All forms of magnesium make me feel worse…


All forms of magnesium make me feel worse.. I feel more fatigued, my joints hurt, my muscles ache and makes my brain fog 10x worse. I read somewhere why this sometimes happens, but I can’t find it now and I don’t remember… Can anyone help me out?

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  1. Have you tried mag malate?

  2. Do your know what your mag rbc level is?

  3. Are you supporting your adrenals?

  4. Sometimes Mg can make you feel a bit worse, because you're so depleted. It's a healing/detox reaction. Cofactors, Adrenal Cocktail and working up slowly is important when you're raising your levels.

  5. Have you read the pinned post at the top of this thread? You may want to re visit the beginners guide, and how to start the mag protocol. When I find something that should work, but doesn't, I go back to the beginning! Blood tests and an htma would also give you an idea of what YOU NEED!

  6. You've probably got cell membrane permeability issues (catabolic). Taking magnesium with this condition (this is a very common condition), can totally blow you away in regards to all the symptoms you mentioned above. You will need to fix this metabolic imbalance before taking Mag.

    If you wan't to know more about what I mean by 'catabolic' imbalance, you are welcome to come and join my group where I talk a lot about this issue:

  7. Have you tried a real wholefood Magnesium supplement? Better absorbed, retained and most importantly utilized when compared to isolated and/or synthetic chelates.

  8. Now I'm even more apprehensive to start my magnesium glycinate

  9. Moxie Mantrap magnesium threonate reacts well w me and my body hates all the others.

  10. Magnesium did me the same way, until I added the co factors.

  11. Did you add too much too quickly?

  12. Joint and muscle ache sound like Lyme or similar pathogen versus depletion of other electrolytes which can cause fatigue. Sometimes oral magnesium can 'feed' those bugs, have you tried transdermal? That could give you a clue.

  13. I'd say try a much smaller amount of the one that feels the least bad. With lots of food. Skip days here and there. And make sure it's not another ingredient making you feel bad.

  14. Also I am ++MTHFR C677t and magnesium glycinate has helped me immensely. I wouldn't base it just on that. I have tons of gene defects and can barely take any supps. 3 lows in adrenal test. So you never know.

  15. I have the same defect April Hirson Hall but my two double COMT defects are my focus. Have any of you guys put your data tgroug h nutrahacker? 🙂 apparently it gives you a real nice chart of what to/dont take.

  16. I have 3 or 4 hetero COMT's. And VDR Taq. 3 ++ CBS which is a problem for me. I have a lot of issues. And a lot of methylation defects. I'll have to try nutrahacker. I did genetic genie first, very basic. Then Livewello but I'm annoyed with them now, they're asking for more $ and it doesn't seem right if I joined at an agreed price. They added info but still frustrating. I added some SNP's in on Yasko's page, I think that's a good one. I only got to adding 10 or 20 and I want to put them all in. So far I can't supplement much of anything except through food. I can do mag and lithium orotate.

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