Any of you had trouble producing breast milk?


I’m a first time mom. I was wondering if any of you had trouble producing breast milk? I’ve read it’s really hard for people with hashimoto’s to produce milk.

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  1. Wish I had realised this earlier… My son weaned at 3 months because my supply was so crappy! Formula from then on. Nothing I did to increase supply helped either, and tried just about every natural remedy suggested by midwife and GP

  2. I never had a problem with it but with both my girls i pumped about an hr after every feeding, may have had something to do with it

  3. So far my breasts have not grown any at all. They don’t feel firm and I’m not leaking anything. I’ve tried nipple stimulation and nothing.

  4. I hadn’t been diagnosed yet but I did have a very hard time producing milk.

  5. I had trouble with my first, but I had an oversupply with my second. I was diagnosed with Hashi’s when my second was 11 months (and was still BF’ing), but I am sure I had issues with it long before then. Be sure you are getting plenty of water and skin to skin contact with baby. Keep offering the breast. Good luck!

  6. I am 2 years into breastfeeding. I had problems with my second child. But other than that I worked for it never used a bottle.

  7. I was undiagnosed at the time, but had a very difficult time producing milk.

  8. It is pretty normal for a first time mom, please seek a lactation consultant, my daughter seen one with her 1st and highly recommends one.

  9. Thank u guys for ur imput! I really wanna breastfeed my daughter. And even though I know if I can’t because of this God awful disease it’s not my fault. I’ll still feel like I’m missing out on serious bonding time with her.

  10. How old is the baby?

  11. I have a meeting with a lactation consultant on the 8th through wic. I’m due on the 12th.

  12. The last Dr’s appointment I went to he was telling me my milk glands haven’t developed very well and people with hashimoto’s have a hard time breast feeding.

  13. Oh, okay, that is great!!! It is hard for a lot of us in the beginning but hang in there and prepare mentally for it, many thyroid patients breast feed with no problems.
    Do make sure that they are checking your thyroid levels every 4 weeks after the baby so that you can keep your thyroid levels good.
    I have hashis and graves and I breast fed both of my kids.
    It is doable, the mental part of it can be very hard.
    If for some reason and with the help of a lactation consultant you cannot breast feed for medical reasons, you can still bond with your baby, it doesn’t mean that you failed in any way.
    Best of luck to you.

  14. I never produced milk in both pregnancies…it was very hard to deal.with husband took over night feedings..then it was a blessing….

  15. I’ve had Hashis for over thirty years. When I had my last child 19 years ago I had almost no breastmilk. With my previous I had plenty.

  16. I had problems with my son, but that was before my diagnosis. With my daughter, I had no problems at all.

  17. Nope. Been nursing for over three years with no issue

  18. When my son was born i could not brest feed. It was EXTREMLY difficult for me. I was exhausted, sore, stiched up, bleeding a lot, depressed, and had a thyroid going ramped because i had not yet been diagnosed. It made me more depressed to feel like a failure of not being able to breastfeed. My son was bottle feed all though i tried and cried very hard about breastfeeding.

  19. I breast fed my daughter until she was 14 months old. Drink plenty of water.


    I haven’t had an issue. Buy the time she was 3 months old, I already had over 300oz stored. Drink plenty of water, smart water is great, and try mothers milk tea!! 14 months still going strong!

  20. Please also take into consideration that less than 1% of mothers truly cannot produce milk. A lot has to do with babies latch, whether of not they have an undiagnosed tongue or lip tie and they are not transferring milk. That alone causes so many problems. Supply=demand.


    Zandra Angelica Yarber you are more than welcome to join a group I’m in, NorthAL Breastfeeding Moms! There is breastfeeding moms, doulas, and lactation consultants that would be willing to answer any questions and help!

  21. I couldn’t breastfeed with any of my 4 kids. I don’t know if it’s related to autoimmune diseases or what.

  22. Not with my first 2 but my 3rd about starved to death before I realized not much was coming out.

  23. I had no issues fyi hashi isnt the cause of everything.

  24. No trouble with supply. Nursed two children.

  25. Take fenugreek that stuff just spills out of you

  26. I breastfed all 4 of mine and never had any trouble. Actually I overproduced!

  27. I had no trouble. Don’t convince yourself you can’t before you try. 90% of breastfeeding is mental.

  28. How old is your baby? Have you heard of Mothers milk tea? Most health food stores carry it. I think target might even carry it. There’s also a tincture. If you go to they have tinctures and teas as well. I’ve had great feedback with my clients. Also some extra pumping between feedings will help trick your body into making more milk. Hope this helps!

  29. I had supply issues and my baby almost died from jaundice and dehydration. Luckily we caught it in time. Baby had undiagnosed tongue tie for 8 weeks. It was hell. One thing I will say, if you have any doubts. If the baby is inconsolable. Give a bottle. I got terrible advice from lactation consultants and friends against giving a bottle despite my intuition telling me something was wrong. Despite wet ad poop diapers. Follow your instinct. You will be this babies mom and I can tell you from experience that makes you the expert. We ended up supplementing for 6 months. Once baby started some solids she gave up the bottle and has been breastfed since. She is 20 months now. Even if you can only breastfeed for half of babies needs this will be a wonderful experience. I struggled for 6 months feeling inadequate. But now I feel like a champion mom for struggling through it all and doing what I know is best for my baby. There are supplements that can help you support breast development. Make sure you ask the lactation consultant. Not all LCS are created equal. I saw 5 in the hospital. They all missed the tongue tie and my issues with my pump. They advised me that not all mom’s can breastfeed. But, my obgyn said that supply issues are a supply and demand issue. I found another LC who diagnosed the tongue tie and got my pump set up correctly. Then, FINALLY started having more successful feeding. Good luck mama. Breastfeeding is a journey and everyone’s journey is different. The most important thing is getting the right support. ♡

  30. Zandra Angelica Yarber, there are very safe herbs that will increase your milk production, Fennugreek, Moringa are two. You’ll need to take a lot for a few days, and it may take at least 48 hours before you notice something.

  31. I couldn’t breastfeed, but my doc said it was most likely due to my PCOS not hashis.

  32. I never had an issue with any of my babies 🙂

  33. I breastfed my daughter until she was 2.5 years old, but I only ever produced milk in one breast, so I was quite often “lopsided”

  34. I was diagnosed with Hashimotos after my 1st baby was born. I have 4 children and breastfeeding has only worked out with my 2 youngest. I was DEVASTATED when I tried for months and months with my 1st two babies!! Eventually I did have supply issues with my 1st two babies but it didn’t start out that way. I now know that even though I had read lots of articles and had expert help from WIC and lactation consultants, I didn’t know enough. I highly recommend the book “The womanly art of breastfeeding” by the la leche league. It completely changed the way I thought about breastfeeding, and even labor and delivery. I had an epidural with my first two babies and they were sooo sleepy! With my 3rd baby I attended the Bradley method of husband coached birthing and didn’t have any drugs during that birth. My baby was so awake and alert and was eager to breastfeed. I wanted a drug free birth with my 4th baby too. But a back injury led to me getting induced and I chose to have an epidural. My baby was sleepy again but this time I pumped every two hours and fed her the colostrum with a tiny syringe. Also, my 3rd baby was still nursing. ? I feel like I have an oversupply of milk with this baby and I’m loving it! I used to think that I would just automatically know how to breastfeed because it is so natural. But now I know there were lot of things that I needed to know way before baby was born for it to work out and how to overcome possible complications. You can do this! Just get really educated about breastfeeding, watch your thyroid health and remember supply really does equal demand.

  35. My supply was low in the begining but that was likely due to baby being born at 32 weeks, in NICU for two months and a bad lip tie. We still made it two and a half years. My milk dried up when I got pregnant again.

  36. I have 6 children and didn’t have enough supply with ANY of them to get past th first few days. 🙁 I’m sorry to say that. Hopefully your experience will be different. However, if you can’t, don’t beat yourself up about it. A sucessful pregnancy with Hashi’s should be celebrated. Don’t sweat the small stuff. If it helps, the child I breast fed the longest is my most unhealthy. She’s type 1 diabetic and also has Hashi’s, so I don’t think it mattered much for my kiddos. Enjoy that baby. You are mom and will nourish them with the same love and affection whether it comes from bottle or breast.

  37. I had trouble with it. Each child got a little more milk but I never really produced very much.

  38. I had trouble producing milk with my last 2 one 4 months and the outher only 1 months. With that being said not everyone is the same. As long as you can Breastfeed it is worth it even if it is only one day. Each stages is important so it is worth the try. Just don’t take it personal if you run out. It was really hard with my second child after being able to feed my 1st for a year and a half.

  39. I had huge breasts with no milk.. i tried and pumped… nothing! I dont get it.. why were they so large with no milk? Crazy.. i dont know if its hashimoto related or not.

  40. I had issues with my first 2. Pre-dx. The more I’ve had, the better my supply has gotten (I have 9 kids). However, I think that some women have issues producing with their first and tend to give up. If it wasn’t for husbands encouragement, I’d have given up. Especially with the drs and everyone else trying to shove formula down my babies throat.

  41. I had problems at first but the more she suckled even if she wasn’t getting much, the more it signals the body to produce milk. First few weeks I was pretty much either feeding her or pumping to get my supply up. Make sure you drink a LOT of water…it really helps. Good luck!

  42. 3 months in…the well dried up 🙁

  43. Add fresh fennel in your cooking. Hopefully that will help. I never produced much milk for my baby. I heard about this remedy a couple of years after the fact.

  44. Brewer’s Yeast helps me more than anything. I add powder to cookies to hide the bitter. Huge difference!

  45. I could only do it for 3 months each time–I got so weak, and couldn’t keep up my supply…

  46. I couldn’t make enough….but I didn’t gain much weight when I was pregnant.

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