have hashimos diagnosed 6yrs ago was diagnosed with Celiac disease 2 months back endro tested me as had stomach problems he said that celiac disease and hashimos come hand in hand with each other as both are an autoimmune disease and Celiac is the most prominent one to get with hashimos

  14. I do…I have Chronic Pancreatitis also

  15. Definitely see a gastro. It could be almost anything or a combination of things. Diarrhea could be ibs but vomiting isn’t a symptom of ibs. Could be an IBD (not the same as ibs). Vomiting could be cyclical vomiting syndrome. That’s just some of what it could be.

    There’s no way to know until your doctor runs tests and the appropriate scopes.

  16. I have hashimotos and made an appt to see a gastro. We are running a bunch of tests and im on pricey probiotics in meantime. Deff see a specialist.

  17. So glad you posted this… I literally have diarrhea after everything I eat…. Youd think I’d be super thin by as much as I go… Sorry if that’s TMI

  18. I dont get diarrhea, but when i eat protein rich foods i feel tired and like life is not worth living. I think i might have low stomach acid. I might find out dec 20 when i see dr. Good luck……:(

  19. Refrigerated ultra strong probiotics from a health food store helps tremendously. I had my gallbladder out @ 19 & suffered WAY too many years with stomach issues until I started probiotics . Also spirulina & chlorella supplements helps me.

  20. Oh yes! I have been diagnosed with severe Bile Salt Malabsorption, but the treatment hasn’t completely worked, so my doctor now thinks I could also have SIBO (Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth) and I am waiting tests after an urgent referral to the Gastroenterologist. You really need some tests to see if there is something you can have treatment that can help you, please don’t suffer in silence xx

  21. I see a GI doctor next week

  22. What have you eliminated?

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