Any idea’s on natural product’s for allergies?


Hi, any idea’s on natural product’s for allergies. I am taking a corticosteroid spray, i would like to change to natural products because of side effects

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  1. What is your Magnesium RBC? Low leads to the histamine response. See the article in Files

  2. We have horrible air quality here and my ND recommends NAC for allergies
    Local bee pollen and honey (from bees higher than the pollution lol), nettles and quercertin
    Saline spray, showering at night, washing bedding in hot water, hepa filter in your bedroom etc

  3. Christine Nolat
    High Histamines means that you are likely NOT methylating fully in your Liver…

    MJ's right re the Mg x3C> Histamine connection, and this is due to the fact that Mg deficiency TRIGGERS the production of Mast Cells, which are what PRODUCE Histamines. So, LOW Mg >> HIGH Histamines…

    However, we need to ALSO correct the REASON for the LOW Mg. And this is USUALLY due to XS Unbound Iron in the Liver, that disrupts the Methylation Pathways. And what is ESSENTIAL for proper Iron REGULATION and proper METHYLATION?…

    Bioavailable Copper that is delightfully found inside Ceruloplasmin (Cp) that is optimally produced in the Liver, when it's NOT being HOSED by too much IRON…

    What you need is the Canadian equivalent of this test to get to the TRUTH of your LIver's health:

    A votre sante!

  4. Nicole Hightower
    Let's "translate" that article:
    o NAC is a great way to address Oxidative Stress! (which is primarily CAUSED by XS Iron, and we are SUPPOSED to have natural Anti-Oxidants that are made by Copper dependent Anti-Oxidant Enzymes (SOD, CAT & GPx)
    o Nettles is a legendary way to PULL Iron out of the Liver…
    o Quercetin is ANOTHER way to chelate Iron out of the Liver…
    o I'm a HUGE fan of Bee Pollen, as most know, and it's GIFT is that MTHR NATURE KNOWS that B's need to be "activated" by Copper in order to work properly… MTHR NATURE ALSO knows that you can NOT Pollinate a flower (or a fellow human…) unless you have adequate bioavailable Copper. And that's WHY Bee Pollen is "golden" in color — it's the Copper… 😉

    So, the management of the Copper x3C> Iron Axis is everything to managing XS Histamines — and THOUSANDS of other pathways that we have been taught — like dutiful Circus Bears — to beLIEve were "diseases." Not any more, however…

    And increasing Magnesium LOWERS the production of Mast Cells to LOWER the potential for making those out of control Histamines…

    And last licks, I promise!, the enzymes to break down Histamines, DAO, MAO and HNMT ALL require bioavailable Copper to work properly…

    Who knew?…


  5. Antronex, by Standard Process, is the best I've found. Unfortunately, you have to get it from a chiropractor or other health practitioner.

  6. Thank you, Morley Robbins, for the explanation above! So clear and succinct! ^^^ I'm saving this post!

  7. I think everyone knows of someone who complains of allergy and take OTC antihistamines literally every day for years. Somehow they believe everything in their environment has become toxic to them. What people should think about is this: maybe I am getting a histamine reaction due to what I eat?? A number of foods are known to be problematic to many people, with dairy the most likely culprit. … Oh, but this is not to suggest what Morley wrote isn't important. Clearly after many years on the wrong dietary path one's mineral composition can get seriously skewed. Sometimes judicious use of supplements can help move things in the right direction, in conjunction with a prudent diet. But without serious attention to diet one is playing a fool's game.

  8. I was having allergic rashes..dr has given me magnesium citrate.


    Get local honey , it's have to be local to work

  9. Morley.. i keep asking this mind of question.. im not sure… as i have extremely high blood/unbound copper levels, do i need to be careful wating (high) copper containing foods? I.e. is the bee pollin still a good idea? At the moment my b vits are from quinoa sprouts.

  10. Allergena is amazing for allergies.

  11. The local bee pollen

  12. My original answer was Quercitin, but after reading some of the posts, I understand the underlying issue has to do with the liver and bioavailable copper.

    Either way…Quercitin worked for the years horrible flare as the spring allergies fkew!

    Apparently I've got more work to do! 😉

  13. My son has chronic hives, he itches every day? We still don't know what he is allergic to. So, could it be his copper levels?

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