Amatryptaline anyone ever take this!?


Anyone ever take this!? My sister is a thick head…she has fibromyalgia and she’s getting worse! She lost 10 pounds in 6 months and now 3 more! She’s in pain and her tummy was a mess using this…she can’t eat. She said the Drs want to do a colonoscopy and endoscope the same day! The anesthesia alone will add to this mix! Thoughts!?

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  1. When you search this page on fibromyalgia and read some of the earlier threads, you will learn that Mg malate was identified as helpful in 1992 research….. and that is what my docs prescribed in 1997.

  2. I was prescribed amitriptyline over a year ago and was unable to function on it. I have fibromyalgia and eds and suffered from fatigue. I've been on the magnesium protocol for about 6 months and am improving but it's a long process. In the last year since starting out on my health journey, I have been able to wean myself off all medication. Feeling like I'm definitely headed in the right direction.

  3. It is an antidepressant, but it is used to help with pain which I'm assuming that's her problem with the fibromyalgia. It's also given to people as a sleep aid if they have a concussion. They gave it to me for pain years ago, and it literally made me sleep for 24 hours straight. I couldn't take it.

  4. My son takes it for his gastroparesis.

  5. Amatryptaline destroys your gut flora. I was taking them for years and although it worked well to hold my pain away, I was slowly developing other more serious illnesses.

  6. I take it for migraine prevention. Have been on it for years

  7. I've had a whole lot of illnesses to deal with in my life and by God's Grace I'm almost through it. My strong feelings about fibro is that it's all food related which causes other issues like adrenal stuff. One thing that I never heard Dr's mention in my twenty year journey is histamine intollerance. Learning about this changed my life and I'm positive it's a wide area issue. Good luck to your sister.

  8. My daughter has taken it for gastroparesis. It was VERY helpful with the constant gnawing pain and vomiting she had. It does not destroy your gut flora. She had SIBO but it resolved even on the amitryptaline. This is confirmed by scope biopsy and aspiration of fluid. In the short term it is can be a solution while things get worked out. There are two over the counter supplements the GI recommended once she was out of crisis called GIgard, and FDgard they might be a better option if the amatryptaline doesn't seem to be cutting it.

  9. I took it for 7+ years as a migraine preventative

  10. Try cbd oil

  11. I've taken Amitriptyline for about 3 years now as an antidepressant. It's the best depression med I've taken without the side effects of Zoloft and others. I take it at night, so I don't know about the pain benefits.

  12. I have been on it before. It was much of a muchness. Didn't do anything but made me feel crap.
    It takes a while to find a medication that works and medication isn't for everyone

  13. My husband takes it for chronic nerve pain…it helps somewhat. It does help his depression, but has caused weight gain for him

  14. I have it and similar problems… will post later…

  15. they do a gastroscopy and colonoscopy on the same day it is no big deal.

  16. I took amitriptyline very briefly. It gave me paranoia. It was awful! I have fibro do not take pain meds. I use magnesium, foot soaks of different kinds, bath soaks also, try to watch what I eat. It's a process but I rarely given in to using meds which can perpetuate things.

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