Antibody number for hashimoto’s?


Does anyone remember what their antibody number was when testing for hashimotos? I tried looking up on the Internet what numbers are low and high but I can’t find anything in regards to actual numbers

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  1. My labwork says <35 is normal but mine was >1000.

  2. Ok. Mine was like 1300 but when I try to find this there is nothing.

  3. Mine were 2764 and I was told that normal was under 35.

  4. Mine (TPO) was 3,061. I was told <9 was normal.

  5. The lab my doctor uses has <60 as the limit. Mine have been >1300 for years.

  6. Ok… so I knew it was abnormal but we don’t actually know the high number means significance to disease?

  7. Like how far along or how active?

  8. From what I’ve read, the higher the antibodies, the more time your body had had to generate them/it had gone untreated/other factors including diet. It could be various reasons. I went gluten free 7 months ago to reduce my antibodies and my most recent test came back at 372. So, my diet had a direct correlation and I was able to get that number down almost 3k points.

  9. The doctors don’t generally treat those numbers so it’s mostly on your own. However, lowering those numbers was extremely important to me because I wanted to limit the chances of the antibodies continuing to attack my body and give me other AI diseases.

  10. Mine were 9000

  11. There’s generally not much correlation between the antibody number and symptoms or the progession of the disease. The antibodies cannot and do not attack other organs. They are specific to thyroid peroxidase and thyroglobulin and are formed after damage to the thyroid gland has taken place and TPO and Tg leak into the bloodstream. You can have very low antibodies and have terrible hypo symptoms or have sky-high antibodies and zero symptoms. Most people with Hashi’s have positive TPO antibodies. Some have both TPOAbs and TgAbs showing up positive and some have only Tg antibodies in the positive range. There is also a seronegative form of the disease where there are never any measurable antibodies at all. In that case ultrasound or biopsy can be used to make a diagnosis.

  12. Mine lowered using LDN

  13. AIP diet cut my antibodies in half!

  14. Not the antibody is the most important. Cause higher number dont mean that your thyroid gland is more unwholesome. Regurarly ultrasounds necessary! But every 3 month you need to check your antibody limit cause fast increase isnt good! I hope I could help.

  15. Mine was 890.60

  16. One more question guys… the more I read the more it seems I need a specialist. Do you guys see multiple doctors for this? I see it falls under endocrine and because of the leaky gut possibilities and food issues an immunologists should also be sought after. Is this correct?

  17. Mine went from in the 700’s down to 450 this last time. I went GF, sugar free, eating cleaner, and started taking suppliments. So change of diet did help mine go down

  18. What the heck is everyone talking about? There are two types of antibodies associated with Hashimoto’s and only one person has identified which they are talking about..

  19. My tpo was 890.60

  20. My TPO was 80. They said it should be \x3C30. Thyroglobin antibodie 2.3

  21. I was diagnosed last March and the number was 248. Now it’s over 2100. I’ve gone gf, soy free, try to get organic foods and added vitamins and supplements, lost 30 lbs I didn’t need to. The synthroid only changed to 50. I’m lost, too

  22. My TPO was 83 and said normal was <30.

  23. All I remember is that my Endo said mine were the highest he’s ever seen. Special.

  24. mine was 3000+. The lab didn’t measure any higher.

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