Any info on the safety of herbal supplements?


Hi I started to see a homeopath who has outstanding reviews. I have been taking the herbs that he has given me for a while and have felt better. I was talking to a friend last night who told me herbs can be dangerous and she knows someone who died from herbal supplements… anyone have any info on the safety of herbal supplements?

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  1. Were they taking too much or perhaps taking them instead of medical treatment for disease such as cancer? I use them and oils for every day ailments and anxiety but still take my medications for thyroid because I know how dangerous it can be to get out of wack.

  2. I just started seeing one as well. (Actually, two.) One of them said to make sure you research ALL the supplements and make sure they don't interfere with any of your prescriptions.

    One of mine was black walnut & it's side effect is that it can lower blood pressure. The medicine I am on for my pacemaker is Midodrine, which raises my blood pressure, because mine is too low to begin with. So… no more black walnut for me.

    The homeopathic lady (Claire) didn't inform me of this, so make sure to do your research!

    That said, I do 100% think natural supplements can help

  3. There was most likely an underlying health condition. My BIL who is autistic, high cholesterol, high BP and diabetic, his father took him off his regular meds and put him on supplements.. It almost killed him, he was in CHF and Keto Acidosis, before we figured it out.

  4. Consider herbs as medication. You can take too much and they do affect your body. I was taking herbal estrogen pill and I had surgery. It had ginseng. I bleed out twice after the surgery. I completely forgot about the ginseng being a blood thinner.

  5. A homeopath is trained to know how much of what and what will effect what. Trust the professional but make sure you are being honest when they ask you questions. I have hypothyroidism and my naturopathic doctor was the only one to get it under control through diet and supplements.

  6. My homeopath only works with homeopathic remedies.

  7. I took St Johns wart on imuran and the imuran stopped working as an immunosuppressive agent for my Autoimmune disease. My rheumatologist told me he uses an example of a patient that did the same thing but on another immunosuppressive agent, she rejected her newly transplanted kidney. Terrible mess. He uses her example for his class of medical students at university of SC.

  8. Research, research and more before you take anything. Herbs are excellent tools used wisely

  9. I've been taking the supplements for a while so far I've felt better. I don't have any serious underlying medical issues just nerve pain….Thank you guys so much for your input. For now I'm going to keep taking them until my next apt.

  10. Herbs are not toys, but how many people die from conventional medicine everyday? A lot. Always wise to research, but I wouldn't fret. For the most part, natural substances are way better on the body than synthetic. Again, when used appropriately. 🙂

  11. Any over the counter or herbals should be approached with caution.

  12. My guess is they were doing it without the care of a homeopathic doctor For every one person that's possibly died of herbal 500 have died from pharmaceutical. Might I say under a doctor's care. My suggestion is I would research everything that you put in your body. Praying you find some relief sweetie

  13. List them on your official med list as well. So that your drs will know what you are on.

  14. Check the homeopath you are going to see is qualified, acredited and properly insured. You can call their governing body to see if they're a registered member.
    Anyone who is, will not mind you asking for this and will be happy for you to check on them. Anyone who talks against you doing some back ground checks on them are probably a bit dodgy and best to avoid. Xx

  15. Herbs and plants are powerful medicine. The pharmaceutical companies often use or mimic them. Like all medicines you need to take the right one and the correct dosage and be aware of how the other medications you are taking might be affected.

  16. This individual I am seeing has a company called Neighborhood Natural Medicine located in Williamsburg if you look them up on Yelp he has raving reviews …. I trust him …

  17. Some are extremely powerful and have contraindications. all should be researched. I would check with an MD

  18. I also take herbs from my health coach. If they recommend it I would think that they have looked for safe ones. The only country I know of that regulates herbs is Australia which is where my echinacea comes from.

  19. A lot of herbs that are used in supplement can be very bad for your liver if used over a longer period of time or more than the recommended dose. But I would hope your homeopath is aware of that, just be careful and like others said, do research yourself too 🙂

  20. And herbs in supplement of some form is just like all supplements, not regulated

  21. far less side effect than pharmaceutical drug I am sure

  22. They are safe unless you self medicate and take herbs that someone has recommended without passing them by your homeopath.

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