Any advice, does anyone have an allergy card?


Does anyone have a problem when visiting places like the bowling alley, movies, or places like that? I am having a hard time bringing food in. My parents won’t risk cross contamination and I have celiac. Any advice, does anyone have an allergy card?

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  1. I just bring it. I don’t ask. I haven’t been questioned yet about it. I do however have a purse with a ripped lining. I have brought snacks for my son and tucked them in there if I think there may be a problem. Like a baseball game a few months ago I thought they may check my bag. There is a movie theater close to my home that is rediculous about bringing in food. I have emailed expecting an issue and they refused to let me bring anything. Said I can come ahead of time and check ingredients. Even if we bought other snacks they still said no. We just never go there. They lost our business when they weren’t flexible.

  2. I just bring it in and nonchalantly and eat. I bring my own plate, napkins, fork etc. Most times people won’t come up to me at all. If they do, I just explain that I will pay any amount for 100% gluten free food that their trained chef can make for me. The one time someone challenged me, she just walked away telling me to “hurry up and finish”. I let her save face. I ate at a normal speed.

  3. Your parents are smart to not risk cross contamination 🙂

    Don’t announce it or anything, just bring it. If they say anything, I find it easier to say “I have severe food allergies” since people don’t always know what Celiac is, but they take allergies very seriously. The American Disabilities Act includes both Celiac and food allergies as a disability, so you’re legally allowed to have food wherever you go. Not everyone will know you can legally bring your own food into their restaurant/bowling alley/theater, so you may have to tell them about the ADA. Just know that the law is on your side!

    Also, it’s very responsible of you to do this research on your own. Your parents should be very proud of you!!

  4. I keep a printed card with a mini photocopy of my diagnosis signed by my Doc. You are allowed to bring food! And congrats on not giving in to temptation because you’re so right, all those places are CC nightmares.

  5. We have found that most places are reasonable. If they do say something I stress that my daughter will have a very bad reaction and get very sick if there is any cross contamination. They usually back off after that. Also, we have snuck so many things into a movie theater. Our own popcorn. Chinese food. I know someone that snuck in an entire pizza. Candy is a given.

  6. I am pretty obvious because I bring a picnic basket into restaurants and other places. I have only been questioned once, but I had no problem once I explained things.

  7. I once brought takeout into a restaurant that advertised itself to be gf but when I got there nothing but lettuce, literally just lettuce. And movies, been smuggling in goodies since long before Celiac!

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