Any information on a 504 plan for Celiac?


Any information on a 504 plan for Celiac disease would be appreciated. Thanks!

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  1. I had a 504 in high school (I was diagnosed at 16). Basically I just had to give the school my doctor’s note saying I had Celiac, fill out some forms, and get familiar with counseling services and the school nurse. They were very supportive. I was allowed to miss school if I was sick without it being truancy and when I was a senior, could drive home if I was feeling too sick to be at school. Teachers were required to accept late work and my gym class allowed me to do workouts at my pace or not at all if my stomach was really bad. Eventually I convinced my coach to let me do yoga while everyone else ran and it was awesome. Schools are totally willing to work with you on your individual child’s needs but they will not accommodate their food needs so you need to make sure to provide meals and snacks for your child. If there is a food related activity in class, you can probably count on the teacher and other parents not to accomodate you. It’s not a peanut allergy, your kid won’t die from being in the room with gluten, but they will feel left out. It’s important to discuss with your teachers and your child how to cope with Celiac when all the people around them are eating gluten.\n\nGoing through my diagnosis period while being in school was honestly the worst. I missed over 90 days of school my senior year and opted for some online learning classes. When I went to college it didn’t matter and teachers didn’t care if I was in class or not – they saw me as a real person and encouraged me to take care of myself. Wishing you and your kiddo the best!

  2. I think there is some 504 information in the files here. We have 504 for both of our boys, well for one it’s worked in his IEP, but the other is a regular 504. What questions do you have?

  3. I also have an individual health care plan set up for the cafeteria. Let me know if you have any questions.

  4. Is the 504 only applicable at public schools? My daughter that has celiac is still in daycare, but will eventually join her older sister at a private school. Just wondering if the 504 would be needed or helpful there?

  5. We just got a 504 for anxiety. Can it cover gluten intolerant & dairy allergy ? I mentioned it and they just said “oh” at the meeting

  6. Saving this post for later I have 1 son already diagnosed however right after graduation from HS but I believe my youngest also has CD going through the process now

  7. WHAT IS 504

  8. Just talk to school

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