Anxiety / panic attacks how do you cope?


For those that have anxiety / panic attacks how do you cope? I had them really bad when all of this started in July and they got better when I went to an intensive therapy program (at first they blamed all this on anxiety) and now I still seem to have bad anxiety especially in the evenings. Today I started a gluten free vegan 5-HTP pill to try and help with the moods but I think it’s too soon to tell. (I also do not want to be medicated as I see that only as a bandaid not a permanent fix)

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  1. My anxiety in the beginning was off the chart. By going gluten free over time it has dropped drastically. There is definitely a connection when you have celiac. I feel so much better on a gluten free diet. It just takes some time.

  2. Know what ya mean , my anxiety got better after I went GF don’t want meds for it , It is still there just not as bad.

  3. I take magnesium nightly. I had a “manageable ” amount of anxiety before my 3rd was born. After a super traumatic birth, I had really bad PPD. I am on the lowest amount offered of Zoloft to help manage it until my hormones fully balance. It’s helped a ton. I did literally everything I could do on my own before starting medication. And I totally understand not wanting to take any, or especially long term. I do believe like any deficiency, sometimes your body needs a little help. It took 2 months to really feel like “me” again, but I now realize just how deep in it I’d been! I hope you find something that is effective for you!

  4. See a dietitian for a full assessment. You can ask your doctor if he or she can order a ION Test from Genova.

  5. A lot of Americans are deficient in magnisum.. supplementing with magnesium has helped me a lot. I encourage you to research about magnesium deficiency 🙂 best of luck to you

  6. Some people can only really function through medication, traditional therapy doesn’t always work for everyone. I have to use medication myself, but its only as needed. There is no actual cure for anxiety and panic disorder, just like there’s no cure for Celiac disease. Going gluten free is as you said a bandaid for celiac

  7. I have anxiety too, try mrditation, breathing, gentle yoga..there is a meditation app u can google, use 4 free

  8. I have suffered from anxiety my whole life. Switching diets definitely made me worse. Before when I was eating bad foods I couldn’t tell whether I was nauseous from the food or from anxiety. I have never taken medication for my anxiety but i will flat out say you have your days. My anxiety has been really bad where I can’t eat much which of course affects my diet. I don’t think my anxiety is related to celiac but everyone is different. You will work out a way to handle your anxiety. Usually it’s a certain situation or thought that triggers it. Do a diary of your panic attacks.. where you were, what your were thinking, what you were doing and if needed what you were eating. Anxiety is linked to a trigger. For me it’s when I’m in restaraunts or when I feel people are looking and judging me. Unfortunately the only way I can cope as of right now is not get put in those situations. I don’t do anything I’m not comfortable with

  9. Cbd oils for me.

  10. I take 25000 UI’s of vitamin D for my anxiety.

  11. I finally had to break down and take an antidepressant. I’m also menopausal so that doesn’t help! I also take a lorazapam if I panic or my anxiety gets that bad. My antidepressant is in patch form because I am very sensitive to meds. I also had therapy once a week for about months. I now go when needed. This was all before I was diagnosed with celiac and diverticulitis. I hope one day I don’t need any of it……we will see!

  12. Bach’s Rescue Remedy. Indispensable, and you cannot take too much.

  13. If you are having severe anxiety, please don’t dismiss medication as \

  14. My anxiety attacks are so rare now that I’ve been diagnosed with Celiac and am gluten free. It has made a tremendous difference. I had no idea they could even be related.

  15. Did you try young living essential oils?

  16. In my case, I developed anxiety/panic attacks that were debilitating 3 yrs prior to my celiac diagnosis. I had Drs prescribe me all sorts of medication to help \

  17. You need to be careful with 5-HTP…some of the side effects are stomach pain, nausea, vomiting and diarrhea, muscle pain and drowsiness. If you have those symptoms with gluten ingestion, you may not know if it is the supplement or gluten.

  18. Search YouTube for EFT tapping. It’s very good! You can also Google it and find some free downloads on it. They also have some books on Amazon.

  19. I tried to do a gluten challenge two weeks ago. About 5 days in I began having what felt like a panic attack, but just in my body. No matter what I did, take a bath, deep breathing, lying in bed totally calm, my heart was pounding and I felt like my body was panicking. I really did not think it was the gluten. I was convinced I had an electrolyte imbalance. I took magnesium ( which helped for like an hour), I ended up going to the ER after my gp found nothing wrong, gave me Xanax, and it did nothing. This lasted 5 days. I finally decided it must be the gluten and stopped eating it. A day later the panic stopped, mostly, and I was finally able to sleep. I’ve slowly been getting back to normal since then. Overall I ate gluten for 9 days. I have never had a panic attack before this. This is all to say, you might just need some time to heal. I was gluten free for 7 years before this. And just 9 days of gluten had me thinking I was dying.

  20. Some of the panic is due to the disease. The body is starving. The brain sends signals to produce hormones and adrenaline to direct us to hunt for food so we don’t die. That is a vital message. Since we are actually eating, we interpret the message as panic of unknown origins.

    Then there is the time to diagnosis and the poor treatment most of us received at the hands of medicals who told us all manner of silly excuses instead of actually figuring out what disease we have. That creates PTSD.

  21. 5-htp worked really well for me and my son who has sever anxiety disorder. It really helps calm the brain. I had panic attacks for years and being GF and the 5-htp along with valerian tea helped me the most. I still get anxiety but nothing like I did before.

  22. Look up histamine studies and DAO. It has helped me a great deal

  23. My daughter experienced what you are going through and now she doesn’t experience them. Here’s our suggestions: use lined drapes and pull them shut to get the room totally dark, keep same sleep schedule – go to sleep at same time and wake up same time; 9 mg of melatonin 1/2 hour before bed; unplug from electronics – she would read for 30 minutes before bed; lavender essential oils in diffuser, deep breathing and calming when in bed and use visualization of a calming place. I hope you get relief soon! Oh, I almost forgot she took 3 pills of Gabba before bed too. She was never on any anxiety meds! Good luck to you!💕

  24. From my experience. My thyroid was the culprit to my panic attacks, heart palpitations etc.\nMay really be worth looking into. I have hashimotos and it usually goes hand in hand with celiac disease.

  25. I tried Celexa and I hated it. 🙁 I haven’t had good luck with medication besides the occasional Xanax if it’s REALLY bad.
    Definitely look into vitamins because you always want to be good on that. Unhappy body = unhappy mind.
    Mainly and personally, I talk to people. Having a support group is essential. I have my close friends (legit 3 of them), mom, and my boyfriend. If they aren’t around, I talk to myself. I say “everything is okay. There is no danger. I’m fine and this will pass”. Sounds crazy, but paired with deep breathing (3 seconds in, 7 out) it works. I also distract myself with video games or a nice TV show. I’m also in school so I’ll catch up on some work there. Meditation has helped me as well as exercise. People have mentioned aromatherapy and it does calm me as well. I have a diffuser and i use it before I go to bed. I love mint, eucalyptus, lavender, and anything else that’s fresh. Another thing that has helped me not be so anxious is to not be so hard on myself. When I was REALLY sick before my diagnosis, i thought i was stuck and going to be sick every day. It does get better ♡

    Oh, and CBD is really nice. Cannibas should be legal already IMO

  26. I take a product called Confianza. Love it

  27. I haven’t read all the comments so I don’t know if this has been touched on. I had severe anxiety for several years. Turns out it’s because I have costochondritis. I take anti-inflammatories for it. It completely subsided. Unfortunately, there are numerous causes for anxiety. I recommend that you look for a physiological explanation first before a psychological one.

  28. I have bad anxiety that has its ups and downs. The spring semester this year was definitely one of the downs. I can’t tell you how hard I had to push myself just to get in the car to go to classes, even to the ones I loved with all my heart. I even missed a class because I had a panic attack and had to go home. The only way I can deal with anxiety is by NOT looking ahead. Personally, I have to focus on the now, and nothing else. If I look into the future, I see all the “what if’s” and no possibility of goodness. So instead I tell myself, “I’m getting in the car now. I’m turning on the radio. I’m listening to a great song.” Another good thing is distracting myself. If I force myself to do something else, I can almost forget what I’m actually doing or am about to do. So maybe singing along to that song, forcing myself to read a book (for me, it helps when I read the Bible but obviously it helps me because I’m a Christian, so I just thought I would mention it in case it helped you find ideas), draw a pattern on my thought and focus solely on that…I don’t know, just anything to tie my mind to the present, anything.

  29. My anxiety attacks stopped completely after I removed anything with Gluten from my diet. Gluten is in so many things..toothpaste can contain traces of gluten

  30. My daughter has experienced bad anxiety and panic attacks since being diagnosed with celiacs a year ago, it is absolutely heartbreaking

  31. Anyone dealing with anxiety should check out all natural hemp cbd oils from Hempworx. They eliminated my anxiety and stress related to my health issues. If could work for you guys as well. Never know.

  32. Nutrition can help, it helped me and many others. This is a message I received this weekend from a woman I helped last weekend. Pm me for more info.

  33. I take medication for severe anxiety. When I have a flare up from gluten or something else flares up my anxiety I first take an extra anxiety pill, Dr said to, then I’ve gotten to where I can talk to myself and calm myself down. I breathe deeply and slowly and concentrate on bringing my heart rate down. Soothing music, if possible, helps. I have forms for myself silence while having a panic attack is NOT good. I need quiet but not silence.

  34. And a cup of hot tea can help also, it’s relaxing.

  35. A lot of people with celiac are deficient in certain vitamins\nI recommend \nseeking health b12 methyl folate in the AM \nJigsaw magnesium with SRT 500mg

  36. Super high doses of chamomile

  37. I don’t tell people what to eat, but if it were me, I wouldn’t be vegan. I need to watch out for nutritional deficiencies. That said, I am helped by lemon balm tea and olive leaf tea. I grow both of the plants myself. You might want to talk to your doc before doing any of the herbs. I am not sure if they will react with the other stuff you are taking.

  38. Do you have Celiac Disease or gluten intolerance? How long have you been GF? Have you had bloodwork done for thyroid, adrenal, etc?

  39. I found as my gut healed my emotions healed.
    One day at a time.
    Sending strength.

  40. Hi Kaitlyn Barrett – I have noticed a relation to food and mood for sure – my biggest help has been prayer/meditation, tapping and essential oils. Tapping and essential oils help to balance the brain. When we go through a trauma or even feel strong emotions, our brain can get stuck in a pattern. I am a life coach now but still struggle – I have since taken a course in Tapping. I would love to help you, for free. Feel free to message me:) All the best to you.

  41. I take country life five HTP and it’s awesome

  42. No anxiety attacks and no meds at all. Eat completely GF, follow a Ketogenic diet and take Ketones. Feel great, more focused and sleep way better. PM me..I would be happy to share more info

  43. Hi Kaitlyn, I also have bad anxiety in the evenings. All of our bodies are different, but what’s worked for me is this: therapy(there I learned how to redirect my mind and my thoughts), I also take medication daily and on an as needed basis. I have a list of things that calm me down in the middle of a panic attack and I keep it in my wallet because it’s always on me. It helps me through hard times!

  44. Confianza and it is all natural!!! Better than ativan, buspar, klonopin and more!! Was LIFESAVER for me! Let me know of want details!

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