Any good ways to sneak mag into his food?


My elderly father has been prescribed vitamin d (level of 18 in the UK relative to a desired level of 78, sorry, no idea of units as he didn’t wish to ask…) and insists on taking it & refuses to even take magnesium alongside. My mother & I are frustrated. He has every mag deficiency symptom on the list but stands in awe of his Dr. So, my question is, are there any good ways to sneak mag into his food? Could Epsom salts be added to veg water, for example? Thank for all help.

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  1. Epsom salt is not meant for ingestion. Vitamin D is not a life threatening prevention medication like say nitroglycerin tabs or something extreme like that. Therefore, I would suggest giving him magnesium instead of the Vit D and then maybe adding in a natural source of Vit D, like cod liver oil or kelp seaweed capsules.

  2. Print out some research and take it to the damn doctor so he can change his ignorant order and your dad will take it then.

  3. As we get older we get more stubborn and men are the worst at that. Let your dad read the research too.

  4. Terri Raaphorst thank you for taking the trouble to reply! He insists on doing what the Dr says & will not question it so he will insist on taking artificial vit d & refuses mag. Drs in the UK are not v receptive to patients – it's a centrally controlled nhs protocol. My mother has years of experience managing his stubbornness but even she's failing here! He just says, if it's important a trained Dr would prescribe…

  5. Yes but there are many studies from renowned universities such as Edinburgh that may have articles, which he may be more receptive to.

  6. Thank you. Will chase them.

  7. As long as it's not coming from the patient's mouth or the family's mouth then the doctor may actually read it.

  8. Maybe magnesium flakes in his bath if he has baths. I know how it is with some of the older generation but prescribed D is quite often not even worth taking. Maybe get him a 'better' one but put mag pills in instead, just a thought xx

  9. Raw hulless pumpkin seeds, dark chocolate, stabilized rice bran ad seaweed all have lots of Magnesium and not much calcium.

  10. Get someone to put on a lab coat to tell the old hardhead he Needs some magnesium.
    Good luck…..I've been working on a fishing partner for a while now

  11. Ha! Thanks all. It might just work if we threaten to confiscate his whisky…

  12. MJ can she put magnesium in whiskey?

  13. Great idea! Can I add mag oxide caps to veg water if the mag sulphate in Epsom
    Salts is no good?

  14. Absolutely, YES! Mg + whiskey = Mag-A-Hol 🙂 -> Mag-A-Win.

  15. Yes, Mg oxide has next to no flavor whereas Mg sulfate, orally, is really an acquired taste.

  16. Well there ya go girl
    You've got a new mission.

  17. Woo hoo! I've made mag a hol for transdermal application so I'm guessing I can just create a super saturated whisky-based mag solution in the actual whisky bottle and leave him to serve himself . Flipp, maybe this would come in handy with a bottle of Jack Daniels on a fishing expedition with your pal?!

  18. No, he's diabetic and resistant.
    But when I started pointing out moons, constipation, electric shocks and eye twitches he got a peculiar look on his face

  19. My father's also diabetic… But he will drink whisky anyway so… [shrugs]!

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