Am I nuts or am I on the wrong track?


Morley Robbins.

I have a thought I wanted to run by you. I have no clue if I am on to something, or it’s not valid.

My gut tells me that men die most of the time before women because they accumulate excess unbound iron and hold on to it for many more years than women. Women may hold on to that iron, but more so only after menopause. So men say on a scale of 1 to 1000, men are ahead of women in the accumulation game and therefore have a higher degree of more health issues sooner than women as they age and therefore, the women live a longer life. But if men give blood often as the years go by, that may balance the difference. And as I recall you saying, people who give blood regularly generally live longer than ones who don’t. So, what say you Morley????? Am I nuts or am I on the wrong track?

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  1. Hiya Alan Eckert – Morley Robbins is away until next week…..
    Have a nice holiday weekend.

  2. Aside from iron, there is much research that asserts women live longer than men because of the relationships they form with others.

  3. Alan Eckert – After giving blood today (first time ever, yay me the needle phobic) I wondered if any followup research has been done on individuals who have given blood on a regular basis for many years. Studies on Alzheimers, MS, and other afflictions linked to high iron.

  4. And my husband says I'm sending him to an early grave when it is really the iron.

  5. Did you see my post tonight Alan Eckert? Very much in alignment with what you are theorizing!!!

  6. Note the line on the LIVER biopsy

  7. Alan Eckert I bet you there's data on women for average age of menopause in relation to life expectancy. For instance my great grandmother had her last child (of 14) at age 46 and she lived to 96!!!! So she was obviously fertile a long time and possibly menstruating longer than the average woman

  8. I've had two doctors tell me that my iron level is too high and the best way to lower it is to give blood. I have been giving it for the past year about every eight weeks. I think it is helping me to feel better. too. The iron level is dropping but the ferritin shows to be in the middle range, so I guess this is good…..

  9. I actually read this somewhere…can't remember where.

  10. There are many articles pointing to iron overload in men and menopausal women being a possible life-shortening factor. The interesting thing experts are learning now (with Morleys help) is how to regulate the iron in the body, especially for those that are thought to be "defficient".

  11. There are a lot of women who don't address their menopause hormone issues, which leads numerous to become easily stressed, on a short fuse & everything bothers them & they lash out at their husbands, causing on going stress to the man & possibly an early grave?

    My mum has be one like this & my dad is truly suffering. I'm turning 50 but not in menopause, but at my get togethers with my female class mates who have gone through menopause, we had a discussion & so many said "I'm really finding I lash out at my husband for the smallest of things, but I can't help it". I told them what to get tested, but they looked at my & said "sounds complicated"

  12. My mother was told she had low iron all of my life and was taking them for years up until her stroke

  13. There's also research about women having total hysterectomies losing a few years of life expectancy.

  14. Alan, you are right. In one of the studies that Morley posted, it said that men die sooner and younger of heart disease, but then women match the rate once menopause kicks in. The study is in one of the early Iron Toxicity newsletters.

  15. Alan Eckert
    Please study the pioneering research of Jerome Sullivan, MD who figured THAT out while a Med Student…

    He has re-defined Cardiology, at least for those seeking to know & act on the TRUTH!

    Good sleuthing, nonetheless!… 😉

    A votre sante!

  16. I don't think it's a coincidence that I'm having high iron after an emergency hysterectomy 9 years ago. Im also a carrier fir hemochromatosis. I'm just under the weight requirements for donating blood and have yet to find a dr who will write me a prescription for therapeutic blood draw. It's been very frustrating as my last ferritin was at 313. Luckily my cereloplasm shows 31 so I'm doing all u can to raise that even higher in the meantime.

  17. leeches 😉 those ancient quacks were onto something 😉

  18. Nicole you may find this very interesting… I did several years ago when trying to conceive.

    "Such an effect remained speculative until the recent unexpected discovery that the iron storage protein, ferritin, has an important enzymatic function in folate catabolism. 6 In general, higher intracellular ferritin levels are associated with lower folate availability. As “purine biosynthesis, thymidylate biosynthesis, and homocysteine remethylation vie for a limited pool of folate-activated one-carbon units,” it appears that ferritin-mediated folate catabolism can result in higher homocysteine concentrations by minimizing the availability of one-carbon units for remethylation"

    Have you had your homocystine checked? By chance are you MTHFR?

  19. FYI In India women dies before men … So it's lot more than iron …. Stress, carrying family burden , social life , diet and much more so no iron is not only the reason and maynot be at all. Stress kills….. Now the diet and stress is changing all over word so those number reversing / changing .. and top it with world who is stressed , tired and wired , rushed with that everything thing becomes imblanced .

  20. I have read that in the 1920s in the usa male and female lifespan was about the same, and then men died 7 years earlier, and now only 5 years earlier. This suggests social causes. The gap is narrowing perhaps as women have taken on men's work.

  21. I gave blood yesterday and because my BP was low I went pale white and nearly passed out in the chair. I had given blood before a whole while back and was turned away often because I was anaemic. I'm going back in July to donate but this time I'll eat a hearty breakfast and hope my low blood pressure is higher. Perhaps a few headstands will get the blood flowing back to my heart.

  22. Nicole my neighbor has similar weight issues I helped her out with my ankle weights under her baggy yoga style sweat pants and one wrist weight just don't roll up the wrong sleeve lol .. Worked like a charm at 2 different blood drives !

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