Any good ways to stop smoking?


Not totally mag related but the people in this group are so knowledgeable so I want to ask anyway. Any good ways to stop smoking? I am trying to find anything to help my mom… I can’t stand that she does, and the health effects are horrible. To relate it to mag lol, I am sure it has killed her magnesium levels.

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  1. Build immune system while learning stress reduction techniques…may take a year then she will be in a better position to give up the nicotine.

  2. Adjusting the ecig and quitting before next year would be so helpful, I felt better health wise very quick. I sit here with an oxygen tank and I cant see waiting a year to quit if an e cig will help now.

  3. Brandon Evans
    Easy, fast, and permanent – Learn it on YouTube or free lessons from the website. They also have a video on stopping smoking.

  4. Now they have the gross commercials on TV about smoking. I swear a non smoker thought of that. It would have never MADE me quit! When I do see them come on they trigger my thinking of smoking. Those triggers do come back and they get easier to get past as time goes on. But those commercials are rough for my triggers.

  5. Allen Carr "The Easyway to Stop Smoking". Buy the book and when she's ready to again become a non-smoker she can read it. She will need to follow the instructions exactly but she may find that it's not as difficult as she imagines and that she is really not giving up anything. Good luck to your Mum!

  6. Robin Veverka what would you suggest for a person trying to quit that is down to 9-10 smokes a day ?

  7. Kathy I am not sure but if you go to a good vape store they should be able to help you. I just know the pack a day because that's what I did. My best guess would still be 18 you would just vape less. I am no expert on it. 🙂 I am just sure that 24 is high and can cause problems if you don't get that much from smoking.

  8. Full Flavored (18 mg of nicotine)
    Light (12 mg of nicotine)
    Ultra Light (6 mg of nicotine)
    No Nicotine cartridge (…for those who still need the sensation of a cigarette but don't want the addictive nicotine)

  9. What I would like to find is how get get an e-cig and use it to vaporize Magnesium.

  10. If anyone can figure it out, I'm sure you can…

  11. Not sure it's possible to vaporize a salt, but yea, that would be nice. 🙂

  12. I would like to find out how to vape mag also. water is to thin. glycerin is used in the juice.

  13. They claim this can be used to vape essential oils!about/c2414

  14. Dr. Myhill has her patients nebulizing Epsom salt… so why not with one of these vape thingies instead? Portability comes to mind.

  15. would there be a chemical change by adding the salt to glycerin? Then there is metal parts (heating coil) that the salt would touch. If the heating coil would rust out it seems like it would flood the battery. The heat would be an issue with essential oils but that shouldn't be an issue with magnesium. I did see in the past some of the liquids being home made with a few drops of vodka.

  16. I wonder if the glycerin would help protect against rust?

  17. I found Dean's article on stopping smoking/nicotine lacking.

  18. Robin Veverka – peraps Mag-A-Hol instead of Epsom salt.

  19. Magahol stick ! LOL

  20. is mag chloride less corrosive than epson salt or should they be about the same?

  21. MgCl rusts the metal on my pump spray bottle like crazy, I can't imagine what it'd do to my vape which is almost all metal. Then there is the question, is it okay to inhale Mg into the lungs? I don't know the answer, but my guess is it would be very irritating.

  22. I vape and am down to 6 mg nicotine. Been doing it for over two years. Baby steps for me since stress makes my illnesses go wild. I use Virgin Vapors that has no polypropylene glycol (pg), only vegetable glycerin, alcohol, and natural flavorings. Maybe mag-a-hol could be used as the alcohol component? Hmm. Interesting. I am more addicted to the feeling of vaping (smoking) than the nicotine. It would be awesome if I could get some maggie in there, especially when there is no more nicotine.

  23. I have nebulized magnesium a lot , that is all plastic parts.

  24. Robin Veverka – Mg chloride is much more corrosive than Epsom salt. Thanks…

  25. I do have a vape juice that is nicotine free that has CBD oil (from hemp), GABA, vegetable glycerin, and vitamin e. Quite calming and relieves pain somewhat. Throw some maggie in there and it would be perfect!

  26. Where do you find that juice Tiffany?

  27. I found it at a vape store, but it can be bought online at their website.

  28. It wont work unless she wants to quit. Hubby quit in 2008. he used the patch and then the gum. vaping is just as bad has harmful ingredients and just replaces one bad habit for another.

  29. Eft. Hypnosis

  30. Annette congrats to your hubby! I tried the patches, gum and hypnosis with no luck. I have heard of these things working for others. Were you a smoker also? Brandon's mother wants to quit so its a good time to find something that will work.

  31. Annette, it's about 3990 chemicals less than cigarettes. It's called harm reduction, and it works, sometimes unintentionally. I have friends that took up vaping to be able to get their nicotine on non-smoking cruises and what not, who actually quit smoking without even meaning to. Sometimes people can quit vaping quickly, sometimes it takes a little longer. It all depends on their psychology. For some of us it's the only light at the end of the tunnel.

  32. Exercise. The ideal thing is to begin walking when the urge to smoke presents itself. The walking produces feel good chemicals in the brain. Take plently of Vitamin C as well.

  33. I think if it were not for e cigs I would have gone back to smoking. I would have never started caring about my health and changing things for the better. Vaping helped me feel better fast and I started caring about other things because I felt better and wanted even more feelings of goodness. Now people around me see me as a health nut and I like that name 🙂

  34. Tiffany A. Rodriguez ,thank you for posting the link! I did some reading and now I am wondering if starting to vape just the CBD would help my asthma? hmmmm

  35. Spot-on Robin. Going 100% vape resulted in a huge boost to my self-esteem and was a prime catalyst for me to become as healthy as possible. I hear similar stories from lots of former cigarette smokers.

  36. That's a good question Diane Metzel. I'm finding out CBD helps so many different things. I noticed when I put up the link that they now have a higher dose of 40 mg. That's getting closer to the actual prescription doses I have read about using real marijuana. I would say that buying their hardware to vape it is key though. I put it in some of my old gear and it's a pain. The GABA in it is great for anxiety, which goes hand in hand for my friend with asthma. I was chewing Natural Factors Pharma GABA on occasion until I picked up this ejuice and works better.

  37. For the record, CBD hemp oil is not the same thing as high-CBD Cannabis oil. Hemp oil is certinaly good for you, but it doesn't deliver anywhere near the same amount of CBD as Cannabis oil, which is why it is legal in all 50 states. Marketing.

  38. Exactly Chris. Since I live in Oregon, I'll get to try the strong stuff in July. 🙂

  39. From what I have seen, the legal everywhere CBD oil is concentrated hemp oil, to bring up the level of CBDs in it and make it more effective.

    Tiffany, You can get / make Rick Simpson Oil, which is supposed to be even better 🙂

  40. I will just sit here eating my hemp hearts lol, until I can move to Oregon or Nevada changes things.

  41. No I never smoked buy hubby did since he was 15. And he is against vaping. His nephew went from regular smoking to vaping. He is addicted to vaping.

  42. The vaping is a lot less harmful, less chemicals, and doesn't bother everyone around you with smoke.
    You can even get the juices that are vegetable based.

  43. Annette you were the smart one! 🙂 I started at 14 such a bad choice! My mother approved since it was a way to stop biting my fingernails. I am sorry your nephew got addicted to vaping.

  44. Whole food C is the best source.

  45. Hat to burst your bubble but that is made from ascorbic acid. Best to make your own carolyn Dean has a recipe for whole food liposomal c on her website.

  46. Ascorbic acid is more like a drug in the body than a nutrient. In some health applications, the drug-like quality is beneficial. I'm not sure if "smoking cessation support" is one of those cases or not. Whole food C is better for overall "healthy eating" and "healthy body support" but the more concentrated ascorbic acid does have its place.

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