Anxiety and depression from gluten free?


Did anyone notice a increase in anxiety and depression from going gluten free? I know it sounds weird but cutting out gluten left me emotional and extremely anxious.

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  1. Never thought of that..maybe my problem. Eyes been twitching alot too

  2. That’s candida

  3. Could it be that everything is working better without the gluten and it is swinging you hyper?

  4. It could be

  5. I don’t know what the next approach should be. I’ve had more blood work done than I can count and the tests show my TSH is high but everything else looks good.

  6. The worse symptom is that mid afternoon I get horrible dizzy and have bad brain fog. No matter what I eat or how much I eat

  7. Can you give your doc a call and discuss symtpoms? May need to drop the dosage on something

  8. Maybe you need to eat more carbs. Glucose is your brains preferred energy source.

  9. I have but never connected the anxiety to the gluten free, and my new Dr is blaming my NDT dose

  10. That happened to me for a while, but it eventually passed. Gluten is like a drug for us, so cutting it out can have the same effect as someone detoxing off drugs.

  11. All my levels said we’re good but free t3 low. Lots brain fog too lately and can’t lose weight. Hear you Trevor frustrating

  12. Has anyone had their hormones checked?

  13. I’d imagine any sudden diet change can throw your body off especially since your body is extra sensitive.

  14. I wonder if it could be a reaction to your body cleansing itself. I’ve done a few cleansed and was miserable for the first week or so as my body went through gluten “withdrawals”

  15. Lacking the B vitamins in normal carbs will affect balance.
    Forget trendy, non medical supported solutions, and aim for balance, from ALL the food groups.

  16. Your blood make up has changed and since you’re eating cleaner have probably gne hyper.. get some blood work done

  17. That’s because of the Insuline resistance…you can hurt yourself with this diet

  18. Is your anxiety episodic? Google “transient hyperthyroidism” and see if Izabella Wentz’s article pops up. That’s a Hashimoto thing. Also I’m not sure what all the added vitamins in bread are but she also discovered that a lot of GF people are low in thiamine but maybe some other stuff too. Worth looking into.

  19. Nope. I feel Fab. But I have dealt with the fact that so much of my eating is emotionally based.

  20. Actually I’ve noticed the exact opposite, when I eat gluten it makes me sluggish and the brain fog gives me a lot of anxiety. Going without it made me a lot better.

  21. Your thyroid may have been working better and leaving you over medicated.

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