Antibiotics interfere with magnesium?


My periodontist wants me to take Amoxicillin and Flagyl (Metronidazole) together for 10 days for a deep cleaning procedure that he will be performing on me. How much do those two antibiotics interfere with magnesium? I’m trying to weigh if I should increase my mag or just leave it alone. Thanks.

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  1. Go to a Holistic/Biological dentist. They will do what is safest for your body.

  2. Stephanie….do you have heart issues?? Had surgery??
    I've worked in the dental field 18 years and antibiotics are not recommended unless there is an underlying issue!!

  3. Flagyl can cause nerve damage. Might be why I am numb head to toe. Say no

  4. Michele my pockets are measuring one at 16 and one at 14. I'm one not to rush on AB unless it's absolutely necessary. I never had issues with AB in the past and I don't want to now. He did get full X-rays and showed the bone loss.Thank you Michele for all your input.

    Jennifer no heart problems. My only current diagnosis are RA and Hypothyroidism. Which I'm not on any meds for either of the two. Im trying to control both via diet, exercise and supplementation.

  5. I think Jennifer is referring to premedication, which is not what Stephanie is referring to. Stephanie Barraza are you in US? Because we typically only deep clean teeth with 4mm pockets and higher. So #14 and 16 are your upper left. It sounds like a limited area deep clean using a code D4342. Maybe check the pocket depths again. A 1mm pocket would be perfect gums.

  6. At a 16…that means your bone is actually pretty "mushy"…if that makes sense lol. Almost like a sponge. It's going to be a long road to fix those numbers. Keep up with it. Go every 3 months for cleanings. I'm not sure those numbers will ever really ever get to "normal" but will improve. If you have the benefits I'd honesty seek the opinion of an oral surgeon or periodontist to get there opinion on if that bone is even really salvagable 🙁

  7. And I agree with Michele. The highest number I've even seen is an 8….so when I say you might have a 16 that usually means there is almost no bone in that area. Definitly ask them again because the 14.16 sounds like teeth #'s.
    And Michele no I wasn't talking about premedication. It's a round of antibiotics for people with cancers…very rare heart diseases…very rare auto immune diseases…but it doesn't seem like she has any of that

  8. I read the post wrong then. In the US after we probe higher than 10mm, the prognosis would be poor and extremely would be likely. probes only measure to 10mm max. Depending on the tooth, the entire root measures about 9-12 mm

  9. Michele no I have three deep pockets per my periodontist. He said one was at 16mm, another 14mm and I forgot the third.

    Thanks Jennifer. Now is it 3 months for deep cleaning or just your regular cleanings? Yeah I just want to get them to decent. I know those are pretty bad. This is all based upon the periodontist that is recommending the AB.

  10. Yes I'm in Southern CA.

  11. Periodontist and general DDS use the AB combo quite often, especially when combined with saliva testing.

  12. No it's not teeth numbers that's how deep the probe went. Yeah he was shocked because of my age but he said he's seen worse cases and he thinks it's salvageable.

    My general DDS was the one who recommended this periodontist.

  13. Wow, I am not familiar with seeing readings like that in my 25 years in hygiene.

  14. You will see the periodontist for this one…usually see your general dentist in 3 months…periodontist 3 months after. Then back to general unless your periodontist wants to take over all those.
    Stephanie….definitely ask again. Because if it was a pocket depth of 16 your tooth would probably be very very loose because like Michele said your actual tooth socket is that deep. That means it's going past the actual tooth and into your jaw??!! Doesn't sound right 🙁

  15. Stephanie, do some research on hypothyroidism and candida. ~beth

  16. I think I would get a second opinion on this. It may not be worth your money etc to try to save them.

  17. It would really be prudent to go get a second opinion. By that I mean go see another periodontist and do not speak anything of your other. I bet you will not get the same diagnosis.

  18. My tooth is pretty loose. He said a two mobility? Sorry I'm going off my memory of 3 weeks ago. No I heard him correctly because he read off the tooth number then read off the depth.
    I actually had a friend of mine who is a DDS check back 4 months ago and she said it was a 12 and she only did one.

    Roger oh yes I've done my research on HypoT. I'm part of all the STTM groups that's are sooo knowledgeable.

  19. I'm not sure how to find another periodontist though or even a holistic one like how someone mentioned above. Is there a 1800 find a periodontist phone number?

  20. Yellow pages…or ask your general dentist for a recommendation

  21. No stop the buses I found my paperwork!!! Ok you are right Jennifer and Michele my apologies! The deepest one is 10mm. Then I have two that are 9mm then a couple others. Phew!!! Thank you God for this group and the very knowledgeable and patient members of it.

  22. I would still get a 2nd opinion. +2 mobility and the depth of pockets are concerning to me. It's nice that the perio wants to try to save the teeth but he's not a miracle worker. Will you be ok if you do all this and lose the teeth in 1 yr or so? What prognosis is he giving you? Plus, I've never seen just doing a deep cleaning in pockets that deep. It would normally include a flap or osseous surgery.

  23. Completely agree with you Michele. Perfectly said.

  24. Stephanie, I believe it's the IAOMT | International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology that let's you look up biological dentists. I know there's one in Temecula, there are quite a few closer to LA and San Diego.

  25. There are natural ways to heal this kind of damage.

  26. He didn't say what prognosis I have but on the paperwork said IV periodontitis. I'll check for another periodontist in my area and that's covered by my insurance. I already spent too much with this one. In the meantime I'm going to give it the good old college try with the Waterpik, oil pulling and prayer! Thanks Michele!

  27. Thanks Megan! I'll check that website out tomorrow. Very much appreciated.

  28. I took 3 different types of antibiotics at once including Fragyl for 10 days and felt horrible. But dosing up on probiotics after does the trick – I'm fine now – had to take it for D. Fragilis infection.

  29. Mt Lion, would you expound on "there are natural ways to heal this kind of damage"?

  30. Leslie, Weston A Price had the gist of it. Ramiel Nagel explains in Cure Tooth Decay. Changing diet and reversing deficiencies can repair teeth and gums. Every other part of our body has the ability to heal when given the right tools, so do our mouths. Depending on the underlying conditions, it can be a long and difficult journey.

  31. Soon after supplementing with Diatomeceous earth, my teeth pain disappeared. Antibiotics cause too many issues and Leukaemia is linked with root canal procedures!

  32. Megan Christian Cowan, I had JUST ORDERED Ramiel Nagel's new book on Gum Disease from Amazon last night and then I saw this post so it will be here in two days.

  33. Flo Hollis, I got up this morning and decided I was going to use my hydrofloss and diluted 35% Food Grade peroxide. I guess I will try doing on a regular basis.

  34. Maria Rose Monaghan mix small amount of baking soda and Epsom salt to use with toothpaste of choice. It heals. A coconut oil toothpaste I love is a mix of peppermint oil..tea tree oil..stevia..baking soda..cold pressed coconut oil. Its not a recipe by measure. I just do a small storage bowl at a time.

  35. As I stated last night, I ended up with a serious yeast infection in my mouth and ears with peroxide. It works like an antibiotic and wipes out good bacteria. For the mouth, you might can swish some yogurt our sauerkraut to prevent yeast, but there is not anything you can put in the ears to get rid of yeast. It took several visits to an ENT for me to get rid of it. Nothing more miserable than itchy ears from yeast.

  36. When you have a deep cleaning a lot of bacteria is released . Hence the antibiotics, you don't want that bacteria to go to your heart or your brain… I don't know about the Flagyl, but he must be trying to protect you…

  37. It is a huge misnomer about that whole cleaning teeth = bacteria released that go to heart or brain. Its really not like that. Dr's giving preemptive ABx in the absence of an identified condition that truly warrants it is reckless but they do it anyway. Not to mention that without having some knowledge of the actual identity of the microbe.

  38. Teeth pain completely disappeared for me after using Diatomeceous Earth for a week! Silica is a basic building block of life. Bonus kills virus and bacteria etc.

  39. Hydrogen peroxide works very well for periodontal disease. Hold the peroxide in your mouth for a few minutes as it penetrates the tissue to kill the microbes. Do it a few times a day. There are a lot of other good ideas here too. It doesn't take that long to see improvements. Good luck!

  40. I like using a natural antiboics due to the side effects and yeast, etc that can come from the use of the antibotics. When it is really needed it is good to take, but when every I can I use natural sources.

  41. Diane, what do you use? I've used oregano oil and olive leaf.

  42. EW – you will feel sick, taking those 2 meds and together .

  43. The first thing I use is Nano Silver. It fights viral and bacterial and helps with yeast, etc. There is a book on it and how to use it. with with a doctor. I get mine from The other thing I like to use is Olive Leaf by Seagate – for they grow there's and have a great product. Cooking regularly with garlic, orgeano, rosemary, these all help to fight infection and inflammatin naturally. Hope that helps.

  44. I like Dr Rima's NanoSilver

  45. Dick Heinzelman should we dilute the Peroxide? or just use full strength? Plz tag my name. thank you.

  46. Fran Ford – just use full strength 3%

  47. I have read that Goldenseal is great for the mouth. Read about it years ago on a wholisitc dental site.

  48. I make a paste of Goldenseal and Myrrh and apply to the gums. Works well.

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