Any one have fibromyalgia?


I have a question.

Any one have fibromyalgia? My husband is 50 and was diagnosed 3 years ago. Trying to come up with some alternate treatments for him. Thinking of starting Epsom salt baths…suggestions? Thoughts from anyone appreciated.

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  1. if you get the full bloodwork & htma recommended in this group i'd be especially interested in the thyroid results for him.

  2. clean up the diet and his personal care products for a start

  3. Does he have additional symptoms? I was diagnosed 10+ yrs ago with fibromyalgia. My health continued to decline found out 3yrs ago I had Lyme disease. Started treating and a lot of issues have gone away. Including the constant "fibro" pain. Food was a huge trigger fit me too.

  4. Dr. Alex Vasquez is doing some cutting-edge research on fibromyalgia. You can Google him and find info. He has a map of infections that correspond to illnesses. He's also a proponent of eating to heal your gut.


    I have Fibromyalgia. Dr. Roger Murphree is wonderful! He's online and he also does Tuesday phone conferences. You can go look up his videos. There is something called Mag- a- Hol. its Magnesium Chloride Flakes and Alcohol (80 proof) swear by it! Mix it up and put it in a spay bottle and spray areas that hurt. My knees, ankes, hands, or just spray on your belly to get extra Magnesium. Works great!

  5. Following

  6. I have Fibromyalgia and have said for a long time that Mag helped. I only joined this group a few weeks ago. Finding the co factors, chucking out my Vit D supps & doing extra baths with co factors has made a huge difference to me. I've been cleaning my deceased father's estate. 90 min drive from where I live. 2 years ago I couldn't have even done the drive, let alone the work! I have high thyroid antibodies & went gluten free from last May. It all adds up.

  7. When I stopped eating nightshades like potatoes, tomatoes, peppers and stopped drinking milk, much of my fibro symptoms went away. The inflammation in my body decreased and I lost some weight too. Gluten is another big factor. I don't eat corn because of food allergy.
    Mag a hol is wonderful too.

  8. Have you read the Magnesium Beginners Guide at the top of this page? It's the starting place.

  9. There are numerous earlier threads on FMS on this page…. have you searched and read them?

  10. I have fibromyalgia, I manage my symptoms effectively by diet and supplementation. I eat a non processed food diet which involves no gluten, minimal dairy ( occasional
    Goats cheese) no refined sugar. I also worked hard on getting my gut health in order which I would consider vital. I started with a plan for candida which set the foundation for me to build on.i cannot recommend Dr McCombs enough. the couple of weeks I've been on this group I have learnt so much.i had already had good results with magnesium but this group has helped me to take it to another level and make a plan for further progress.i recommend reading the beginners guide. I can also recommend Dr Muphrees approach, his book is very informative. I personally believe fibro needs to be tackled on all levels physically, emotionally and psychologically. By using this approach I have great success and find myself pretty much pain free. I have a blog that I started this summer which has everything on there about my journey. If you're interested in the details then please PM me as I'm not sure I'm allowed to post the link on here? There's also a good support site you may consider joining. Wishing your husband future good health


    Well done Marie.

  11. Essential Oils, supplements (rhodiola, butterbur, Vit K, Vit B12), Massage Therapy, Myofascial Release Massage, Physical Therapy, Acupuncture, MIndfulness/Qi Gong, Deep Breathing exercises, Aquatic Therapy, and DBT. All these are very helpful for Fibromyalgia – I've had symptoms for 20 years, diagnosed 10 years. Epsom salt baths – absolutely! Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, Sugar-Free, Artificial Sweetener-Free, and Soy-Free diet. Get MTHFR tested.

  12. Start magnesium malate first. Cleaning up liver and nutrition. AIP diet is perfect. Mine has been managed for over 7 years now. I had a flare 4 years ago but since changing many things it's been managed very well.

  13. Get rid of gluten

  14. This is a list of tests to be done to rule out any other underlying causes. We had a doctor come to our support group years ago who did these tests. Also I have had fibro, RA, OA and PPS for 50+ years. Clean eating is important, no artificial anything. I found juicing helped me as did aerobic oxygen. of course mg and now I am also taking turmeric to keep RA under control.

  15. I would recommend starting with oil pulling. I use RAW Organic Coconut oil. It is not a overnight fix, but 18 months ago I was sure I was going to be disabled, I did not have a joint or bone that did not ache, I could not sit, I could not stand, laying in bed required constantly changing positions to ease the pain. Devine guidance put me in a new heathy foods store that was drawing names and giving away prizes. I won the bone health gift. Included amongst the supplements was a book on bone health. It recommended oil pulling with coconut oil. Also I have found that the water we drink plays a dramatic role. NEVER EVER drink reverse osmosis water, it is great for cleaning wounds but DO NOT drink it! Choose a high PH 8-9 water. A RAW or Paleo diet also seems to help (basically staying away from gluten and processed foods)!
    Best of luck!

  16. Look in to LDN

  17. Many who are diagnosed with CF have found that their CF is actually a symptom of Lyme Disease. Just food for thought.

  18. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia over 25 years ago and found out 2 years ago I had Lyme. I've probably had it much longer than 25 years, looking back at how my life has gone. The Ingenix test, as far as I know, is the most accurate test for Lyme. The path I took to find out my long-standing problems was convoluted, but I educated myself and then asked from my doctors what I wanted to confirm. Some will accommodate you, others will not…find the right doctor to work with you.

  19. Tianna Roe Fonseca what is the MTHFR? I apparently have it bot the dr that ran my blood work didn't explain what it is and what do I do about it? I have no more $ unfortunately to seek advice. Just want the right supplements

  20. MTHFR is a genetic mutation – there is an open group with lots of information – there are many closed groups too but this one I am linking is public –

  21. I benefit from Swanson's Activated B-complex plus activated sulblingual B-12. Both inexpensive.

    Also, Bee Pollen works for some.

  22. Is there B12 already in the B-Complex MJ Hampstead?

  23. If he is ingesting any type of artificial sweeteners (ie: diet pop, etc) STOP using it immediately…

  24. I have it too. Mag helps a lot, as does the Blood Type Diet. I need to avoid my trigger foods plus get enough of the nutrients my body needs.

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