Any deficiencies related to indecisiveness?


Hi what deficiencies are linked to lack of motivation? Is there any deficiencies related to indecisiveness? Thank you.

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  1. Claire T-Tee
    It is, in fact, a lack of Dopamine…

    Keys to enhanced production are wholefood Vit-C (it has Tyrosine & Copper ions that are critically needed…) & increased production of Ceruloplasmin (Cp) that involves numerous steps.

    Do NOT ingest Ascorbic Acid!… It is NOT Vitamin-C…

    And if you're chasing Vit-D, B12 & Hormones, you'll undermine Cp production & simply get yourself & your metabolism tied into knots…

    A votre sante!

  2. Cheryl Ciecko now seriously and I mean, what's "wrong" with B12? Oh my head is going to pop off!!

  3. Kathy Imirie
    Most who are "B12 deficient" are actually lacking bioavailable Cu & Cp…

    Folks who take synthetic B12 have notable Potassium loss…

    Best source of MTHR NATURE'S B12 is Bee-f Liver!


  4. Morley can you link post a link about B-12?

  5. Thanks!!!!

  6. Thank you for that Morley! My blood tests show I'm low in b12

  7. Mine show high b12 yet when I was taking b12 I never saw the benefits of it that everyone talks about. Switched from methyl to hydroxy…still no different.

  8. I don't see the benefits either when I take b12 either Shannon

  9. My endo told me to increase B12, but didn't say what kind. I was researching. Relieved that I can go back to the list of 18 things. Sigh, breathe!

  10. Claire T-Tee, I would encourage investigating Bach Flowers remedy, which is a great addition to anyone's health journey….it addresses only emotions and some exactly what you're looking into. And I know this because I too, lack it but desire it…:-)

  11. This is me as well. Always thought my many amalgam fillings had a role.

  12. Potassium + Magnesium are my best friends when it comes to motivation. Bu

  13. So I take a b12 shot..I need to staop taking that?

  14. Dopamine deficiency – protein deficiency, B-complex deficiency, insulin resistance, chromium deficiency, ANS dysfunction, thick blood, low oxygen,…

  15. John Cohn are you saying thick blood is due to low oxygen…

  16. What are Cu and Cp? Thank you.

  17. what else food can be use for Vit B12 except beef liver? Morley Robbins

  18. Cu = Copper.
    Cp = Ceruloplasmin

  19. Morley Robbins.. what's the wholefood c you recommend off the internet?

  20. How about a really good beef liver recipe!

  21. Krista Lynn Gash – there is a list of vetted whole food, real vitamin C suplements in FILES

  22. Lack of incentive

  23. I think there is a beef liver recipes in Files…. go to Photoa > Albums > Food recipes for the link

  24. Health Benefits

    Broad Nutrient Support

    Eggs have long been recognized as a source of high-quality protein. The World Health Organization (WHO) and other public health authorities actually use eggs as their reference standard for evaluating the protein quality in all other foods. Egg protein is usually referred to as "HBV" protein, meaning protein with High Biological Value. Since eggs are used as the reference standard for food protein, they score 100% on the HBV chart. The high quality of egg protein is based on the mixture of amino acids it contains. (Amino acids are the building blocks for making proteins.) Eggs provide a complete range of amino acids, including branched chain amino acids (leucine, isoleucine, valine), sulfur-containing amino acids (methionine, cysteine), lysine, tryptophan, and all other essential amino acids. Their protein is sometimes referred to as a "complete protein" for this reason.

    All B vitamins are found in eggs, including vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B12, choline, biotin, and folic acid. Choline is a standout among these B vitamins. In fact, eggs rank higher in choline than any of our other WHFoods. In the U.S., an average diet provides about 300 milligrams of choline per day – less than the recommended amount for an adult woman (425 milligrams) or an adult man (550 milligrams). Since one egg provides over 100 milligrams of choline and only 75-80 calories, it provides far more choline for far less calories than most other choline-rich foods. Most people and especially those with chronic illness fails to understand they need these "Complete" amino acids in order to form all other proteins and healthy R&R "Repair and Replacement cell's, other wise you are making sickly cells that are more open to infection from simply having the lack in your nutritional pool to build from, this allows much easier infections from mycoplasma, bacterial, viral and any other pathogens ! this it is best to keep this Complete pool in digestive system at all times as we are in a constant state of R&R !

  25. Dan Webb are you the one who makes the whole egg smoothie??

  26. Kathy Imirie : yes we have had patients with beyond remarkable results ! 2 MS patents are up and doing fine out of wheelchairs both started on egg shakes and improved rapidly then convinced their dr's to test them and were put on Doxycycline ! a 3rd that was bedridden racked with pain actually chased down a goat last week ! she also responded well, in fact she simply could not believe it ! she was put also on Doxycycline about a month later then her doctor took her off ! I do not understand Dr's behaviours but she is still doing well, others who have been tested are are on the whole raw shell egg shakes are all doing fine with reversals of symptoms ! in fact I know of no one that isn't !!!

  27. Do not underestimate the infection rate currently in the USA and most modern societies

  28. Gut Bacteria. Cultivate them and do it well. You need to become a good bacteria farmer.

  29. What's the egg shake recipe?

  30. Just put Mycoplasma in front of each search for arthritis type

  31. Undiagnosed hypothyroidism could be one of the causes for the op's question.

  32. Cheryl Ciecko we have dug up 1001 of em, personally I do 2 whole shell eggs (wash them first if you cant get em in sealed cases ) mixed with banana and 1-3 scoops of vanilla ice yogurt and 2 cups ice ! banana frosty and shells are not noticeable you get the collagen 1,3,4,5,10 from egg shell membrane ! plus as noted above they are the 100 on protein scale all others are judged by ! here are a few other ideas

  33. Edna Lorenzo hypothyroidism can of and is often associated with mycoplasma AI attacks !

  34. Detox causes those symptoms also! Lack of iodine also causes those symptoms.

  35. it is toxicity; fluorine is one of them. and it is in your water.

  36. Mercury poisoning. Do you have Mercury fillings in your mouth? Mercury is renowned to cause indeciciveness

  37. Is chicken liver as good, in regards to vitamin Bee(f)?

  38. Any liver is better than no liver…. just different nutritional profile from one animal type to another

  39. Thanks I had a bad episode of lack of motivation some time back, after it passed I recalled seeing a post somewhere about a deficiency, hence my question, can't say if it was dopamine I read about or not but I can look into that.. wasn't so so about the indecisiveness… that may just be personality, and I guess the motivation has the contributing factor of insomnia/tiredness…

  40. None of you have issues with eating an organ that filters toxins?

  41. Shannon it keeps the nutrients to filter toxins. Toxins are normally stored in fat. That kind of thinking would be the same as "you eat something that uses cholorphyll for energy!!??" It just doesn't make sense.

  42. I asked because it was once mentioned to me when I was thinking of taking liver capsules. I cannot stomach eating liverbbbb

  43. There is also liver powder. mix is up in a drink

  44. Shannon Wacker Sponza I make liver pills. Dehydrate it, grind it with coffee grinder. Then in put it in capsules. Still has an off taste but it is short lived.

  45. Christina Morgan this one^^^

  46. I do Not recommend eating organ food's this is the proverbial fire break for us in the GMO'd feed's (and produce) to still get nutrients from meats ! (Short of growing your own or "Really knowing" your local farmer, GMO'd crops can cross pollinate ! thus by 2nd generation seeds your planting GMO'd produce ! get em in a green house folks !

  47. Dan Webb I think this debate is similar to "should we have fish now that our oceans and rivers are so polluted"? because again the toxins accumulate in fish high on the food chain. The debate now is, at what point do the toxic effects outweigh the positive effects of taking these foods?

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