Any reason not to take this vs 20 mule team concentrate?


Any reason not to take this vs 20 mule team concentrate? It’s so much easier for me to not have to remember to measure and take a liquid when I can put my supplements in a box and know I took them.

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  1. Yes, that is fine. And, prunes are another source of Boron.

  2. I eat about 4 prunes most mornings….best sweet treat of the day!

  3. Is boron vitamin b6?

  4. So 1 or 2 a day would do it. Start slow as you can have some detox in the beginning

  5. So is this instead of magnesium or in addition to?

  6. What is the recommended dose for Boron pls?

    I agree that capsules are easy to take, travel etc…

  7. The only difference between boron and 20 mule team borax is $

  8. That's the brand of boron I take and sometimes I mix it up and eat some prunes instead.

  9. I put 6 mg of "now" boron in my DIY multi mix every day, and my knees are thankful for that.

  10. The one Im taking does have stearic acid, but right now its a minimum issue for me. I have looked into the discussion for and against magnesium stearate; I still need reasonable backing against stearate to start switching.

  11. I read the link MJHamstead, I eat prunes, I know my questions will have. Been answered before, but what form is B6? is borax a no no? I'm using borax, bicarb & Epsom salts for foot soak. Also I was told magnesium chloride was better than Epsom salts?

  12. Borax is fine.
    Bee pollen is recommended for vitamins.

    Epsom salt is unappreciated for the values it provides.

  13. Please clarify, is the Harper's Powdered Borax (pictured elsewhere here) that says do not swallow not to be taken. But Now Foods Boron is ok, as Boron, 3 mg, 250 capsules, as pictured above?

  14. Pure Encapsulations also has a boron product.

  15. I'm confused about Borax. When I read about it on alternative health sites they say it is extremely good for you, but when I read about it on mainstream sites they say it's extremely toxic.

    Usually it's the other way around, mainstream sites say something is fine to take, but alternative sites warn about toxicity.

  16. It sounds like a small amount of borax is best Robbert. I read here someone saying the adrenal cocktail gave her a boost like speed. I imagine it's one of the compounds in the chemical drugs? Ill have to read some files.

  17. I live in Holland and Borax is not available here anymore, the reason given is that the government banned it because "It's extremely toxic and dangerous" and that there are alternative detergents and laundry soaps instead.

  18. NOW food brand has always felt cheap to me. I've bought some of their things, but other brands give me results this brand doesn't. Just my experience, 🙂

  19. Thanks MJ. I just wondered, as this guy was marketing his own packages of mag chloride, I'll check if that was the component. I use Epsom salts.

  20. I think it is personal preference. For me I make up two glass water pitchers each morning with electrolytes, trace minerals and the Borax solution. That's my water for the day. So for me it's easy. And cheap. If it's easier for you to take a pill and you don't mind the cost, then go for what works!

  21. So we need mag water and borax water?

  22. I use Swanson 6mg chelated

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