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Hi everyone! Thanks for adding me to the group. I read the pinned posts but still have a question. Does anyone have experience with anxiety and heart palpitations? I have been having them for a few days after taking 200 Mg of magnesium glycinate. (I wanted to start low and see how I felt) From what I’ve read it sounds like a started the engine and took away the gas. Should I take more of it? I don’t have vitamin B6 right now to take with it, would it do more harm than good to take magnesium without B6? Any advice? Thanks!

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  1. I have taken 2 Epsom baths which helps calm me but doesn't stop them.

  2. Some people don't do well with the glycinate form of magnesium. Can be related to genetics. There are lots of other kinds out there to try…. Until you find something that works.

  3. Following. I'm having the same problem taking the Natural Calm drink and the mag oil also causing the heart palps. Mag definitely does not calm me down?

  4. Amy Jenson Maires – potassium.

  5. MJ I'm waiting for a HTMA in the mail. I was at DR yesterday and asked for her to test my electrolytes. Should I take potassium with the mag each time?

  6. Dr Carolyn Dean had the same heart palpitation issues. Read her book to get great knowledge Magnesium Miracle

  7. I had the same issue when I first began mg. I don't anymore. I'm not sure what caused it. I'm glad I rode it out and continued taking it.

  8. Try bath with I cup episom salt, one cup baking soda and I Tb borax! If you suppliment best to take mag with b6, boron and baking soda I think! These help with assimilating!

  9. Becky, what kind of iodine were you taking? And how long did it last for you?

  10. Lugols is great! You can get liquid or buy idoral form in capsule!

  11. Jackie Smith
    The OTHER side to Anxiety and Heart Palps is Copper dysregulation which is QUITE common under conditions of chronic "Stress!"…

    When the Liver SLOWS/STOPS production of Ceruloplasmin (Cp), due to a variety of "Stress!"-induced factors, the Copper loses its critical oxidizing partner, thus rendering it "bioUNavailable…" That is NOT a good thing and can affect dozens of enzymes, not the least of which are those that affect our state of calm, or our perception of "Stress!" Unbound Copper is particularly HARD on Potassium status, and the Loss of Potassium is the CORE of Heart Palps…

    And insufficient Maggie is very much in the thick of this dynamic, but there are many cases where the Copper dysregulation becomes a deciding factor in recovery… Again, when we become chronically Mg deficient, we see the world through "night-vision binoculars" and everything appears BIGGER & BRIGHTED than it really is… Thus, Mg loss, only leads to MORE Mg loss and this affects the Liver's production of Cp… (Who knew?!?… Besides us, certainly NOT our Mineral Denialists…)

    As for the Iodine, it is an amazing mineral, but I would advise that you test your RBC (Red Blood Cell) levels of BOTH Magnesium & Selenium BEFORE taking the Iodine plunge. It is a most powerful nutrient that will FORCE detox, and if your Mg & Se are NOT up to snuff, you will NOT enjoy that experience…

    The key to recovery and balancing of minerals STARTS with testing. It is NOT advised that you read articles, or glean insights from FB or chat with friends & family and base a supplement routine on those sources… Mineral profiles do differ from person to person to person. I can't stress enough the importance of the Axiom:

    "Measure TWICE, supplement ONCE…"

    A votre sante!

  12. Thank you for that fair judgment and insight, Morley Robbins

  13. Parameswaran Devasigamani
    Are you surprised?!?…



  14. Yes, Anxiety and Stress do not go away in some people who come to me for help thru meditation. Your writings are always inspiring and far out and they work as wonders for the patients. I teach them yoga and 60% of Anxiety students, do get corrected by Yoga and Meditation and Breathing Techniques. BUT once they stop yoga it returns too. So I dont want them to depend upon Yoga for ever. Their food needs changing. Good nutritious food will not make them want more exercise. I am therefore now a days giving them a diet chart depending upon their individual status and features. Copper
    Iodine, Boron, B vitamins are also chased away from the body by the chemicals in our foods and meds. Thanks for the write up. May I take it to my wall with your permission. Copy pasting, as I think it will open up the third eye of many of my concerned dedicated readers. Thanks Morley Robbins

  15. Parameswaran,
    You ALWAYS have my permission, with one caveat…

    Do so, ONLY if you wish your clients to get healthy…


    A votre sante!

  16. God Bless You. Thanks. No other intention. I will mention source too.

  17. i understand permanent cures are available in good nutrients that are minerals that are short of, in many persons. Inother asian societies it is not so aggravating as it is in the west, where fast food and junk food and now gmo food, have been ruling long.

  18. Whoops sorry I meant magnesium in that comment earlier not iodine. That's a whole other issue but thanks Morley for your insight.

  19. I plan on getting tested this coming Monday and hopefully I can figure this all out.

  20. Parameswaran,
    The devastation to our mineral balance took a severe turn South ~100 years ago with the advent of more commercialized farming, food processing that has reached ridiculous LOWS, toxic Rx meds and as you note above, GMO — which REALLY stands for "Get Minerals OUT!.. — but precious few know how to spell those letters much less understand how toxic they really are…

    Blessings to you on your work, and thank you for your efforts to spread the good word in your part of the world — it means a great deal to me…

    A votre sante!

    Or better yet, I'll say:

    (as we both know what that really means…)

  21. I thought I was eating a healthy diet but I think our soil levels are so depleted that I'm not getting what I need through food.

  22. Jackie,
    No worries…

    It's you and 7 Billion other inhabitants of this minerally-depleted Blue Marble…

    Note: The irony is that the minerals have NOW washed into the Sea… And that's why the companies that sell Sea-based minerals to put into your water are SOOOOO important… (They typically have between 84-92 minerals — all of which our bodies KNOW what to do with…)


  23. So, I've been wondering about Sea90. Seems to be sold for livestock, but…

  24. Morley, I've never heard of that. What can I google to find out more about that?

  25. Jackie Smith
    I would reach out to Val Anderson or the folks at

  26. Ammi Y'srael
    Copper is NOT a Toxin… I know you know that, but the average MAG-pie will see that and RUN to rid their body of this vital, critically important, grossly misunderstood mineral…


  27. Not a toxin. The video clearly states that unbound is toxic and bound is beneficial. Shalom.

  28. The title is ALL that 99% will see… the "D"amage will have been done…


  29. Ok. Then disclaimer for people that read titles and jump to conclusions and assumptions….
    -Watch video first…
    -don't chelate copper without proper testing
    -copper is essential, not toxic in bound state
    -figure out how to bind your copper
    -and quit trying to get McDonald answers to a quantum physics equation

    Shalom. 😀

  30. Ammi Y'srael
    Now that's a GREAT answer!… esp. the ending…


  31. I had that too when first starting magnesium. Dr Dean describes it as your cells waking up to all the possible reactions now that magnesium is available.

  32. Deanne how long did it last for you? It kind of scared me into not taking more so I haven't and the palpitations have not stopped.

  33. Deanne Lavoie-Holmes dr dean also mentions the importance of Sodium so depending upon if she's having adrenal fatigue can also be a factor to her feeling worse on Mag..

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