Any connection between ADHD and Mag deficiencies?


Any connection between ADHD and Mag deficiencies ?
What form of Mag would be suitable for ADHD ?
Thank you !

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  1. Search the site for prior conversation on treating ADHD with magnesium

  2. Thats like finding a needle in a haystack with all due respect. Asking questions is becomming difficult.

  3. What if someone has new information, you would not find it in an old post.

  4. I think mag, zinc, and a clean diet are the most common suggestions for ADHD. A test for ferritin and mthfr is often suggested as well.

  5. Mag has helped my son tremendously with sleep and digestive issues. I think most here would suggest mag glycinate for adhd.

  6. I would love more knowledge on the subject too.

  7. I'm using mag L threonate for my son with b12 .

  8. Sorry for the third post- I would also address any possible gut issues and strictly avoid food dyes for a few months minimum to see if that helps.

  9. Thank you Paula and Laura McIntyre Hopper, I will try Mag Threonate and Glycerinate on my ADHD son, he gets all other supplements such as : B6, amino acids, zinc, D3, lithium, iodine, triple shot (foilinic, NAC and B12 high dose)…I am missing magnesium in the puzzle…

  10. Oh yes, mag is likely needed! 🙂

  11. Thank you Laura, this kid is developing ok with minimal supplements he has come far….should I start at 500mg or 1000mg ? he is 12 yo and about 150lbs approx.

  12. Jiti Damayanti d3 is not suggested. D deplete magnesium levels. Magnesium and cod liver oil Nordic naturals or Rosita will increase d levels.



  15. Mag dose is 5 mg per pound of body weight more to bring up levels. Get magnesium RBC, active and storage d levels and ionic calcium. Also get htma so you are not blindly supplementing and you can balance all minerals

  16. Cheri Harkness, Can you recommend a good BCOMPLEX brand ?

  17. there is a book by mildred seelig called magnesium factor which adresses that issue. Or you could just start using it. Also gut microbes effect it as well, make sure you arent having such a high carb diet.

  18. Mildred Seelig, MD's work on Magnesium are also on:

  19. Rick Malter, HTMA Practitioner specifically speaks about mineral profiles that he has worked with concerning ADHD and ADD seen in children/adults. In his book "The Strands of Health". He is a past psychologist and found that including HTMA in his practice was of immense benefit. In the book starting on page 133 – ADHD is addressed. Why do ADHD drugs calm the child with ADHD? It is because in this person "their hair TMA profiles reveal a very consistent pattern that shows low levelos of CA & Mg and higher levels of sodium and potassium. It is often noted TMA ratio of sodium to potassium (Na/K) is "inverted"…. a fast metabolic type with adrenal insufficiency… He talks about all of this through page 137. You may find it worthwhile to purchase the book. It is very helpful in so many ways. Also, consider getting an HTMA consultation done.

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