Anxiety attacks and shakiness at bedtime


Experiencing anxiety attacks and shakiness at bedtime. The anxiety was much worse before I started thyroid medication. Question is can you still suffer anxiety 10 years into this disease? Does it ever go away?

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  1. Maybe you should get your adrenals looked at.. cortisol and DHEA?

  2. My cortisol levels are abnormal because my sleeping pattern is totally off. I sleep at around 6am and wake up at 3pm. When I get my levels checked it’s not done on my schedule like a normal persons pattern.

  3. I thought the anxiety could be a spike in cortisol the Dr agreed but said there isn’t anything that can be done to stop it

  4. You sound a lot like me Michelle, Except I don’t get as much sleep,as that. Was diagnosed a year ago with Hashi and Hypo after almost passing out at work from what I found out later was an anxiety attack. The nocturnal panic attack for me are so scary. Was hooked up to a heart monitor for a month, they said all was normal..did an ambulatory sleep study from home. Came back abnormal which wasn’t a surprise of course. My anxiety after being on meds for it and for my thyroid seemed to be a bit more under control, but now I’m having a lot more of them again, I hate it 🙁

  5. Would a naturopath order a 24 hour salivary cortisol test? I think that’s my best bet for an accurate measurement. My family doctor doesn’t think I need one.

  6. Yes. I had my cortisol and dhea checked-blood test, also had anxiety. But both my levels where low. My dr is treating it with 5mg dhea per day. I feel much better. Also get your iron leves checked. I have heard that it can also trigger symptoms.

  7. Anxiety is part of it whether you had this a year or 20. I recently started taking Wellbutrin and it is helping my anxiety. It’s also supposed to speed up metabolism in the long run

  8. Have you made any dietary changes yet?

  9. I have extreme anxiety, I have tried meds, nothing really helps, I have learned to live with it, there are days I have to just stop and know why I feel like crap

  10. I wonder why I’m okay from when I wake up and go to sleep. Only some nights when I get into bed boom it suddenly takes over. I’m not even stressed or thinking about it.

  11. Check out the AIP Support FB group. The more opinions and advice, the better. Something might help.

  12. Get Your Potassium ,B12,and Magnessium level checked

  13. My doctor usually checks it. My iron and magnesium are usually low as well as vitamin D

  14. Sounds like adrenals r struggling u could get adrenals support supplement for anxiety l-theanine ginseng licorice root ashwagantha omega 3 in liquid as it absorbs better b4 getting to the gut

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