Any of you had issues with the Mirena and being Celiac?


Have any of you had issues with the Mirena and being Celiac? I really didn’t think that the Mirena would matter at all…but since I’ve had it in place I have had so many more issues…just wondering is something like this gluten free? Like I said I assume it is…but assuming something is gluten free is obviously not the best way to look at something.

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  1. Mirena is just a faulty product with a lot of awful side effects.

  2. I have the mirena and I’m having issues too! I haven’t been diagnosed with celiac but I have been told to try and be gluten free for a month. If you have any personal questions, you can message me if you’d like

  3. I tolerated Mirena for 5 days. I marched straight back and had them remove it asap. It was awful.

  4. Yeah, it’s horrible. I’ve had nothing but pain since I’ve had it put in it seems like..

  5. How long have you had it? I have heard horror stories from women without Celiac’s.

  6. 2.5 years

  7. Yeah, that’s not getting any better.

  8. I have it and this is my second one as I had it for five years. I haven’t had any problems with mine. When I first had it put in I had cramping so the dr adjusted with ultrasound. When I had the second one put in they used ultrasound again to be sure I wouldn’t have problems again.

  9. I had it for the full 5 years. Will never get another one. It made me feel like a mutant. I hated not feeling like a woman month after month. Glad to have it out & feeling totally normal again. Mirena is NOT natural at all.

  10. I’ve had one for years with zero problems. I had heavy periods & lots of cramping before I got it. So for me it has been a huge help in that regard. I love not having a period too – lol – I’m too old for that! 😂

  11. I wonder if you could be having an auto immune response to a foreign object in your body?

  12. Interesting question. I had mirena placed in 2015, and it ended in a hysterectomy 12 months later. It waa the worst year of my life. I wasnt diagnosed celiac until three months after surgery, so I have no idea if the mirena influenced my celiac.

  13. I have the Mirena. No issues. I have Celiac. I haven’t had a period in 2 years since the birth of my son and I love it.

  14. I have the skyla, which is specially made for people who haven’t given birth. Had it about 10 months with no issue. Its progesterone based, like mirena

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