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This is for people who have put their antibodies into remission, or hashimoto into remission, how high were your antibodies before you went into remission?

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  1. I have been in a euthyroid state (neither hypo nor hyper on meds) for decades. Very few symptoms. My TPO antibodies come in at over 1300. Antibodies don’t correlate with symptoms or the progression of the disease, in fact you don’t even need to have measurable antibodies to be diagnosed.

  2. What would be your definition of “remission”?

  3. I do not know what my antibodies are at this time, nor do I care. Only time I have had them tested was to determine if I had Hashi’s.

  4. My TPO was 400 when I was diagnosed. Now it’s less than 1, which took about 1.5 yrs of AIP diet.

  5. My dr won’t run this test. She says 95% of hypo are caused by hashi. So that dx was added to my chart

  6. I am asking this because I have symptoms still and the dr said with the antibodies being so high is why. All my other stuff is in range except for vitamin d. Treating that now. I hate feeling like this. My antibodies are so high greater than 1500.

  7. Seems like a silly question but very new to this and haven’t been diagnosed as yet. My Anti Thyroid Peroxidase Antibodies are 1300 and my Anti Thyroglobulin are 267. Docs don’t think it’s a problem but I’m not convinced and looking further in. Normal range indicated is less than 60. If your markers are not always an indication of where you’re at with your Hashimotos, what might they indicate being so high. That your auto immune system is not coping and needs attention with meds and maybe diet?

  8. Too high for the lab to measure for over a year at greater than 2500. The lab stopped at 2500 and didn’t go any higher so I don’t actually know how high I was. Now, after 3 years on LDN, I’ve slowlly come down to the 400’s but I won’t budge from there for some reason.

  9. Had my thyroid removed in 2010 still have TPO at around 30. So I removed gluten and soy for 6 months, didn’t feel a change, TPO went up.
    (my doc wants me to get an ultrasound to make sure no thyroid chunks were left behind but I don’t have time and don’t see the point since it would not really change my treatment.)

    All other levels are in range and feel pretty great from where i used to be.
    I take 3 thyroid medications, B12, vitamin D, iron, and a few others.
    I have two autoimmune diseases that have not consumed my life since I removed meat and dairy from my diet. Keep working on your RT3, FT3, T4, you may need a combination of meds and to figure out if diet changes will make you feel better. An elimination diet can be helpful in determining what foods bother you.
    I don’t avoid soy, gluten, or nightshades, this is what works for me and took me many years to figure it out with a good Integrative doctor by my side.

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