Any ideas how to improve the intestines?


I have a question for those of you who are healing pancreatic cancer or helping a loved one with it. I want to know where do you feel the pain and how were you diagnosed?

I’m asking because my boyfriend has major pain in his intestines that the doctors refuse to acknowledge and have no answer for. He’s had a colonoscopy and they found nothing. They acknowledge that he has/had lodged fecal matter. He has just only begun feeling pain on the pancreas/liver side of his body since being diagnosed in February and the tumor was never big enough to press on his intestines.

Any ideas how to improve the intestines? He’s been doing coffee enemas, and right now he’s avoiding solid foods. He’s also taking aloe. But he’s getting weaker because eating causes him pain in his intestines.

*edited to add: He was officially diagnosed in February with PC but I was seeking information to see if it could be misdiagnosed. On most of the boards, his symptoms don’t align with most of the other patients. All of your comments and suggestions have been super helpful. Thank you!

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  1. You can find testimonials on people with pancreas cancer being cured using the "Gerson" I would tell him to start to useAvemar – Ave Ultra & CBD or Rick Simpson oil as soon as possible possible as well.

  2. Mine was diagnosed because I noticed my stools had turned a clay color, I had an itchy rash, mild jaundice and I had a mild pain up under my right rib. A lot of patients don't have symptoms, so a blood test for the enzyme CA19-9 is a good start if you think that is a possibility. That is the enzyme tumor marker for pancreatic and most GI cancer. If you get that done and it is normal you can probably relax.

  3. Gonzales is great, but only touches the surface, there is more needed for healing

  4. Nicholas Gonzalez protocol

  5. Go see a functional medically trained MD or nutritionist. Don't jump to conclusions. You have to get to the root cause rather than guessing and trying this and that

  6. You could try grapes. They will get your bowels moving , and if you got bolting gas will settle your stomach. Another thing easier on your stomach is homemade soup . I like the vegetable Beef soup. Cook the chopped up pieces dice size in pot of water for a few hours then add your veggies . Here with veggies you can add carrots , greens all kinds .Fresh tomatoes , onions ( red , and Spanish) Load up on garlic raw , and cooked slightly (gets rid of bacteria). Turmeric, kale, parsley. A little rice . Zucchini , . If you make that soup right you can live on it . After awhile I make chicken soup with veggies . Maybe a little butter bread when he feels better. Soup will give you your vitamins , made right , and better that the diet he is on now. Maybe

  7. My mother had pancreatic Cancer. She hurt in the pancreus area and it hurt threw to her back. Good luck

  8. He needs to go alkaline…get him to a clinic in Mexico…research either gerson or bio medical clinic…do not mess around…google it…get on the phone…just do it.

  9. Has the doctor suggested digestive enzymes that are normally produced by the pancreas? You can find amylase, lipase and protease as "digestive enzymes" at most drugstores or, better yet, a health food store. Since his pancreas is struggling it may not be able to keep up with the demand Especially since he has intestinal problems.

  10. That's his colon he's complaining about.
    Pancreatic pain hurts in the middle of your upper abdomen to the right side, just under the ribs. Pancreatitis is extremely painful. I can't even imagine how bad cancer feels in there. The liver, too. His whole abdomen is a forest fire.
    Poor darlin.

  11. The pancreas sits by the liver and stomach. It's above the stomach. Not on the left as identified above.
    The spleen is under your left ribs.

  12. the pancreas is on the left side under last rib and the liver is on right side under last rib very diferent

  13. My Bile flow was interrupted its flow was stopped from flowing into my pancreas. I was not on any tablet which could have caused my dark yellow wee

  14. The Pancreas makes Insulin not bile. Your wee was yellow from your vitamins ?

  15. Yes I had cancer in 2010

  16. I didn't have any pain. The Doctors kept asking me if I had any pain. I was itchy all over because my tumour was on the head of my pancreas stopping the natural flow of my bile. My bile was being excreted through my skin that is why I was so itchy. Another thing was my wee was a very dark yellow even though I was drinking a lot of water.

  17. Thanks Libby. He was officially "diagnosed" with pancreatic cancer. I'm just wondering now if he was mis-diagnosed and wrongly treated with chemo. This problem with his intestines has been going on for over a year. And at first all they kept doing was stuffing him with laxatives.

  18. I wonder if a colonic might help.

  19. my 8 year old daughter has been complaining of stomoch pain since she could talk, we are exploring now what it could be and they have put forth chrons, IBS and colitus as possibilities. I jumped to the idea that she had bowel cancer and scared myself shitless for nothing. I believe the above illnesses could all have improved conditions through juicing and drinking Kombuccha or Keifer, which is what were just starting 😀

  20. Thanks Carrie Craven. We're trying juicing too. But it's an effort to try and get him to do anything at the moment. But I'll make him some juice tonight. I will acknowledge that up until this weekend, he's been kind of stubborn when I suggested juicing only for a few days/weeks to see if letting his intestines rest would help. But he's only really started sticking to the no food rule now.

  21. I honestly don't know but perhaps you could try juicing? I'd love to hear thoughts from others about it.

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