Any issues with menstrual cycle?


Question for the ladies in here, does anyone have any issues with their menstrual cycle? Has anyone seen any links between them and Hashi’s?

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  1. Yes and yes!

  2. I’ve just had a quick look on Internet, I’m on a progesterone only implant, and I’ve pretty much had a period since I had it in November, it’s horrific! Apparently progesterone can affect the thyroid function and make symptoms like fatigue and depression much worse. Good job I’m having it removed next week!

  3. It put me in menopause at 42

  4. There is a direct link between hashimoto’s and PCOS, which can lead to many menstrual problems. Get your thyroid under control and stable, and it may regulate your cycle.

  5. My cycles have always been irregular.

  6. I got off birth control and now I am almost normal. I am finally eating right, taking the right vitamins etc. So we shall see what the future holds for my hormones.

  7. They are linked often, yes. Heavy, crampy, painful.

  8. Cycles were always irregular until I got on levothyroxine. Now they are every 30 days. Could b age too. 49

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