Am I wrong for being concerned?


Opinion please. My hubby has these favorite cookies that were his gma recipe. He always wants them on his birthday, which is tmrw. I threw out all the regular flour and attempted to make them using a cup for cup (pillsbury) gf sub. I also just got a new $500 stand mixer and didn’t want to risk contamination. He’s super pissed, like crazy livid. Am I wrong for being concerned? I’m the only one GF with celiac. I keep Items with gluten in the house for the rest of the family, I just don’t cook it.

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  1. He does not ever get to throw hissy fits when you put your health before his whims. \nThat being said, I don’t think I would be mad at him, and I myself might come up with a way to provide them. But I call bullshit on his anger. Not fitting to the situation.

  2. Flour can be ingested through inhalation. If he wants them made with wheat flour, he can make it himself.

  3. Everything can be washed and sanitized….gloves can be worn if your scared….my husband and I are gluten free but the rest of the house isn’t. I tell my husband if he wants gluten favorites once in a while I don’t mind cooking it..the way I see it…I have rheumatoid arthritis..sometimes it rough for me to do things..I will try….but I’m not going to force everyone to not do things because of my autoimmune diseases….because I am the main cook in the house I have substituted gluten free for almost everything lol…but they don’t know or pay attention….what they don’t know doesn’t hurt them….also there is a gluten free flour mixture…it subs cup for cup! My adult daughter made a lemon bread/ cake with it…I guess it tastes just like Starbucks one….be creative and way more secretive with the husband……k ??????

  4. Your health should be a priority for your entire family. Period.

  5. I gave my old stand mixer away because it had been used with gluten. I just got a new one this year. I have been wanting one for years. There is not a chance I would let anyone use gluten near my mixer or even look at it while thinking about gluten. You’re not wrong. Your husband needs more education in CC and damage and why you are protecting yourself.

  6. I’m celiac. I bake 2 batches of cookies, one with regular flour for my husband and youngest son, and one batch of GF for me and my oldest son. I use the same mixer I just wash it really good between batches. It’s metal so it all cleans up. I don’t think he needs to have a fit like that but I think there is nothing wrong for you to bake him some with regular flour if you want to do so. I’m too cheap to let my husband and youngest eat gluten free flour when it costs almost triple the amount.

  7. Non-gluten free flour is the worst things for someone with Celiac’s to be around. Don’t ever bake with it as it gets into the air and coats everything-I got accidentally glutened before I totally removed it from my kitchen. Next year arrange ahead of time for someone else to bake them for hubby in their kitchen, even if you have to pay them. Some of us are more sensitive to airborne gluten than others.

  8. Poor man, he is so deprived.

  9. Hes being an ass, so him having cookies is more important then your health

  10. I use Bob’s Red Mill 1 to 1 baking. No disappointment here. Sorry he is mad…

  11. We compromise in our household when I cook which is always (he does not cook) it’s gluten free……when we order out or go out to eat he gets whatever he wants. Works just fine over here!!

  12. My favorite gf flours.

  13. Is he turning 5?!

  14. I’m the only celiac in my family. However, if it is cooked in my house, it is gluten free. Even if I take a random person a meal, it’s gf.

  15. He is an ass

  16. My whole family pretty much switched to gluten free. My mother’s husband buys himself treats he wants while at the bakery or grocery store but at home when I visit they have thrown out any regular wheat flours and replaced everything with gluten free to be safe.
    Perhaps he can enjoy the gf version of the cookies? Some families/people adapt and treat it like a nut allergy. If he has relatives perhaps he could even bake the cookies he wants at someone else’s home and put them in a tin to enjoy himself out of the way of your foods at home.

  17. Stacey, was he mad about the cookies, or the $500 mixer?

  18. You are not wrong. I will not cook anything w gluten in my house.

  19. I stayed sick until I replaced all my appliances, dishes, cookware, never wash them together with contaminated items, and we never ever have gluten flour in the house – you’re being smart and he needs to get over it and stop being selfish.

  20. If it really means that much to him, hire a friend to make the cookies for him. You cannot do it.

  21. I am sorry that he is not more understanding. Maybe you could have someone else make the cookies for him. I feel like he’s also being rather selfish.

  22. That’s BS! So he wants you sick so he can have some cookies? That’s sad. I’m sorry.

  23. I’m the only one gluten free in my house. All of the Christmas cookies and cakes etc were made gf. Everyone ate them without complaint.

  24. My household is gluten Free to eliminate cross contamination

  25. We make a few exceptions, when it comes to prepackaged food but baking is 100% gluten free

  26. I think he should be thankful that you tried at all.

  27. I’d tell him to make his own effing cookies after that!

  28. Sometimes it’s hard to accept all the changes that have to be done. Around birthdays many of us have expectations. I allow my husband some leeway. For example I just gave up dairy. He had a disagreement about it but just today he apologized that I couldn’t have some stuff he brought home. potato chips with dairy in the flavor of course! that’s just his personality, he will disagree and then be supportive. Many of us need time to adjust to an idea. He also got my favorite salad with no cheese on it!

  29. $6 hand mixer.

  30. Boo hoo tell him to suck it up and be fair, He should understand that you wanted to make them so you could eat them too.
    He’s probably just up set thinking you’ve messed with his family recipe.
    Next time make your own yummy cookies and let him have his. At least you tried.

  31. Maybe hire someone else to make them

  32. He’s livid over some cookies? Hes throwing the grown-up version of a man tantrum because he can’t have cookies the way his grandma made them. I wouldn’t make the cookies. Or use a spoon. That’s what I use and my cookies come out fine.

  33. My husband just came home from deployment. His absolute fav is whoppie pies. My MIL was in town and wanted to make them for him, I asked her to go to my niece’s house to make them. She brought them back to our house in a container. It all worked out and no one had a problem with it.
    You have a disease not the flu. He needs to under stand that.

  34. I could see possibly making something else, but if it involves flour, the answer is no. It hangs in the air and you could breathe it in. And then it settles on all of your things.

  35. My hubby is a fanatic about keeping our house GF for me and our son. He goes out if his way to make sure we are safe. He even drinks gf beer so that I don’t glutened by his kisses. I think you 2 need to have a serious talk so that he can understand how important it is.

  36. Maybe try CUP 4 Cup brand flour or King Arthur’s . I have not had a positive experience with the Pilsbury one. Or maybe someone else not gf can make it for you at their house while you purchase the ingredients and guide them with the recipe.

  37. Is he pissed about the flour or about the $500?

  38. UPDATE: now he says he’s mad bc he told me not to bother if I wasn’t using regular flour, and I did anyway

  39. Enjoy the cookies in front of him for being passive aggressive.

  40. So his issue is with you obeying then?

  41. Is he two years old? That is a ridiculous reaction for any adult. Baking with regular flour means beating it. Flour becomes micronized in the air. We breathe it in and that is enough to make us sick.

    Celiac’s who continue to be exposed to gluten triple their risk of celiac related cancers. Ask him why he wants you to get cancer and die.

  42. I use to do dat BT live alone now

  43. I personally still cook gluten for my husband. I don’t expect my husband to eat like me. We have different pans and such. It seems to work for us and he gets his yummy treats. There is a huge difference in taste.
    My last GI apt he told the doctor he was thinking about going gf for me, but that’s his choice.
    Good luck hun… I’m sure a friend can make them for you.

  44. I’m sorry you’re married to a giant douchebag ?. Tell him to call his mama and cry about it.

  45. I’d say he’s got an emotional issue about Gramma, love, food. Try to help him emotionally. Mix the cookies OUTSIDE!

  46. Maybe he needs to put his big boy panties on… really!

  47. I won’t bake with gluten flour. Way to easy to cc myself. My husband and kids can’t tell a difference. I use Bobs cup for cup too.

  48. Wash it really well – you’ll be fine. I use my mixer all the time for other people’s goodies and I make sure to clean up underneath the wisk too.

  49. Totally get it.

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