Any extra precautions or appointments?


Anyone who was diagnosed with Hashimotos and has hypo symptoms before pregnancy, were you labeled high risk? Any extra precautions or appointments? Things I should know or watch for? Questions to ask the OB? The doctor I have right now lacks practically all knowledge for Hashis and is currently not going to refer me to someone else. I’m so frustrated and nervous since the first thing they said was “you’re definitely high risk and we aren’t sure we can manage your care here”! Thanks in Advance!!!

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  1. I had two beautiful children with undiagnosed hashi's and hypothyroid. I think the biggest issue looking back was my milk production was too low after delivery.

  2. My drs office has a fetal maternal specialist that monitors my care and records. I have blood work every 4 to 6 weeks, sonograms every 4 weeks and starting at 32 weeks sonograms will be weekly to monitor growth. I am 27 weeks tomorrow and so far, minimal complications, except for our baby girl was only in the 50th percentile for weight at 24 weeks. I have a sonogram Monday and hoping she had a growth spurt!

  3. 36 weeks and labeled high risk but still able to see a midwife. I just do 2 Non-stress tests a week from 32 weeks on! Don't stress!!!

  4. I was high risk with both my daughters – undiagnosed at the time but from experiencing past miscarriages I know my progesterone levels were low and contributed to the miscarriages – I hear that is a symptom of the Hashimotos – I would ask to have that closely monitored

  5. I was diagnosed long before I became pregnant for the first time and was not categorized as high risk for either of my pregnancies. My thyroid levels have always been stable.

  6. I'm hashi, hypo, a little overweight and 31 weeks pregnant. I really thought I'd be labeled high risk at my first appointment. But nope. I asked my dr about it and he said as long as we stay on top of my thyroid levels and I take my meds like I'm suppose to he's not labeling me high risk. He will only do that if something else comes up.

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