Anemia is a sign of major liver congestion….


I know Morley has been relentlessly yelling this from the roof tops for at least the past year but I figure if we keep enforcing it in any way that can be a light bulb moment for any one then we should…. I just read this on the Estrogen Dominancy Wall and just needed to share…..

Kitty Martone: “Yeah the anemia is driven by the livers inability to process and utilize absorbable iron which trigger estrogen dominance which triggers these ongoing bleeds. The trail leads us back to minerals and gut health. The clotting is just another symptom of imbalance in these areas.”

“Anemia is a sign of major liver congestion….”

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  1. Morley's article on the issue is in FILES here.
    Newcomers may find his latest video on Iron Toxicity helpful to get an understanding of it's wide-spread impact.

  2. This is why liver congestion is top of the list with any of my protocols. The trick is to dig much deeper and understand the root cause of this congestion. It will be different for everyone

  3. MarkHHathaway my liver is so congested. How do :-O begin to find the root cause?

  4. Mark enough what ? How much is needed ?

  5. What does the OptiMSM mean.

  6. Alan Eckert yes, but some just say MSM, others say optiMSM. I am wondering if they are the same, or optiMSM is something different. Is it not just a 'marketing' tool. I have seen Mark Hathaway say there is no such thing as 'organic' MSM. Wondering if optiMSM is real or again marketing?

  7. MSM is further refined. It is the best and I have used it. I used Dr. best and Jarrow brands. I assume Opti means it is optimized for performance, and works better than MSM. Maybe someone else, MJ Hampstead will chime in.

  8. Thank you for your input. I only ask because many companies will maybe stretch the truth a bit to sell their product for a higher price.

  9. I buy MSM at our farm supply store. $14.99 for 2 lb

  10. Ever hear of anyone having any adverse reactions to MSM ??

  11. Yes I did. I was put on a high does and after a month got a terrible headache that lasted weeks. I only use transdermal now..

  12. Genelle transdermal ?

  13. Thank you Genelle Young

  14. My pleasure.

  15. So how might one unblock sulfation pathways?

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