Am I the only one that knows this struggle?


Life with hashi… yep you counted right that is 21 vitamins!!! But if I don’t take them I feel like poo. Am I the only one that knows this struggle?

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  1. I'm close to 30…and I agree, I feel like crap if I do t take them. My problem is finding a pill box big enough for my am and pm pills

  2. Same here!

  3. Omg I so understand. I have a whole handful daily

  4. You know you pee most of that out, right?

  5. worthless pills.. most they will do is harm your body. eat more plant base diet. eat more vegetables. 3 times a day, not just at dinner time. also check out the magnesium group on fb

  6. Yup… have MTHFR. So B vitamins very important for me too.

  7. I take that many or more and yes they work. Smh at some of the comments above.

  8. Right there with ya

  9. I didn't know my doctor never told me that I need to take any other than the multivitamin

  10. Me too! And they help alot! The have giant pill cases at Walgreens…

  11. Hashimoto and Lyme have me doing this also

  12. What do you take?

  13. What vitamins do you take?

  14. What vitamins do you take? Doctor never told my mom and it seems by the comments that you are getting some relief. She is in the bed several days at a time. Very fatigue and extreme pain

  15. D3 ,b12 , turmeric, magnesium, probiotic

  16. Your not alone my friend I will share a pic with you tommorow.

  17. What supplements do you take Kristen Caley

  18. I put all liquid vitamins in a smoothie except d then drink it.. Good to go.

  19. I take a a whole bunch also.

  20. I also take a compounded medicine. It made a world of difference

  21. You are NOT alone!

  22. I know what you mean, I take a lot too! I need them to help me thru my day. …

  23. My thyroid med is compounded. I do not go to an endo. I go to an alternative and complementary dr. Plugs lots of vitamins and supplements. Just shy of 30

  24. Yes I take two handfuls of supplements every day. I'm so amazed at just how many items it takes to make me feel better!

  25. Ladies I take vitamin C, B-12, methyl B-12, methyl folate, Cranberry, magnesium, calcium, triple strength fish oil, iodemere, mornings, selenium, a probiotic, and fiber.

  26. No you are not!

  27. My husband also has an autoimmune disorder so he stays on me to take my vitamins daily because I forget to take my vitamins daily without him

  28. I'm only deficient in D and B12 so that's all I take.

  29. I take my levo and a probiotic on the rare occasion I remember the latter.

  30. Nope, I too take my share of vitamins/ minerals/ bio hormones and thyroid medication. I also take Topamax because I have seizures too so, yep!

  31. Yep Naturethroid and a long list of vitamins daily.

  32. I take my Smarty Pants women's gummy vitamins and my Levo and Cytomel. I'm not deficient in anything (not even D) and only take the vitamins for the fish oils and extra methylated B vitamins for extra energy.

  33. Yup. Me too but I'd rather take supplements than prescription drugs. I take them for high blood pressure and Trigeminal neuralgia too.

  34. I only take what I am deficient in, D and B12.

  35. I only take vitamin D.

  36. I'm sorry if this is wrong of me to say, but I thought this was a support group. Most of the comments have been supportive and helpful, but some of you might think about joining another group. I'm still new to hashi and it's still really hard for me to control and get everything regulated. It's hard enough having this condition without people making you feel like your stupid… (aka the expensive pee comments). I'm here for support to get through this not your negativity, trust me I can get it a teacher so I'm going to say the Ghandi quote I tell my students. “ Speak only if it improves upon the silence.”

  37. .. Following. I was recently diagnosed in June 2017, my endo is not the most helpful when it comes to vitamins/herbs that can symptoms. My numbers were in the hundreds and any concern i had she just blamed it on the numbers. My numbers now are looking better and she just says i need to let the medicine correct the problems (give it time). How did you learn which ones you need? Are there certain questions i should ask?

  38. Yep. Me too!

  39. Oh my,my tummy just felt like a Volcano just looking. Bought a bunch of different types of vitamins and supplements,my tummy feels so queezy,with or without food. My gram swore by one a day vitamins and gave me a vitamin,ALWAYS, all thru my life ,til I turned 12, then all decisions were made by myself. Due to hormone problem,over active at 9, almost bled to death,put on birth control pills at 9 to control flow of cycle. Needless to say,it worked,extremely difficult for me,developed,looking like a 21 yr old at 9. It really stunk,life was painfully,confusing,to say the least. Almost everyone staring at me,it made me very uncomfortable & sad. It made me " DIFFERENT

  40. Make sure these are all GF dairy free

  41. For those who say to just eat healthy food & vitamins are a waste of time keep in mind that many people with Hashi's & autoimmune disease in general have either low stomach acid or digestive issues that can cause us to not absorb & break down our foods the way we need to. This may be yet another reason that we can gain weight because our bodies still think we are starving. Not saying it happens to all, but seems to affect so many in all these thyroid support groups. There's a reason for the saying "All disease begins in the gut." Plus there is the common MTFHR gene mutation that so many Hashi's folks seem to have & many find methylated B's very helpful. Most of us are low in D, but the jury is out whether is a cause of affect of some of our problems. Regardless, if you decide to supplement with D, for those who don't know, D3 is the bioavailable form & should be taken with K2.

  42. Getting there!

  43. I take 15 pills , only one is for Hashimotos. I go to my endo Monday for more answers since I was recently diagnosed as well. I am not taking any supplements other than 2 iron pills but I want too after I get some advice from my doctor. Don't let people's words get at you. In groups you will always have those that are all knowing , been there and done that type and you have those that encourage and welcome you . Just pick and choose what you need. You can always stop the comments on your thread too. Good luck and keep on learning to fight on

  44. The struggle is real. I feel like it's a full-time job trying to manage what supplements to take when what to eat when etc. and in the meantime I feel like life is passing me by.

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